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“That ain’t qu nike air max 90 sale ite fair, seh. We all understand you have got to do the things you tell other folks to do. And you do them, seh. You never talk like anything but a man, and you never set yourself above others. You can saddle your own horses. And I saw yu’ walk unarmed into that White River excitement when those two other parsons was a-foggin’ and a-fannin’ for their own safety. Damn scoundrels!”
The bishop instantly rebuked such language about brothers of his cloth, even though he disapproved both of them and their doctrines. “Every one may be an instrument of Providence,” he concluded.
“Well,” said the Virginian, “if that is so, then Providence makes use of instruments I’d not touch with a ten-foot pole. Now if you was me, seh, and not a bishop, would cheap nike air max yo nike air max sale u run away from Trampas?”
“That’s not quite fair, either!” exclaimed the bishop, with a smile. “Because you are asking me to take another man’s convictions, and yet remain myse nike air max 90 lf.”
“Yes, seh. I am. That’s so. That don’t get at it. I reckon you and I can’t get at it.”
“If the Bible,” said the bishop, “which I believe to be God’s word, was anything to you–”
“It is something to me, seh. I have found fine truths in it.”
“‘Thou shalt not kill,'” quoted the bishop. “That is plain.”
The Virginian took his turn at smiling. “Mighty plain to me, seh. Make it plain to Trampas, and there’ll be no killin’. We can’t get at it that way.”
Once more the bishop quoted earnestly. “‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord.'”
“How about instruments of Providence, seh? Why, we can’t get at it that way. If you start usin’ the Bibl air max 90 e th nike air max 1 at way, it will mix you up mighty quick, seh.”
“My friend,” the bishop urged, and all his good, warm heart was in it, “my dear fellow–go away for the one night. He’ll change his mind.”
The Virginian shook his head. “He cannot change his word, seh. Or at least I must stay around till he does. Why, I have given him the say-so. He’s got the choice. Most men wou ld not have took what I took from him in the saloon. Why don’t you ask him to leave town?”
The good bishop was at a standstill. Of all kicking against the pricks none is so hard as this kick of a professing Christian against the whole instinct of human man.
“But you have helped me some,” said the Virginian. “I will go and tell her. At least, if I think it will b cheap nike air max e good for her, I will tell her.”
The bishop thought that he saw one last chance to move him.
“You’re twen Nike Air Max ty-nine,” he began.
“And a little over,” said the Virginian.
“And you were fourteen when you ran away from your family.”
“Well, I was weary, yu’ know, of havin’ elder brothers lay down my law night and mawnin’.”
“Yes, I know. So that your life has been your own for fifteen years. But it is not your own now. You have given it to a woman.”
“Yes; I have given it to her. But my life’s not the whole of me. I’d give her twice my life–fifty–a thousand of ’em. But I can’t give her–her nor anybody in heaven or earth–I can’t give my–my–we’ll never get at it, seh! There’s no good in words. Good-by.” The Virginian wrung t nike air max 95 he bishop’s hand and left him.
“God bless him!” said the bishop. “God bless him!”
The Virginian unlocked the room in the hotel where he kept stored his tent, his blankets, his pack-saddles, and his many accout nike air max rements for the bridal journey in the mountains. Out of the window he saw the mountains blue in shadow, but some cottonwoods distant in the flat between were still bright green in the sun. From among his possessions he took quickly a pistol, wiping and loading it. Then from its holster he removed the pistol which he had tried and made sure of in the morning. This, according to his wont when going into a risk, he cheap nike air max trainers shoved between his trousers and his shirt in front. The untried weapon he placed in the holster, letting it hang visibly at his hip. He glanced out of the window again, and saw the mountains of the same deep blue. But the cottonwoods were no longer in the sunlight. The shadow had come past them, nearer the town; for fifteen of the forty minutes were gone. “The bishop is wrong,” he said. “There is no sense in tell nike air max classic cheap nike air max 90 ing her.” And he turned to the door, just as she came to it herself. ③

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