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f my country, I have seen a farmer, wanting to lead water to a perishing field, go digging along the ground, the stream bubbled and leaped behind him, tame and glad as a petted lamb. My heart is the fi nike tns eld to be watered–your love, O my pretty, pretty Gul Bahar, is the refreshing stream, and I will lead it after me–never fear!… Listen, and I will tell you how I will lead it. I will make you a Princess. These Greeks are a proud race, but they shall bow to you; for we will live amongst them, and you shall have things richer than th Cheap Nike TN eir richest–trinkets of gold and jewels, a palace, and a train of women equal to that of the Queen who went visiting Solomon. They praise themselves when they look at their buildings, but I tell you they know nothing nike air max 1 of the art which turns dreams into stones. The crags and stones have helped them to their models. I will teach them better–to look higher–to find vastness with grace and color in the sky. The dome of Sancta Sophia–what is it in comparison with the Hindoo masterpieces copied nike air max 90 sale from the domes of God on the low-lying clouds in the distance opposite the sun?”
Then he told her of his palace in detail–of the fronts, no two of them al nike air max 90 ike–the pillars, those of red granite, those of porphyry, and the others of marble–windows which could not be glutted with light–arches such as the Western Kaliphs transplanted from Damascus and Bagdad, in form first seen in a print of the hoof of Borak. Then he described the interior, courts, halls; passages, fountains: and when he had thus set the structure before her, he said, softly smoothing her hair:
“There now–you have it all–and verily, as Hiram, King nike air max sale of Tyre, helped Solomon in his building, he shall help me also.”
“How can he help you?” she asked, shaking her finger at him. “He has been dead this thousand years, and more.”
“Yes, dear, to everybody but me, Nike TN ” he answered, lightly, and asked in turn: “How do you like the palace?”
“It will be wonderful!”
“I have named it. Would you like to hear the name?”
“It is something pretty, I know.”
“The Palace of Lael.”
Her cry of delighted surprise, given with clasped hands and wide-open eyes, would have been tenfold payment were he putting her in possession of the finished house.
The sensation over, he told her of his design for a galley.
“We know how tiresome the town becomes. In winter, it is cheerless and damp; in summer, it is hot, dusty and in every way trying. Weariness will invade our palace–yes, dear, though we hide from it in the shady heart of our Hall of Fountains. We can provide against everything but the craving for chan cheap nike air max trainers ge. Not being birds to fly, and unable to compel the eagles to lend us their wings, the best resort is a galley; then the sea is ours–the sea, wide, mysterious, crowded with marvels. I am never so near the stars as there. When a wave is bearing me up, they seem descending to meet me. Times have been when I thought the Pleiades were about to drop into my palm…. Here is my galley. You see, child, the palace is to be yours, the galley mine.”
Thereupon he described a trireme of a hundred and twenty oars, sixty on a side, and ended, saying: “Yes, the peerless ship will be mine, but every morning it shall be yours to say Take it here or there, until we have seen every city by the sea; and there are enough of them, I promise, to keep us going and going forever were it not that the weariness which drove us from our palace will afterwhile drive us back to it. How think you I have named my galley?”
“Lael,” she answered.
“No, try nike air max again.”
“The world is too full of names for me. Tell me.”
“Gul Bahar,” he returned.
Again she clasped her ha nike air max classic nds, and gave the little cry in his ears so pleasant.
Certainly the Prince was pleading with effect, and laying up happiness in great store to cheer him through unnumbered sterile years inevitably before him after time had resolved this Lael into a faint and fading memory, like the other Lael gone to dust under the stone at Jerusalem.
The first half of the night was nearly spent when he arose to conduct her across nike air max 95 the street to Uel’s house. The last words at the head of the steps were these: “Now, dear, to-morrow I must go a journey on business which will keep me three days and nights–possibly three weeks. Tell father Uel what I say. Tell him also that I have ordered you to stay indoors while I am absent, unless he can accompany you. Do you hear me?”
“Three weeks!” she cried, protestingly. “Oh, it will be so lonesome! Why may I not go with Syama?”
“Syama would be a wisp of straw in the hands of a ruffian. He could not even call for help.”
“Then why not with Nilo?”
“Nilo is to attend me.”
“Oh, I see,” she said, with a merry laugh. “It is the Greek, the Greek, my persecutor! Why, he has not recovered from his fright yet; he has deserted me.”
He answered gravely: “Do you remember a bear tender, one of the amusements at the fisherman’s cheap nike air max fete?”
“Oh, yes.”
“He was the Greek.”
“He!” she cried, astonished.
“Yes. I have it from Sergius the monk; and further, my child, he was there in pursuit of you.”
“Oh, the monster! I threw him my fan!”
The Prince knew by the tremulous voice she was wounded, and hastened to say: “It was nothing. He deceived everybody but Sergius. I spoke of the pestilent fellow because you wanted a reason for my keeping you close at home. Perhaps I exacted too much of you. If I only knew certainly how long I shall be detained! The three weeks will be hard–and it may be Uel cannot go with you–his business is confining. So if you do venture out, take your sedan–everybody knows to whom it belongs–and the old Bulgarian porters. I have paid them enough to be faithful to us. Are you listening, child?”
“Yes, yes–and I am so glad!”
He walked do cheap nike air max wn the stairs half repenting the withdrawal of his prohibition.
“Be it so,” he said, crossing the street. “The confinement might be hurtful. Only go seldom as you can; then be sure you return before sunset, and that you take and keep the most public streets. That is all now.”
“You are so good to me!” she said, putting her arm round his neck, and kissing him. “I will try and stay in the house. Come back early. Farewell.”
Next day about noon the Prince of India took the galley, and set out for Plati.
The day succeeding his departure was long with Lael. She occupied herself with her governess, however, and did a number of8

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