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t you got, Amy?“ asked her brother.
Ross Fletcher leaned forward to look.
„Great guns!“ he cried.
The men jostled around, striving for a glimpse, half in joke, half in genuine curiosity.
„Lemonade!“ cried Ware.
„None of your lime juice either,“ pronounced California John; „look at the genuine article floatin‘ around on top.“
They turned to Amy.
„Where did you get them?“ they de cheap nike air max manded.
But she shook her head, smiling, and declined to tell.
They devoured the popcorn and the chocolate cake to the last crumb, and emptied the pitcher of genuine lemonade. Then they went home. It was all simple enough: cheap tobacco; reading aloud; a little rude chaffing; lemonade, cake and popcorn! Bob smiled to himself as he thought of the consternation a recital of these ingredients would carry to the sophisticated souls of most of his friends. Yet he had enjoyed the party, enjoyed it deeply and thoroughly. He came away from it glowing with good-fellowship.
Part 5 Chapter 4
At these and similar occupations the latter days of June slipped by. Bob had little leisure, for the Service was undermanned for the work it must do. Curtis sooned resigned, to everybody’s joy and relief.
On only one occasion did Bob gain a chance to ride over to the scenes of his old activities. cheap nike air max trainers This was on a Sunday when, by a miracle, nothing unexpected came up to tie him to his duty. He had rather an unsatisfactory visit with Mr. Welton. It was cordial enough on both sides, for the men were genuinely fond of each other; but they had lost touch of each other’s interests. Welton persisted in regarding Bob with a covert amusement, as an older man regards a younger who is having his fling, and will later settle down. Bob asked after the work, and was answered. Neither felt any real human interest in the questions nor their replies. A certain constraint held them, to Bob’s very genuine regret. He rode back through the westering shadows vaguely uneasy in his mind.
He and two of the new mountain men had been for two days cutting up some dead and down trees that encumbered the enclosure at headquarters. They cross-cut the trunks into handy lengths; bored holes in them with a two-inch augur; loaded the holes with blasting cheap nike air max trainers powder and a fuse, and touched them off. The powder split the logs into rough posts small enough to handle. These fragments they carried laboriously to the middle of the meadow, where they stacked them rack-fashion and on end. The idea was to combine business with pleasure by having a grand bonfire the night of the Fourth of July.
For this day other preparations were forward. Amy promised a spread for everybody, if she could get a little help at the last moment. As many of the outlying rangers as could manage it would come in for the occasion. A shooting match, roping and chopping contests, and other sports were in contemplation.
As the time drew near, various mysteries were plainly afoot. Men claimed their turns in riding down the mountain for the mail. They took with them pack horses. These they unpacked secretly and apart. Amy gave Bob to understand that this holiday, when the ranks were fullest and conditions ripe, went far as a substitute for Christmas among these men.
Then at noon of July second Charley Morton dashed do nike air max wn the trail from the Upper Meadow, rode rapidly to Headquarters, flung himself from his horse, and dove into the office. After a moment he reappeared, followed by Thorne.
„Saddle up, boys,“ said the latter. „Fire over beyond Baldy. Ride and gather in the men who are about here,“ he told Bob.
Bob sprang on Charley Morton’s horse and rode about instructing the workers to gather. When he returned, Thorne gave his nike air max 1 instructions.
„We’re short-handed,“ he stated, „and it’ll be hard to get help just at this time. Charley, you take Ware, Elliott a cheap nike air max nd Carroll and see what it looks like. Start a fire line, and do the best you can. Orde, you and Pollock can get up some pack horses and follow later with grub, blankets, and so forth. I’ll ride down the mountain to see what I can do about help. It may be I can catch somebody by phone at the Power House who can let the boys know at the north end. You say it’s a big fire?“
„I see quite a cheap nike air max lot of smoke,“ said Charley.
„Then the boys over Jackass way and by the Crossing ought to see it for themselves.“
The four men designated caught up their horses, saddled them, and mounted. Thorne handed them each a broad hoe, a rake and an axe. They rode off up the trail. Thorne mounted on his own horse.
„Pack nike air max 90 up and follow as fast as you can,“ he told the two who still remained.
„What you want we should take?“ asked Jack.
„Amy will tell you. Get started early as you can. You’ll have to follow their tracks.“
Amy took direction of them promptly. While they caught and saddled the pack horses, she was busy in the storeroom. They found laid out for them a few cooking utensils, a variety of provisions tied up in strong little sacks, several more hoes, axes and rakes, two matt ocks, a half-dozen flat files, and as many big zinc canteens.
„Now hurry!“ she commanded them; „pack these, and then get some blankets from your camp, and some hobbles and picket ropes.“
With Bob’s rather awkward help everything was made fast. By the time the two had packed the blankets and returned to headquarters on their way to the upper trail, they found A nike air max 95 my had changed her clothes, caught and saddled her own horse, tied on well-filled saddle bags, and stood awaiting them. She wore her broad hat looped back by the pine tree badge of the Service, a soft shirtwaist of gray flannel, a short divided skirt of khaki and high-laced boots. A red neckerchief matched her cheeks, which were glowing with excitement. Immediately nike air max classic they appeared, she swung aboard with the easy grace of one long accustomed to the saddle. Bob’s lower jaw dropped in amazement.
„You going?“ he gasped, unable even yet to comprehend the everyday fact that so many gently nurtured Western girls are accustomed to those rough-and-ready bivouacs.
„I wouldn’t stay away for worlds!“ she cried, turning her pony’s head up the trail.
Beyond the upper meadow this trail suddenly began to climb. It made its way by lacets in the dry earth, by scrambles in the rocks until, through the rapidly thinning ranks of the scrubby trees, Bob could look back over all the broad shelf of the mo cheap nike air max 90 untain whereon grew the pines. It lay spread before him as a soft green carpet of tops, miles of it, wrinkling and billowing gently as here and there the conformation of the country changed. At some distance it dropped over an edge. Beyond that, very dimly, he realized the brown shimmer rising from the plain. Far to the right was a tenuous smoke, a suggestion of thinning in the forest, a flash of blue water. This nike air max sale , Bob knew, must be the mill and the lake.
The trail shortly made its way over the shoulder of the ridge and emerged on the wide, gentle rounding of the crest. Here the trees were small, stunted and wind-blown. Huge curving sheets of unbroken granite lay like armour across the shoulder of the mountain. Decomposing granite shale crunched under the horses‘ hoofs. Here and there on it grew isolated tiny tufts of the hardy upland flowers. Above, the sky was deeply, intensely blue; bluer than Bob had ever seen a sky before. The air held in it a tang of wildness, as though it had breathed from great spaces.
„I suppose this is the top of our ridge, isn’t it?“ Bob asked Jack Pollock.
The boy nodded.
Suddenly the trail dipped sharp to the left into a narrow and shallow little ravine. The bed of this was carpeted by a narrow stringe nike air max 90 sale r of fresh grass and flowers, through which a tiny stream felt its hesitating way. This ravine widened and narrowed, turned and doubled. Here and there groups of cedars on a dry flat offered ideal shelter for a camp. Abruptly the stringer burst through a screen of azaleas to a round green meadow surrounded by the taller trees of the eastern slope of the mountain.
In other circumstances Bob would have liked to stop for a better sight of this little gem of a meadow. It was ankle deep with new grasses,

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