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“I have made one discovery,” she said. “You are fonder of good clothes than I am.”
He grinned. “I cert’nly like ’em. But don’t tell my friends. They would say it was marriage. When you see what I have got for Bennington’s spe nike air max 1 premium cial benefit, you–why, y cheap nike air max 1 ou’ll just t cheap air max 1 rust your husband more than ever.” cheap nike air max 1
She undoubtedly did. After he nike air max 1 black had put on one particular suit, sh nike air max 1 leopard e arose and kissed him where he stood in it.
“Bennington will be sorrowful,” he said. “No wild-west show, after all. And no ready-made guy, either.” And he looked at himself in the glass with unbidden pleasure.
“How did you choose that?” she asked. “How did you know that homespun was exactly the thing for you?”
“Why, I have been noticing. I used to despise an Eastern man because his clothes were not Western. I was very young then, or maybe not so very young, as very–as what you saw I was when you first came to Bear Creek. A Western man is a good thing. And he generally knows that. But he has a heap to learn. And he generally don’t know that. So I took to watching the Judge’s Easter nike air max 1 ebay n visitors. There was that Mr. Ogden esp nike air max 1 ecially, from New Yawk–the gentlema nike air max 1 red n that was there the time when I air max 1 had to sit up all night with the missionary, yu’ know. His clothes pleased me best of all. Fit him so well, and no thing flash. I got my ideas, and when I knew I was going to marry you, I sent my measure East–and I and the tailor are old enemies now.”
Bennington probably was dis nike air max 1 sale appointed. To see get out of the train merely a tall man with a usual straw hat, an air max 1 sale d Scotch homespun suit of a rather better cut than most in Bennington–this was dull. And his conversation–when he indulged in any–seemed fit to co nike air max 1 grey me inside the house. ③

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