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“Oh–dear–me!” slowly exclaimed the Judge. “I am sorry that you cannot see that, beca nike air max 90 sale use I think t cheap nike air max 90 hat I can. And I think that you have just as much sense as I have.” The Judge made himself very grave and very good-humored at the same time. The poor girl was strung to a high pitch, and spoke harsh nike air max classic ly in air max 90 spite of herself.
“What is the difference in principle?” she demanded.
“Well,” said the Judge, nike air max 1 easy and thoughtful, “what do you mean by principle?”
“I didn’t think you’d quibble,” flashed Molly. “I’m not a lawyer myse nike air max sale lf.”
A man less wise than Judge Henry would have smiled at this, and then war would have exploded hopelessly between them, and harm been added to what was going wrong already. But the Judg nike air max e knew that he must give to every word that the girl said now his perfect consideration.
“I don’t mean to quibble,” he assured her. “I know the trick of escaping from one question by asking anot cheap nike air max her. But I don’t want to escape from anything you hold me to answer. If you can show me that I am wrong, I w nike air max 95 ant you to do so. But,” and here the Judge smiled, “I want you to play fair, too.”
“And how am I not?”
“I want you to be just as willing to be put right by me as I am to be put right by you. And so when you us nike air max 90 e such air max 90 sale a word as principle, you must help me to answer by saying what principle you mean. For in all sincerity I see no likeness in principle whatever bet cheap nike air max trainers ween burning Southern negroes in public and hanging Wyoming horse-thieves in private. I consider the burning a proof that the South is semi-barbarous, and the hanging a proof that Wyoming is determined to become civilized. We do not torture our criminals when we lynch them. We do not invite spectators to enjoy their death agony. We put no such hi cheap nike air max deous disgrace upon the United States. We execute our criminals by the swiftest means, and in the quietest way. Do you think the principle is the same?”
Molly had listened to him with attention. “The way is different,” she admitted. ③

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