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erty to tell you.”
Thorne considered.
“No; I’m sorry, but I don’t see nike air max 90 how I can spare you.”
“In that case,” said Bob quietly, “you will force me to tender my cheap nike air max resignation.”
Thorne looked up at him quickly, and studied his face.
“From anybody else, Orde,” said he, “I’d take that as a threat or a hold-up, and fire the man on the spot. From you I do not. The matter must be really serious. You may go. Get back as soon as you can.”
“Thank you,” said Bob. “It is serious. Three days will do me.”
He set about his preparations at once, packing a suit case with linen long out of commission, smoothing out the tailored clothes he had not had occasion to use for many a day. He then transported this–and himself–down the mountain on his saddle horse. At Auntie Belle’s he changed his clothes. The next morning he caught the stage, and by the day following walked up the main street of Fremont.
He had no cheap nike air max trouble in findi nike air max 95 ng Baker’s office. The Sycamore Creek operations were one group of many. As one of Baker’s companies furnished Fremont with light and power, it followed that at night the name of that company blazed forth in thousands of lights. The sign was not the less legible, though not so fiery, by day. Bob walked into extensive ground-floor offices behind plate-glass windows. Here were wickets and railings through which and over which the public business was transacted. A narrow passageway sidled down between the wall and a row of ground-glass doors, on which were lettered the names of various officers of the company. At a swinging bar separating this passage from the main office sat a unif cheap nike air max trainers ormed boy directing and stamping envelopes.
Bob wrote his name on a blank form offered by this youth. The young man gazed a cheap nike air max trainers t it a moment superciliously, then sauntered with an air of great leisure down the long corridor. He reappeared after a moment’s absence behind the last door, to return with considerably more alacrity.
“Come right in, sir,” he told Bob, in tones which mingled much deference with considerable surprise.
Bob had no reason to understand how unusual was the circumstance of so prompt a reception of a visitor for whom no pr nike air max sale evious appointment had been made. He entered the door held open for him by the boy, and so found himself in Baker’s presence.
Part 5 Chapter 23
The office was expensively but plainly furnished in hardwoods. A thick rug covered the floor, easy chairs drew up by a fireplace, several good pictures hung off the wall. Near the windows stood a small desk for a stenographer, and a wide mahogany table. Behind this cheap nike air max latter, his back to the light, sat Baker.
The man’s sturdy figure was absolutely immobile, and the customary facetiously quizzical lines of his face had given place to an expression of cold attention. When he spoke, Bob found that the picturesque diction too had vanished.
At Bob’s entrance, Baker inclined his head coldly in greeting, but said nothing. Bob deliberately crossed the room and rested his two fists, knuckle down, on the polished desktop. Baker waited stolidly for him to proceed. Bob jerked his head toward the stenographer.
“I want to talk to you in private,” said he.
The stenographer glanced toward her employer. The latter nodded, whereupon she gathered a few stra nike air max y leaves of paper and departed. Bob looked after her until the door had closed behind her. Then, quite deliberately, he made a tour of the office nike air max 90 sale , trying doors, peering behind curtains and portieres. He ended at the desk, to find Baker’s eye fixed on him with sardonic humour. “Melodramatic, useless–and ridiculous,” he said briefly.
“If I have any evidence to give, it will be in court, not in a private office,” replied Bob composedly.
“What do you want?” demanded Baker.
“I have come this far solely and simply to nike air max classic get a piece of information at first hand. I was told you had threatened to become a blackmailer, and I wanted to find out if it is true?”
“In a world of contrary definitions, it is necessary to come down to facts. What do you mean by blackmailer?”
“It has been told me that you intend to aid criminal proceedings against Mr. Welton in regard to the right-of-way trouble and the ‘sugaring’ of Plant.”
“And that in order to evade your own criminal re sponsibility in the matter you intended to turn state’s evidence.”
“Well?” repeated Baker.
“It seemed inconceivable to me that a man of your social and business standing would not only confess himself a petty criminal, but one who shelters himself by betrayal of his confederate.”
“I do not relish any such process,” stated Baker formally, “and would avoid it if possible. Nevertheless, if the situation comes squarely up to me, I shall meet it.”
“I suppose you have thought what decent men—-”
Baker held up one hand. This was the first physical movement he had made.
“Pardon me,” nike air max 1 he interrupted. “Let us understand, once and for all, that I intend to defend myself when attacked. Personally I do not think that either Mr. Welton or myself are legally answerable for what we have done. I regret to observe that you, among other cheap nike air max 90 s, think differently. If the whole matter were to be dropped at this point, I should rest quite

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