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nder the KATHISMA, and standing on the heaps near by, find diversion watching the officers and soldiers ex cheap air max 1 Air Max 1 ercising their horses along the area…. My Lord must know, in the next place, that there is in the city a son of the Orchan who terms himself lawful heir of Solyman of blessed memory–the Orchan pretender to my Lord’s throne, whom the Greeks have been keeping in mock confinement–the Orchan who is the subject of the present Emperor’s demand on my Lord for an increase of the stipend heretofore paid for the impostor’s support. The son of the pretender, being a Turk, affects the martial practices prevalent with us, and enjoys notoriety for accomplishments as a horseman, and in the tourney play djerid. He is even accredited with an intention of one day taking the field against my Lord–this when his father, the old Orchan, dies…. When I entered the Hippodrome one day last week, Orchan the younger occupied the arena before nike air max 1 grey the Kathisma. The boxes were well filled with spectators. Some officers of my acquaintance were present, mounted like myself, and they accosted me politely, and eulogized the performan ce. Afterwhile I joined in their commendation, but ventured to say I had seen better exercise during my sojourn among the infidels in the Holy Land. They asked me if I had any skill. ‚I cannot call it skill,‘ I said; ‚but my instruction was from a noble master, the Sheik of the Jordan.‘ Nothing would rest them then but a trial. At length I assented on condition cheap air max 1 that the Turk would engage me in a tourney or a combat without quarter–bow, cimeter, spear–on horseback and in Moslem armor. They were astonished, but agreed to carry the challenge…. Now, O my Lord, do not condemn me. My residence here has extended into months, without an incid nike air max 1 sale ent to break the peace. Your pleasure is still my rule. I keep the custom of going about on horseback and in armor. Once only–at His Majesty’s dinner–I appeared in a Venetian suit–a red mantle and hose, one leg black, the other yellow– red-feathered cap, shoes with the long points chained to my knees. Was there not danger of being mistaken for a strutting bird of show? If my hand is cunning with weapons, should not the Greeks be taught it? nike air max 1 leopard How better recommend myself to His Majesty of Blacherne? Then, what an opportunity to rid my Lord of future annoyance! Old Orchan cannot live much longer, while this cheeping chicken is young…. The son of the pretender, being told I was an Italian, replied he would try a tourney with me; if I proved worthy, he would consider the combat…. Yesterday was the time for the meeting. nike air max 1 black There was a multitude out as witnesses, the Emperor amongst others. He did not resort to the Kathisma, but kept his saddle, with a bodyguard of horsemen at his back. His mount was my gray Arab…. We began with volting, demi-volting, jumpin nike air max 1 ebay g, wheeling in retreat, throwing the horse. Orchan was a fumbler…. We took to bows next, twelve arrows each. At full speed he put two bolts in the target, and I twelve, all in the white ring…. Then spear against cimeter. I offered him choice, and he took the spear. In the first career, the blunted head of his weapon fell to the ground shorn off close behind the ferrule. The spectators cheered and laughed, and cheap nike air max 1 growing angry, Orchan shouted it was an accident, and challenged me to combat. I accepted, but His Majesty interposed–we might conclude with the spear and sword in tourney a nike air max 1 premium gain…. My antagonist, charged with malicious intent, resolved to kill me. I avoided his shaft, and as his horse bolted past on my left, I pushed him with my shield, and knocked him from the saddle. They picked him up bleeding nose and ears. His Majesty invited me to accompany him to Blacherne…. I left the Hippodrome sorry not to have been permitted to fight the vain fool; yet my repute in Constantinople is now undoubtedly good–I am a soldier to be cultivated.“
„His Majesty has placed me formally in charge of the gate in front of my quarters. Communication with my Lord is now at all times easy. The keys of the city are in effect mine. Never air max 1 leopard print theless I shall continue to patronize Ali. His fish are the freshest brought to market.“
„O my Lord, the Princess Irene is well and keeps the morning colors in her ch nike air max 1 eeks for you. Yet I found her quite distraught. There was unwelcome news at the Palace from His Majesty’s ambassador at Adrianople. The Sultan had at last answered the demand for increase of the Orchan stipend–not only was the increase refused, but the stipend itself was withdrawn, and a peremptory order to that effect sent to the province whence the fund has been all along collected…. I made a calculation, with conclusion that my report of the tourney with young Orchan reached my Lord’s hand, and I now am patting myself on the back, happy to believe it had something to do with my Lord’s decision. The imposition deserved to have its head blown off. O nike air max 1 red rchan is a dotard. His son’s ears are still impaired. In the fall the ground caught him crown first. He will never ride again. The pretension is over…. I rode from the Princess‘ house directly to Blacherne. The Grand Council was in session: yet the Prefect of the Palace admitted me…. O my Lord, this Constantine is a man, a warrior, an Emperor, surrounded by old women afraid of their shadows. The subject of discussion when I went in was the news from Adrianople. His Majesty was of opinion that your decision, coupled with the order discontinuing the stipend, was sign of a hostile intent. He was in favor of preparing for war. Phranza thought diplomacy not yet spent. Notaras asked what preparations His Majesty had in 8

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