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“But the bloo cheap nike air max trainers d shed will be on my conscience, and the Panagia”–
The aged Prelate was inflexible. “Nay, nay, not yet! They are Greeks. Let them have it out. The day is young; and how often is shame the miraculou s parent of repentance.”
Constantine returned to his throne, and remained there standing.
Meantime the tumult went on until, with shouting and gesticulating, and running about, it seemed the assemblage was getting mad with drink. Whether the contention was of one or many things, who may say? Well as could be ascertained, one party, taking cue from the Patriarch, denounced the interruption of the most sacred rite; air max 90 the other anathematized the attempt to impose leavened bread upon orthodox communicants as a scheme of the devil and his arch-legate, the Bishop of Rome. Men of the same opinions argued blindly with each other; while genuine opposition was conducted with glaring eyes, swollen v nike air max eins, clinched hands, and voices high up in the leger lines of hate and defiance. The timorous and disinclined were caught and held forcibly. In a word, the scene was purely Byzantine, incredible of any other people.
The excitement afterwhile extended to the galleries, where, but that the women were almost universally of the Greek faction, the same passion would have prevailed; as it was, the gentle creatures screamed azymite, azymite in amazing disregard of the proprieties. The Princess Irene, at first pained and mortified, kept her seat until appea nike air max 1 rances became threatening; then she scanned the vast pit lo airmax 90 ng and anxiously; finally her wandering eyes fell upon the tall figure of Sergius drawn out of the mass, but facing it from a position near the gate of the brazen railing. Immediately she settled back in her chair.
To justify the emotion now possessing her, the reader must return to the day the monk first presented himself at her palace near Therapia. He must read again the confession, extorted f cheap air max 90 rom her by the second perusal of Father Hilarion’s letter, and be reminded of her education in the venerated Father’s religious ideas, by which her whole soul was adherent to his conceptions of the Primitive Church of the Apostles. Nor less must the reader suffer himself to be reminded of the consequences to her–of the judgment of heresy upon her by both Latins and Greeks nike air max classic –of her disposition to protest against the very madness now enacting before her–of her longing, Oh, that I were a man!–of the fantasy that Heaven had sent Sergius to her with the voice, learning, zeal, courage, and passion of truth to enable her to challenge a hearing anywhere-of the persistence with which she had since cared for and defended him, and watched him in his studies, and shared them with him. Nor must the later cheap nike air max incident, the giving him a copy of the creed she had formulated–the Creed of Nine Words–be omitted in the consideration.
Now indeed the reader can comprehend the Princess, and the emotions with which she beheld the scene at her feet. The Patriarch’s dramatic warning of the Real Presence found in her a ready second; for keeping strictly to Father Hilarion’s distinction between a right Creed and a for nike air max 95 m or ceremony for pious observance, the former essential to salvation, the latter merely helpful to continence in the Creed, it was with her as if Christ in glorified person stood there under the baldacchino. What wonder if, from indignation at the madness of the assembly, the insensate howling, the blasphemous rage, she passed to exaltation of spirit, and fancied the t nike air max sale ime good for a reproclamation of the Primitive Church?
Suddenly a sharper, fiercer explosion of rage arose from the floor, and a rush ensued–the factions had come to blows!
Then the Patriarch yielded, and at a sign from the Emperor the choir sang the Sanctus anew. High and long sustained, the sublime anthem rolled above the battle and its brutalism. The thousands heard it, and halting, faced toward the apse, wondering what could be coming. It even reached i nike air max 90 nto the vortex of combat, and turned all the unengaged there into peacemakers.
Another surprise still more effective succeeded. Boys with lighted candles, followed by bearers of smoking censers, bareheaded and in white, marched slowly from behind the altar toward cheap nike air max the open gate, outside which they parted right and left, and stopped fronting the multitude. A broad banner hung to a cross-stick of gold, heavy with fringing of gold, the top of the staff overhung with fresh flowers in wreaths and garlands, the lower corners stayed by many streaming white ribbons in the hands of as many holy men in white woollen chasubles extending to the bare feet, appeared from the same retreat, carried by two brethren known to every one as janitors of the sacred chapel on the hill-front of Blacherne.
The Emperor, the Patriarch, the servers of nike air max 90 sale the chalices, the whole body of assistants inside the railing, fell upon their knees while the banner was borne through the gate, and planted on the floor there. Its face was frayed and dim with age, yet the figure of the woman upon it was plain to sight, except as the faint gray smoke from the censers veiled it in a vanishing cloud.
Then there was an outburst of many voices:
“The Panagia! The Panagia!”
The feeling this time was reactionary.
“O Blessed Madonna!–Guardian of Constantinople!–Mother of God!–Christ is here!–Hosannas to the Son and to the Immaculate Mother!” With these, and other like exclamations, the mass precipitated itself forward, and, crowding near the historic symbol, flung themselves on the floor before it, grovelling and contrite, if not conquered.
The movement of the candle and censer 8

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