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and down a thronged street nike air max 1 black . And again doubling, they returned to the wall, and finding it forsaken, and the night having fallen, they abandoned the chair at a spot where the water on the seaward side was deep and favorable for whatever violence theory might require. In the course of this progress they were met by numberless people, many of w nike air max 1 red hom stopped to observe the gay turnout, doubting not that the little Princess was within directing its movements. Finally, their task thoroughly done, the Bulgarians hurried to where a boat was in readiness, and crossing to Scutari, lost themselves in the growing dominions of their rightful Lord, the Sultan.
One casually reading this silhouette of a crime in act is likely to rest here, thinking there was nothing more possible of doing either to forward the deed or facilitate the escape of those engaged in it; yet Demedes was not content. There were who had heard him talk of the girl–who knew she had been much in his thought–to whom he had furnished ground for suspecting him of following her with evil intent–Sergius amongst others. In a word, he saw a necessity for averting attention from himself in the connection. Here also his wit was willing and helpful. The moment nike air max 1 sale the myrmidon dropped from the portico with news that the Princess was out in her chair unattended, he decided she was proceeding to the wall.
“The gods are mindful of me!” he said, his blood leaping quick. “Now is the time ripe, and the opportunity come!”
Looking at the sun, he fixed the hour, and reflected:
“Five o’clock–she is on the wall. Six o’clock–she is still there. Half after six–making up her mind to go home. Oh, but the air will be sweet, and the sea lovely! Seven o’clock–she gives order, and the Bulgarians signal my men on the fourth terrace. Pray Heaven the Russian keep to his prayers or stay hearkening for my father’s bell!… Here am I seen of these thousands. Later on–about the time she forsakes the wall–my presence shall be notorious along the streets from the Temple to Blacherne. Then what if the monk talks? May the fiend pave his path with stumbling-blocks and breaknecks! The city will not discredit nike air max 1 ebay its own eyes.”
The Epicureans, returning from the Hippodrome, reached their Temple about half after five o’clock. The dispersal occupied another hour; shortly after, the regalia hav ing been put away, and the tripods and banners stored, Demedes called to his mounted assistants:
“My brothers, we have worked hard, but the sowing has been bounteous and well done. Philosophy in flowers, religion in sackcloth–that is the comparison we have given the city. There will be no end to our harvest. To-morrow our doors open to stay open. To-day I have one further service for you. To your horses and ride with me to the gate of Blacherne. We may meet the Emperor.”
They answered him shouting: “Live the Emperor!”
“Yes,” cried Demedes, when the cheering was over, “by this time he should be tired of the priests; and what is that but the change of heart needful to an Epicurean?”
Laughing and joking, they mounted, eight of them, in flowers as when in the Hippodrome. The sun was going down, but the streets were yet bright with day. It was the air max 1 hour when balconies overhanging the narrow thoroughfares were crowded with women and children, and the doors beset with servants–the hour Byzantine gos nike air max 1 sale sips were abroad filling and unfilling their budgets. How the wooden houses trembled while the cavalcade went galloping by! What thousands of bright eyes peered down upon the cavaliers, attracted by the shouting and laughter! Now and then some person would be nike air max 1 premium a little late in attempting to cross before him; then with what grace Demedes would spur nike air max 1 leopard after him, his bow and bowstring for whip! And how the spectators shrieked with delight when he overtook the culprit, and wore the flowers out flogging him! And when a balcony was low, and illuminated with a face fairer than common, how the gallant young riders plucked roses from their helms and shields, and tossed them in shouting:
“Largesse, Lady–largesse of thy smiles!”
“Look again! Another rose for another look!”
“From the brave to the fair!”
Thus to the gate of Blacherne. There they drew up, and saluted the officer of the guard, and cheered: “Live Constantine! To the good Emperor, long life!”
All the way Demedes rode with lifted visor. Returning through the twilight, earlier in the clos e streets than in the open, he led his cheap nike air max 1 company by the houses of Uel and the Prince of India. Something might be learned of what was going on with the little Princess by what was going on there; and the many persons he saw in the street signified alarm and commotion.
“Ho, here!” he shouted, drawing rein. “What does this mean? Somebody dead or dying?”
“Uel, the master of the house, is afraid for his child. She should have been home before sundown. He is sending friends out to look for her.”
There was a whole story in the answer, and the conspirator repressed a cry of nike air max 1 grey triumph, and rode on.
Part 4 Chapter 21 Sergius Learns A New Lesson
Syama, always thoughtful, took care of the treasure brought from Plati, and standing by the door watched his master through the night, wondering what the outcome of his agitation would be.
It were useless attempting to describe how the gloomy soul of the Jew exercised itself. His now ungovernable passions ran riot within him. He who had seen so much of life, who had made history as the loomsmen of Bokhara make carpets, who dealt with kings and kingdoms, and the superlatives of every kind canonized in the human imagination–he to be so demeaned! Yet it was not the disrespect to himself personally that did the keenest stinging, nor even the enmity of Heaven denying him the love permitted every other creature, bird, beast, crawling reptile, monster of the sea–these were as the ruffling of the weather feathers of a fighting eagle, compared with the torture he endured from consciousness of impotency to punish the wrongdoers as he would like to punish them.
That Lael was immured somewhere in the city, he doubted not; and he would find her, for what door could stand cheap air max 1 shut against knocking by a hand with money in it? But might it not be too late? The flower he could recover, but the fragrance and purity of bloom–what of them? How his breast enlarged and shrank under the electric touch of that idea! The devil who did the deed might escape him, for hell was vast and deep; yet the city remained, even the Byzantium ancient of days like himself, and he would hold it a hostage for the safe return of his Gul Bahar.
All the night long he walked without pause; it seemed unending to him; at length the faintest rosy tint, a reflection from morning’s palette of splendor, lodged on the glass nike air max 1 of his eastern window, and woke him from his misery. At the door he found Syama.
“Syama,” he said, kindly, “bring me the8

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