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uffering!–is fast falling into weakness of body and mind. Ali, son o moncler men sale f Abed-din the Faithful, is charged instantly the great soul is departed on its way to Paradise to ride as the north wind flies, and give thee a record which Abed-din is to make on peril of his soul, abating not the fraction of a second. Thou wilt understand it, and the purpose of the sending.”
The Prince of India, with the slip in his hand, walked the floor once from west to east to regain the mastery of himself.
“Ali, son of Abed-din the Faithful,” he then said, “has a record for me.”
Now the thongs of Ali’s sandals were united just below the instep with brass buttons; stooping he took off that of the left sandal, moncler sale for kids and gave it a sharp twist; whereupon the top came off, disclosing a cavity, and a ribbon of the finest satin snugly folded in it. He gave the ribbon to the Prince, saying:
“The button of the plane tree planted has not in promise any great th ralph lauren sale ing like this I take from the button of my sandal. Now is my mission done. Praised be Allah!” And while the Prince read, he recapped the button, and restored it in place.
Th moncler jacket sale e bit of yellow satin, when unfolded, presented a diagram which the Prince at first thought a nativity; upon closer inspection, he asked the courier:
“Son of Abed-din, did thy father draw this?”
“No, it is the handiwork of my Lord, the Sultan Mahommed.”
“But it is a record of death, not of birth.”
“Insomuch is my Lord, the Sultan Mahommed, wiser in his youth than many men in their age”–Ali paused to formally salute th moncler sale e opinion. “He selected the ribbon, and drew the figure–did all you behold, indeed, except the writing in the square; that he intrusted to my father, saying at the time: ‘The Prince of India, when he sees the minute in the square, will say it is not a nativity; have one there to tell him I, Mahommed, avouch, ‘Twice in his life I had the throne from my august father; now has he given it to me again, this th cheap moncler sale ird time with death to certify it mine in perpetuity; wherefore it is but righteous holding that the instant of his final secession must be counted the beginning of my reign; for often as a man has back the property he parted from as a loan, is it not his? What ceremony is then needed to perfect his title?”
“If one have wisdom, O son of Abed-din, whence is it except from Allah? Let not thy opinion of thy young master escape thee. Were he to die to-morrow”–
“Allah forbid!” exclaimed Ali.
“Fear it not,” returned the Prince, smiling at the young man’s earnestness: “for is it not written, ‘A soul cannot die unless by permission of God, according to a writing definite as to time’? [Footnote: Koran, III. 139.]–I was about to say, Moncler Outlet there is not in his generation another to lie as close in the bosom of the Prophet. Where is he moncler sale authentic now?”
“He rides doubtless to Adrianople. The moment I set out hither, which was next minute after the great decease, a despatch was started for him by Khalil the Grand Vizier.”
“Knowest thou the road he will take?”
“By Gallipoli.”
“Behold, Ali!”–from his finger the Prince took a ring. “This for thy good news. Now to the road again, the White Castle first. Tell the Governor there to keep ward to-night with unlocked gates, for I may seek them in haste. Then put thyself in the Lord Mahommed’s way coming from Gallipoli moncler sell , and when thou hast kissed his sandals for me, and given him my love and duty, tell him I have perfect understanding of the nativity, and will meet him in Adrianople. Hast thou eaten and drunk?”
“Eaten, not drunk, my Lord.”
“Come then, and I will put thee in the way to some red wine; for art thou not a traveller?”
The son of Abed-din saluted, saying simply: “Meshallah!” and was presently in care of moncler jackets Syama; after which the Prince took the ribbon to the table, spread it out carefully, and stood over it in the strong light, studying the symbols and writing in the square of
[Illustration: THE DIAGRAM.]
“It is the nativity of an Empire, [Footnote: Since the conquest of Constantinople by Mahommed, Turkey has been historically counted an Empire.] not a man,” the Prince said, his gaze still on the figure–“an Empire which I will make great for the punishment of these robbers of children.”
He stood up at the last word, and continued, excitedly: “It is the word of God, else it had not come to me now nigh overcome and perishing in bitter waters; and it calls me to do His will. Give over the child, it says–she is lost to thee. Go up now, and be thou my instrument this once again–I AM THE I AM whom Mose s knew, the Lord God of Israel who covenanted with Abraham, and with whom there is no forgetting–no, not though the world follow the leaf blown into the mouth of a roaring furnace. I hear, O God! I hear–I am going!”
This, it will be observed, is the second of the two days of grace the Prin moncler sale coats ce appears to have given the city for the return of Lael; and as it is rapidly going without a token of performance, our curiosity increases to know the terrible thing in reserve of which some of his outbursts have vaguely apprised us.
A few turns across the floor brought him back to apparent calmness; indeed, but for the fitful light in his eyes and the swollen veins about his temples, it might be supposed he had been successful in putting his distresses by. He brought Syama in, and, moncler sale for the first time in two days, took a seat.
“Listen, and closely,” he said; “for I would be sure you comprehend me. Have you laid the Sacred Books in the boxes?”
Syama, in his way, answered, yes.
“Are the boxes secure? They may have to go a long journey.”
“Did you place the jewels in new bags? The old ones were well nigh gone.”
“Are they in the gurglet now?”
“You know we will have to keep it filled with water.”
“My medicines–are they ready for pack moncler sale womens jackets ing?”
“Return them to their cases carefully. I cannot afford to leave or lose them. And the sword–is it with the books?”
“Very well. Attend again. On my return 8

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