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“Yes,” he answered very gently.
Her dilated eves were fixed upon him. “But–” she could scarce form utterance, “but you?”
“I have got mysel nike air max 95 f ready,” he said. “Did you think–why, what did you think?”
She recoiled a step. “What are you going–” She put her two hands to her head. “Oh, God!” she almost shrieked, “you are going–” He made a step, and would have put his arm round her, but she backed against the wall, staring speechless at him.
“I am not going to let him shoot me,” h cheap nike air max trainers e said quietly.
“You mean–you mean blazers –but you can come away!” she cried. “It’s not too late yet. You can take yourself out of his reach. Everybody knows that you are b nike air max rave. What is he to you? You can leave him in this place. I’ll go with you anywhere. To any house, to the mountains, to anywhere away. We’ll leave this horrible cheap nike blazers place together and–and–oh, won’t you listen to me?” She stretched her hands to him. “Won’t you listen?”
He took her hands. “I must stay here.”
Her hands clung to his. “No, no, no. There’s something else. There’s something better than shedding blood in cold blood. Only think what it means! Only think of having to remember such a thing! Why, it’s what they hang people for! It’s murder!”
He dropped her hands. “Don’t call it that name,” he said sternly.
“When there was the choice!” she exclaimed, hal nike air max 90 sale f to herself, like a person stunned and speaking to the air. “To get ready for it when you have the choice!”
“He did the choosing,” answered the Virginian. “Listen t nike air max classic o me. Are you listening?” he asked, for her gaze was dull.
She nodded.
“I work hy cheap nike air max eh. I belong hyeh. It’s my life. If folks came to think I was a coward–”
“Wh nike air max 1 o would cheap nike air max think you were a coward?”
“Everybody. My friends would be sorry and ashamed, and my enemies would walk around saying they had always said so. I could not hold up my head again among enemies or friends.”
“When it was explained–”
“There’d be nothing to explain. There’d just be the fact.” He was nearly angry.
“There is a higher nike air max 90 courage than fear of outside opinion,” said the New England girl.
Her Southern lover looked at her. “Cert’nly there is. That’s what I’m showing in going against yours.”
nike air max sale “But if you know that you are brave, and if I know that you are brave, oh, my dear, my dear! what difference does the world make? How much higher courage to go you r own course–” ③

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