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as the fancy which had been his chief attendant from the gate of Blacherne–that he heard strangers speaking to each other: „Have you seen the Palace of Lael?“ „No, where is it?“ „On the crest of Candilli.“ The Palace of Lael! The name confirmed itself sweeter and sweeter by repetition. And the doubt grew. Should he build in the city or amidst the grove of Judas trees on the crest of Candilli?
Just as he arrived before his door, he glanced casually across the street, and was surprised by observing l nike air max classic ight in Uel’s house. It was very unusual. He would cheap nike air max trainers put the treasure away, and go over and inquire into the matter. Hardly was he past his own lintel when Syama met him. The face of the faithful servant showed unwonted excitement, and, casting himself at his master’s feet, he embraced his knees, uttering the hoarse unintelligible cries with which the dumb are wont to make their suffering known. The Master felt a chill of fear–something had happened–something te nike air max 1 rrible–but to whom? He pushed the poor man’s head back until he caught the eyes.
„What is it?“ he asked.
Syama arose, took the Prince’s hand, and led him out of the door, across the street, and into Uel’s house. The merchant, at sight of them, rushed forward and hid his face in the master’s breast, crying:
„She is gone–lost!–The God of our fathers be with her cheap nike air max !“
„Who is gone? Who lost?“
„Lael, Lael–our child–our Gul Bahar.“
The blood of the elder Jew flew to his heart, leaving him pale as a dead man; yet such was his acquired control of himself, he asked steadily: „Gone!–Where?“
„We do not know. She has been snatched from us–that is all we know.“
„Tell me of it–and quickly.“
The tone was imperious, and he pushed Uel from him.
„Oh! my friend–and my father’s friend–I will tell you all. You are powerful, and love he r, and may help where I am helpless.“ Then by piecemeal he dealt out the explanation. „This afternoon she took her chair and went to the wall in front of the Bucoleon–sunset, and she was not back. I saw Syama–she was not in your house. He and I set out in search of her. She was seen on the wall–later she was seen to descend the steps as if starting home–sh nike air max e was seen in the garden going about on the terrace–she was seen coming out of the front gate of the old palace. We traced her down the street–then she returned to the garden, through the Hippodrome, and there she was last seen. I called my friends in the market to my aid–hundreds are now looking for her.“
„She went out in her chair, did you say?“
The steady voice of the Prince was in singular contrast with his bloodless face.
„Who carried it?“
„The men we nike air max 90 sale have long had.“
„Where are they?“
„We sought for them–they cannot be found.“
The Prince kept his eyes on Uel’s face. They were intensely, fiercely bright. He was not in a rage, but thinking, if a man can be said to think when his mind projects itself in a shower. Lael’s disappearance was not voluntary; she was in detention somewhere in the city. If the purpose of the abduction were money, she would be held in scrupulous safety, and a day or two would bring the demand; but if–he did not finish the idea–it overpowered him. Pure steel in utmost flexion breaks into pieces without warning; so with this man now. He threw both hands up, and cried hoarsely: „Lend me, O God, of thy vengeance!“ and staggering blindly, he would have fallen but for Syama.
Part 4 Chapter 18 The Festival Of Flowers
The Academy of Epicurus was by no nike air max 90 means a trifle spun for vainglory in the fertile fancy of Demedes; but a fact just as the Brotherhoods of the City were facts, and much more notorious than many of them.
Wiseacres are generally pessimistic. Academy of Epicurus indeed! For once there was a great deal in a name. The class mentioned repeated it sneeringly; it spoke to them, and loudly, of some philosophical wickedness.
Stories of the miraculous growth of the society were at first amusing; then the announcement of its housing excited loud laughter; but when its votaries attached the high sounding term Temple to their place of meeting, the clergy and all the devoutly inclined looked sober. In their view the word savored of outright paganism. Temple o nike air max sale f the Academy of Epicurus! Church had been better–Church was at least Christian.
At length, in ease of the inc nike air max 95 reasing interest, notice was authoritatively issued of a Festival of Flowers by the Academicians, their first public appearance, and great were the anticipations aroused by the further advertisement that they would march from their Temple to the Hippodrome.
The festival took place the afternoon of the third day of the Prince of India’s voyage to Plati. More particularly, while that distinguished foreigner on the deck of the galley was quietly sleeping off the fatigue and wear of body and spirit consequent on the visit to the desolate island, the philosophers were on parade with an immense quota of Byzantines of both sexes in observation. About three thousand were in the procession, and from head to foot it was a mass of flowers.
The extravaganza deserved the applause it drew. Some of its features nevertheless were doubtfu cheap nike air max trainers lly regarded. Between the sections into which the column was divided there marched small groups, apparently officers, clad in gowns and vestments, carr cheap nike air max ying insignia and smoking tripods well known to have belonged to various priesthoods of mythologic fame. When the cortege reached the Hippodrome every one in the galleries was reminded of the glory the first Constantine gained from his merciless forays upon those identical properties.
In the next place, the motto of the society–Patience, Courage, Judgment –was too frequently and ostentatiously exhibited not to attract attention. The words, it was observed, were not merely on banners lettered in gold, but illustrat cheap nike air max 90 ed by portable tableaux of exquisite appositeness and beauty. They troubled the wiseacres; for while they might mean a world of good, they might also stand for cheap nike air max several worlds of bad. Withal, however, the youthfulness of the Academicians wrought the profoundest sensation upon the multitude of spectators. The march was three times round the interior, affording excellent opportunity to study the appearances; and the sober thinking, whom the rarity and tastefulness of the display did no8

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