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erable of the ways o air max 90 f fire. The brush proved unexpectedly difficult. It would not stand up to the force of his stroke, but bent away. The tarweed, especially, was stubborn under even the most vigorous wielding of his sharpened hoe.
He made an initial mistake by starting to hoe out his path too near the blaze, forgetting that in the time necessary to complete his half-circle the flames would have spread. Discovering this, he abandoned his beginning and fell back twenty feet. This naturally considerably lengthened the line he would have to cut. When it was about half done, Bob discovered that he would have to hustle to prevent the fire breaking by him before he could complete his half-circle. It became a race. He worked desperately. The heat of the flames began to scor cheap air max 90 ch his face and hands, so that it was with difficulty he could face his cheap nike air max work. Irrelevantly enough there arose before his mind the image of Jack Pollock popping corn before the fireplace at headquarters. Continual wielding of the hoe tired a certain set of muscles to the aching point. His mouth became dry and sticky, but he could not spare time to hunt up his canteen. The thought flashed across his mind that the fire was probably breaking across elsewhere, just like this. The other men must be in the same fix. There were six of them. Suppose the fire should break across simultaneously in seven places? The little licking flames had at last, by dint of a malignant persistence, become a personal enemy. He fought them absorbedly, throwing his line farther and farther as the necessity arose, running to beat down with green brush the first feeble upstartings of the fire as it leaped here and ther nike air max 90 sale e his barrier, keeping a vigilant cheap nike air max eye on every part of his defences.
“Well,” drawled Charley Morton’s voice behind him, “what you think you’re doing?”
“Corralling this fire, of course,” Bob panted, dashing at a marauding little flame.
“What for?” demanded Charley.
Bob looked up in sheer amazement.
“See that rock dike just up the hill behind you?” explained Morton. “Well, our fire line already runs up to that on both sides. Fire couldn’t cross it. We expected this to burn.”
Bob suddenly felt a little nauseated and dizzy from the heat and violence of his exertions in this high altitude.
“Here’s your canteen,” Morton went on easily. “Take a swig. Better save a little. Feel better? Let me give you a pointer: don’t try to stop a fire going up hill. Take it on top or just over the top. It burns slower and it ain’t so apt to nike air max 95 jump.”
“I know; I forgot,” said Bob, feeling a trifle foolish.
“Never mind; you’ve learned something,” said Morton comfortably. “Let’s go down below. There’s fresh fire there; and it may have jumped past Elliott.”
They scrambled down. Elliott a cheap nike air max trainers nd Ware were found to be working desperately in the face of the flames. The fire had not here jumped the line, but it was burning with great ferocity up to the very edge of it. If the rangers could for a half-hour prevent the heat from igniting the growths across the defence, the main fire would have consumed its fuel and died down to comparative safety. With faces averted, heads lowered, handkerchiefs over th nike air max 1 eir mouths, they continually beat down the new little fires which as continually sprang into life again. Here the antagonists were fac nike air max sale e to face across the narrow line. The rangers could not give back an inch, for an inch of headway on the wrong side the path would convert a kindling little blaze to a real fire. They stood up to their work doggedly as best they might.
With entire understanding of the situation Charley motioned Bob to the front.
“We’ll hold her for a minute,” he shouted to the others. “Drop back and get a drink.”
They fell back to seize eagerly their canteens. Bob gripped his handful of green brush and set to work. For a minute he did not think it possible to face the terrible heat. His garments were literally drenched with sweat which immediately dried into steam. A fierce drain sucked at his strength. nike air max 90 He could hardly breathe, and could see only with difficulty. After a moment Elliott and Ware, evidently somewhat refreshed, again took hold.
How they stuck it out for that infernal half-hour Bob could not have told, but stick it out they did. The flames gradually died down; the heat grew less; the danger that the shrivelled brush on the wrong side the fire line would be ignited by sheer heat, vanished. The four men fell back. Their eyebrows and hair we airmax 90 re singed; their skin blackened. Bob’s face felt sore, and as though it had been stretched. He took a long pull at his canteen. For the moment he felt as though his energy had all been drained away.
“Well, that was a good little scrap,” observed Charley Morton cheerfully. “I certainly do wish it was always night when a man had to fight fire. In a hot sun it gets to be har nike air max d work.”
Elliott rolled his eyes, curiously white like a minstrel’s in his blackened face, at Bob, but said nothing.
“We’ll leave Elliott here to watch this a few minutes, and go down the line,” said Morton.
Bob lifted his canteen, and, to his surprise, found it empty.
“Why, I must have drunk a gallon!” he cried.
“It’s dry work,” said Morton.
They continued on down the fire line, pausing every once in a while to rake and scrape leisurely at the heavy bark beneath some blazing stub. The fierce, hard work was over. All along the fire line from the dome of granite over the ridge down to Granite Creek the fire had consumed all the light fuel on its own side the defence. No further danger was to be nike air max classic apprehended in the breaking across. But everywhere through the now darkening forest blazed the standing t

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