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s good!” he cried.
“But I have no intention of resigning,” Bob concluded.
“That is a matter open to discussion,” Oldham took him up. “There are a great many reasons that you have not yet considered.”
“I’m ready to hear them,” said Bob.
“Look at the case as it stands. In the first place, you cannot but admit that Mr. Baker and the men associated with him have done great things for this country. When they came into it, it was an undeveloped wilderness, supplying nothing of value to civilization, and supporting only a scattered and pastoral people. The valley tow nike air max 90 sale ns went about their business on horse cars; they either paid practically a prohibitive price for electricity and gas, cheap nike air max or used oil and candles; they drank well water and river water. The surrounding country was either a desert given over to sage brush and jack rabbits, or raised crops only according to the amount of rain that fell. You can have no conception, Mr. Orde, of the condition of the country in some of these regions before irrigation. In place of this the cheap nike air max valley people now enjoy rapid transportation, not only through the streets of their towns, but also by trolley lines far out in all directions. They have cheap and abundant electric light and power. They possess pure drinking water. Above all they raise their certain crops irrespective of what rains the heavens may send.”
Bob admitted that electricity and irrigation are good things.
“These advantages have drawn people. I am not going to bore you with a lot of statistics, but t nike air max 90 he population of all White Oaks County, for instance, is now above fifty thousand people, where before was a scant ten. But how much agricultural wealth do you suppose these people _export_ each year? Not how much they _produce_, but their net exportations?”
“Give it up.”
“Fifty million dollars worth! That’s a marvellous per capita.”
“It is indeed,” said Bob.
“Now,” said Oldham impressively, “that wealth would be absolutely non-existent, that development nike air max 95 could not have taken place, _did_ not take place, until men of Mr. Baker’s genius and courage came along to take hold. I have personally the greatest admiration for Mr. Baker as a type of citizen without whom our resources and possibilities would be in the same backward condition as obtains in Canada.”
“I’m with you there,” said Bob.
“Mr. Baker has added a community to t nike air max classic he state, cities to the commonwealth, millions upon millions of dollars to the nation’s wealth. He took long chances, and he won out. Do not you think in return the national resources should in a measure reward him for the advantages he has conferred and the immense wealth he has developed? Mind you, Mr. Baker has merely taken advantage of the strict letter of the law. It is merely open to another interpretation. He needs this particular body of timber for the furtherance of one of his greatest quasi-public enterprises; and who has a better right in the distribution of the public domain than the man who uses it to develop the country? The public land has always nike air max been intended for the development of resources, and has always been used as such.”
Oldham talked fluently and well. He argued at length along the lines set forth above.
“You have to use lubricating oil to overcome friction on a machine,” he concluded. “You have to subsidize a railroad by land grants to enter a new country. By the same immutable law you must offer extraordinary inducements to extraordinary men. O cheap nike air max trainers therwise they will not take the risks.”
“I’ve nothing to do with the letter of the law,” Bob replied; “only with its spirit and intention. The main idea of the mineral act is to give legitimate miners the timber they need for legitimate mining. Baker does not pretend, except officially, that he ever intends to do anything with his claims. He certainly has done a great work for the country. I’ll agree to everything you say there. But he came into California worth nothing, and he is now reputed to be worth ten millions and to control vast properties. That would seem to be reward enough for almost anybody. He does not need this Basin property for any of his power projects, except that its possession would let him off from paying a very reasonable tax on the waterpower he has been accustomed to getting free. Cutting that timbe nike air max sale r will not develop the country any further. I don’t see the value of your argument in the present case.”
“Mr. Baker has invested in this project a great many millions of dollars,” said Oldham. “He must be adequately safeguarded. To further develop and even to maintain the efficiency of what he has, he must operate to a large extent on borrowed capital. Borrowing depends on credit; and credit depends on nike air max 1 confidence. If conditions are proved to be unstable, capital will prove more than cautious in risking itself. That is elementary. Surely you can see that point.”
“I can see that, all right,” admitted Bob.
“Well,” went on Oldham, taking heart, “think of the responsibility you are assuming in pushing forward a mere technicality, and a debatable technicality at that. You are not only jeopardizing a great and established busine nike air max ss–I will say little of that–but you are risking the prosperity of a whole countryside. If Mr. Baker’s enterprises should quit this section, the civilization of the state would receive a serious setback. Thousands of men would be thrown out of employment, not only on the company’s works, but all along the lines of its holdings; electric light and power would increase in price–a heavy burden to the consumer; the country trolley lines must quit business, for only with water-generated power can they compete with railroads at all; fertile lands would revert to dese nike air max sale rt–”
“I am not denying the value of Mr. Baker’s enterprises,” broke in Bob; “but what has a billion and a half of timber to do with all this?”
“Mr. Baker has long been searching for an available supply for use in the enterprises,” said Oldham, eagerly availing h imself of this opening. “You probably have a small idea of the cheap nike air max immense lumber purchases necessary for the construction of the power plants, trolley

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