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assenger said he would like to go up to the summit.
“There,” he exclaimed, pointing to a part of the bluff which appeared to offer a climb, “put me on that shelving rock. I think I can go up by it.”
The small boat was lowered, and directly he set foot on the identical spot which received him when, in the night fifty-six years before, he made the ascent with the treasures of Hiram King of Tyre.
Almost any other man would have given at least a thought to that adventure; th nike air max 1 premium e slice out of some lives would have justified a tear; but he was too intent thinking about the jewels and the sword of Solomon.
His affected awkwardness in climbing amused the captain, him from the deck, but at last he gained the top of the bluff.
The plain there was the same field of sickly weeds and perishing vines, with here and there a shrub, and yonder a stunted olive tree, covered trunk and branches with edible snails. If it brought anything in the market, the crop, singular only to the Western mind, was plenteous enough to be profitable to its farmers. There too was the debris of the tower. With some anxiety he went to the stone which the reader will probably remember as having to be rolled away from the mouth of the hiding-place. It had not been disturbed. These observations taken, he descended the blu nike air max 1 red ff, and was received aboard the galley.
A very cautious man was the Prince of India. In commercial parlance, he was out to cash a draft on the Plati branch of his quadruple bank. He was not down to assist the captain of the galley to partnership with him in the business. So, after completing the circuit of Plati, the vessel bore away for Prinkipo and Halki, which Greek wealth and taste had converted into dreamful Paradises. There it lay th air max 1 sale e night and next day, while the easy-going passenger, out for air and rest, amused himself making excursions to the convents and neighboring hills.
The second night, a perfect calm prevailing, he took the small boat, and went out on the sea drifting, having provided himself with wine and water, the latter in a new gurglet bought for the trip. The captain need not be uneasy if he were cheap nike air max 1 late returning, he said on departing. Nilo was an excellent sailor, and had muscle and spirit to contend against a blow.
The cheap air max 1 tranquil environments of Prinkipo were enlivened by other parties also drifting. Their singing was borne far along the starlit sea. Once beyond sight and hearing, Nilo plied the oars diligently, bringing up an hour or two after midnight at the shelving rock under the eastern bluff of Plati. The way to the ruined tower was then clear.
Precisely as at the first visit when burial was the object, the concealing stone was pushed aside; after which the Prince entered the narrow passage crawling on his hands and knees. He was anxious. If the precious stones had been discovered and carried away, he would have to extend the voyage to Jaffa in order to draw from the Jerusalem branch of his bank. But the sw nike air max 1 ord of Solomon–that was not in the power of man to duplicate–its loss would be irreparable.
The stones were mouldy, the passage dark, the progress slow. He had literally to feel every inch in front of him, using his hands as a caterpillar uses its antennae; but he did not complain–the difficulties were the inducements nike air max 1 sale which led him to choose the hiding-place in the first instance. At length he went down a broken step, and, rising to his knees, slipped his left hand along the face of the wall until his fingers dropped into a crack between rocks. It was the spot he sought; he knew it, and breathed easily. In murky lamplight, with mallet and chisel–ah, how long ago!–he had worked a shelf there, finis hing it with an oblong pocket in the bottom. To mask the hole was simple. Three or four easy-fitting blocks were remov cheap nike air max 1 ed, and thrusting a hand in, he drew forth the sheepskin mantle of the elder Nilo.
In spite of the darkness, he could not refrain from unrolling the mildewed cover. The sword was safe! He drew the blade and shot it sharply back into the scabbard, then kissed the ruby handle, thinking again of the purchasing power there was in the relic which was yet more than a relic. The leather of the water-gurglet, stiff as wood, responded to a touch. The jewels were also safe, the great emerald with the rest. He touched the bags, counting from one to nine inclusively. Then remembering the ten times he had crawled into the passage to put the treasures away, he began t air max 1 heir removal, and kept at it until every article was safely deposited in the boat.
On the way back to the galley he made new packages, using his mantle as a wrap for th nike air max 1 ebay e sword, and the new gurglet for the bags of jewels.
“I have had enough,” he exclaimed to the captain, dropping wearily on the deck about noon. “Take me to the city.” After a moment of reflection, he added: “Land me after nightfall.”
“We will reach the harbor before sundown.”
“Oh, well! There is the Bosphorus–go to Buyukdere, and come back.”
“But, my Lord, the captain of the gate may decline to allow you to pass.”
The Prince smiled, and rejoined, with a thought of the bags in the gurglet thrown carelessly down by him: “Up with the anchor.”
The sailor’s nike air max 1 grey surmise was groundless. Disembarking about midnight, he whispered his name to the captain at the gate of Blacherne, and, leaving a soldan in the official palm, was admitted without examination. On the street there was nothing curious in an old man carrying a mantle under his arm, followed by a porter with a half-filled gurglet on his shoulder. Finally, the adventure safely accomplished, the Prince of India was home again, and in excellent humor.
One doubt assailed him–one only. He had just seen the height of Candilli, an aerial wonder in a burst of moonlight, and straightway his fancy had crowned it with a structu nike air max 1 leopard re Indian in style, and of material to shine afar delicate as snow against the black bosomed mountain behind it. He was not a Greek to fear the Turks. Nay, in Turkish protection there was for him a guaranty of peaceable ownership which he could not see under Constantine. And as he was bringing now the wherewith to realize his latest dream, he gave his imagination a loosened rein.
He built the house; he heard th nike air max 1 black e tinkling of fountains in its courts, and the echoes in the pillared recession of its halls; free of care, happy once more, with Lael he walked in gardens where roses of Persia exchanged perfumes with roses of Araby, and the daylong singing of birds extended into noon of night; yet, after all, to the worn, weary, droughted heart nothing was so soothing8

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