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Buddha, believing the Blessed One to be the Holy One, the Fully Enlightened One, Wise, Upright, Happy, World-knowing, Supreme, the bridler of men’s wayward hearts, the Teacher of Gods and men–the Blessed Buddha.’ [Footnote: REHYS DAVID’S Buddhist Sutras.] Oh, good my Lord, a child with intellect barely to name the mother who bore him, should see and say, Here God is described!” …
The Prince came to a full stop, and taking a fine silken cloth from a pocket in his gown, he carefully wiped the open pages of the Eusebian Bible, and shut it. Of the other books he made a separate heap, first dusting each of them. The assemblage watched him expectan cheap nike air max trainers tly. The Fathers had been treated to strange ideas, matter for thought thr nike air max sale ough many days and nights ahead; still each of them felt the application was wanting. “The purpose–give it us–and quickly!” would have been a fair expression of their impatience. At length he proceeded:
“Dealing with children, my Lord, and reverend sirs,” he began, “it is needful to stop frequently, and repeat the things we have said; but you are men trained in argument: wherefore, with respect to the faith asked of me as I have told you by the nations, I say simply it is God; and touching his sanction of it, you may wrest these Testaments from me and make ashes of them, but you shall not now deny his approval of the Faith I bring you. It is not in the divine nature for God to abjure himself. Who of you can conceive him shrunk to so small a measure?”
The dogmatic vehemence amazed the listeners.
“Whether this idea of God nike air max 90 is broad enough to accommodate all the religions grown up on the earth, I will not argue; for I desire to be most respectful”–thus the speaker went on in his natural manner. “But should you accept it as enough, you need not b nike air max 95 e at loss for a form in which to put it. ‘Master,’ the lawyer asked, ‘which is the great commandment in the law?’ And the Master answered: ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind;’ and he added: ‘This is the first and great commandment.’ My Lord, no man else ever invented, nor shall any man ever invent an expression more perfectly definitive of the highest human duty–the total of doctrine. I will not tell you who the master uttering it was; neither will I urge its adoption; only if the world were to adopt it, and abide by it, there w air max 90 ould nike air max 1 be an end to wars and rumors of war, and God would have his own. If the Church here in your ancient capital were first to accept it, what happiness I should have carrying the glad tidings to the peoples”–
The Prince was not allowed to finish the sentence.
“What do I understand, O Prince, by the term ‘total of doctrine’?”
It was the Patriarch speaking.
“Bel ief in God.”
In a moment the assemblage became uproarious, astounding the Emperor; and in the midst of the excitement, Gennadius was seen on tip-toe, waving his crucifix with the energy of command.
“Question–a question!” he cried.
Quiet was presently given him.
“In thy total of doctrine, what is Jesus Christ?”
The voice of the Patriarch, enfeebled by age and disease, had been scarcely heard; his rival’s penetrated to the most distant corner; and the question happening nike air max to be the very thought pervading the assemblage, the churchmen, the courtiers, and most of the high officials arose to hear the reply.
In a tone distinct as his interlocutor’s, but wholly without passion, the master actor returned:
“A Son of God.”
“And Ma air max 90 sale homet, the Father of Islam–what is he?”
If the ascetic had put the name of Siddartha, the Bodhisattwa, in his second question, his probing had not been so deep, nor the effect so quick and great; but Mahomet, the camel-driver! Centuries of feud, hate, crimination, and wars–rapine, battles, sieges, massacres, humiliations, lopping of territory, treaties broken, desecration of churches, spoliation of altars, were evoked by the name Mahomet.
We have seen it a peculiarity of the Prince of India never to forget a relation once formed by him. Now behind Constantine he behel cheap nike air max d young Mahommed waiting for him–Mahommed and re cheap nike air max 90 venge. If his scheme were rejected by the Greeks, very well–going to the Turks would be the old exchange with which he was familiar, Cross for Crescent. To be sure there was little time to think this; nor did he think it–it appeared and went a glare of light–and he answered:
“He will remain, in the Spirit another of the Sons of God.”
Then Gennadius, beating the air with his crucifix: “Liar–impostor– traitor! nike air max classic Ambassador of Satan thou! Behind thee Hell uncurtained! Mahomet himself were more tolerable! Thou mayst turn black white, quench water with fire, make ice of the blood in our hearts, all in a winking or slowly, our reason resisting, but depose the pure and blessed Saviour, or double his throne in the invisible kingdom with Mahomet, prince of liars, man of blood, adulterer, monster for whom Hell had to be enlarged–that shalt thou never! A body without a soul, an eye its light gone out, a tomb rifled of its dead–such the Church without its Christ! … Ho, brethren! Shame on us that we are guests in common with this fiend in cunning! We are not hosts to bid him begone; yet we can ourselves begone. Follow me, O lovers of Christ and the Church! To your tents, O Israel!”
The speaker’s face was purple with passion; his voice f cheap nike air max illed the chamber; many of the monks broke from their seats and rushed howling and blindly eager to get nearer him. The Patriarch sat ashy white, helplessly crossing himself. Constantine excellently and rapidly judging what became him as Emperor and host, sent four armed officers to protect the Prince, who held his appointed place apparently surprised but really interested in the scene–to him it was an exhibition of unreasoning human nature replying to an old-fashioned impulse of bigotry.
Hardly were the guards by the table, when Gennadius rushed past going to the door, the schismatics at his heels in a panic. The pulling and hauling, the hurry-skurry of the mad exit must be left to the imagination. It was great enough to frighten thoroughly the attendants of the Princess Irene. Directly there remained in the chamber with nike air max 90 sale His Majesty, the attaches of the court, the Patriarch and his adherents. Then Constantine quietly asked:8

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