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As the greater number of visitors at the hotel were English,there was almost as much difference between Sunday and Wednesdayas there is in England, and Sunday appeared here as cheap nike dunks there, the muteblack ghost or penitent spirit of the busy weekday. The Englishcould not pale the nike dunks sunshine, but they could in some miraculous wayslow down th nike dunks high uk e hours, dull the incidents, lengthen the meals, and makeeven the servants an custom nike dunks d page-boys wear a look of boredom and propriety.
The best clothes which every one put on helped the general cheap nike dunks effect;it seemed that no lady could sit down without bending a clean starchedpetticoat, and no gentleman could breathe without a sudden cracklefrom a stiff shirt-front. As the hands of the clock neared eleven,on this particular Sunday, various nike dunks jd people tended to draw togetherin the hall, clasping little redleaved books in their ha nds.
The clock marked a few minutes to the hour when a stout black figurepassed through the hall with a preoccupied expression, as thoughhe would rath nike dunks uk er not recognise salutations, although aware of them,and disappeared down the corridor which nike dunks high tops led from it.
“Mr. Bax,” Mrs. Thornbury whispered.
The little group of people then began to move off in the samedirection as the stout black nike dunks high figure. Looked at in an oddway by people who made no effort to join them, they movedwith one exception s nike dunks ebay lowly and consciously towards the stairs.
Mrs. Flushing was the exception. She came running downstairs,strode across the hall, joined the procession much out of breath,demanding of Mrs. Thornbury in an agitated whisper, “Where, where?””We are a cheap nike dunks ll going,” said Mrs. Thornbury gently, and soon theywere descending the stairs two by two. Rachel was amongthe first to descend. She did not see that Terence and Hirstcame in at the rear possessed of no black volume, but of onethin book bound nike dunks uk in light-blue cloth, which St. John carried under his arm. ③

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