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On the bar stood a machine into which the idle customer might drop his nickel. The coin then bounced among an arrangement of pegs, descending at length into one or another of various holes. You might win as much as t nike air max 1 red en times your stake, but this was not the most usual result; and with ni air max 1 sale ckels the three friends and the bridegroom now mildly sported for cheap air max 1 a while, buying them with silver when their store ran out.
“Was it sheep you went after in the Teto cheap nike air max 1 ns?” inquired the proprietor, knowing it was horse thieves.
“Yes,” said the Vi rginian. “I’ll have ten more nickels.”
“Did you get all the sheep you wanted?” the proprietor continued.
“Poor luck,” said the Virginian.
“Think there’s a friend of yours in town this afternoon,” said the proprietor.
“Did he mention he was my friend?”
The proprietor laughed. The Virginian watched another nickel click down among the pegs cheap air max 1 .
Honey Wiggin now made the bridegroom a straight offer. nike air max 1 leopard “We’ll take this thing off your hands,” said nike air max 1 ebay he.
“Any or all of us,” said Lin.
But Scipio held his peace. His loyalty went every inch as far as theirs, but his understanding of his friend we nike air max 1 sale nt deeper. “Don’t change your clothes,” was the first and the last help he would be likely to give in this matter. The rest must be as such matters must always be, between man and man. To the other two friends, however, this seemed a very spec nike air max 1 grey ial case, falling outside established precedent. Therefore they ventured offers of interference.
“A man don’t get married every day,” apologized McLean. “We’ll just run him out of town for yu’.”
“Save yu’ the trouble,” urged Wiggin. “Say the word.”
The proprietor now added his voice. “It’ll sober him up to spe nike air max 1 nd his night out in the brush. air max 1 He’ll quit his talk then.”
But the Virginian did not say the word, or any word. He stood playing with the nickels.
“Think of her,” muttered McLean.
“Who else would I be thinking of?” returned the Southerner. His face had become very sombre. “She nike air max 1 black has been raised so different!” he murmured. He pondered a little, while the others waited, solicitous.
A new idea came to the nike air max 1 premium proprietor. “I am acting mayor of this town,” said he. “I’ll put him in the calaboose and keep him till you get married and away.”
“Say the word,” repeated Honey Wiggin. ③

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