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It’s the man’s view that’s represented, you see. Think of arailway train: fifteen carriages for men who want to smoke.
Does nike air max classic n’t it make your blood boil? If I were a woman I’d blowsome one’s br nike air max ains out. Don’t you laugh at us a great deal?
Don’t you think it all a great humbug? You, I mean–how does itall strike you?”His determination to know, while it gave meaning to their talk,hampered her; he seemed to press further and further, and made itappear so important. She took some time to ans nike air max wer, and during thattime she went over and over the course of her twenty-four ye nike air max sale ars,lighting now on one point, now on another–on her aunts, her mother,her father, and at last her mind fixed upon her aunts and her father,and she tried to describe them as at this distance they appearedto her.
They were very much afraid of her father. He was a great dim forcein the house, by means of which they held on to the great worldwhich is represented every morni cheap nike air max trainers ng in the _Times_. But the reallife of the house was something q cheap air max uite different from this.
It went on independently of Mr. Vinrace, and tended to hide itselffrom him. He was good-humoured towards them, but contemptuous.
She had always taken it for granted that his point of view was just,and founded upon an ideal scale of things where the life of oneperson was absolu cheap nike air max tely more important than the life of another,and that in that scale they wer nike air max 90 e much less importance than he was.
But did she really believe that? Hewet’s words made her think.
She always submitted to her father, just as they did, but it was heraunts who influenced her really; her aunts who built up the fine,closely woven substance of their life at home. They were lesssplendid but more natural than her father was. All her rageshad been against them nike air max 95 ; it was their world with its four meals,its punctuality, and servants on the stairs at half-past ten, that sheexamined so closely and wanted so vehemently to smash to atoms.
Following these thoughts she looked up and said:
“And there’s a sort of beauty in it–there they are at Richmondat this very moment building things up. They’re all wrong,perhaps, but there’s a s nike air max 1 ort of beauty in it,” she repeated.
“It’s so unconscious, so modest. A cheap nike air max nd yet they feel things.
They do mind if people die. Old spinsters are always doing things.
I don’t quite know what they do. Only that was what I felt when Ilived with them. It was very real.”She reviewed their little journeys to and fro, to Walworth,to charwomen with bad legs, to meetings nike air max 90 sale for this and that,their minute acts of charity and unselfishness which floweredpunct cheap nike air max ually from a definite view of what they ought to do,their friendships, their tastes and habits; she saw all these thingslike grains of sand falling, falling through innumerable days,making an atmosphere and building up a solid mass, a background. ③

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