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oing with raised visor, and at the instant of passing turned his face up, permitting it to be distinctly seen.
The exclamation wrung from the monk was not merely because of his finding the man; sober truth, it was an unconventional expression provoked by finding him in the place he occupied, and a quick jump to the logical conclusion that the foremost person in the march was also the chief priest–if such were the title–in the Academy.
Thenceforward Sergius beheld little else of the show than Demedes. He forgot the impiety of the honors to the bronze serpent. There is no enigma to us like him who is broadly our antipodes in moral being, and whether ours is the good or the bad nature does not affect the saying. His feelings the while were strangely diverse. The election of the evil genius to the first place in the insidious movement was well done for the Academy; there would be no failure with him in control; but the poor Hegumen!
And now, nike air max 95 the last circuit completed, the head of the bright array approached the Gate of the Greens. There the horsemen drew out and formed line on the right hand to permit the brethren to march past them. The afternoon was going rapidly. The shadow of the building on the west crept more noticeably across the carefully kept field. Still Sergius retained his seat watchful of Demedes. He saw him signal the riders to turn o nike air max 90 ut–he saw the line form, and the sections begin to march past it–then an incident occurred of no appreciable importance at the moment, but replete with significancy a little later.
A man appeared on the cornice above the Gate–the Grate on the interior having a face resembling a very tall but shallow portico resting on slender pillars–and commenced lowering himself as if he meant to descend. The danger of the attempt drew all eyes to him. Demedes looked up, and hastily rode through the column toward the spot where the adventurer must alight. The spectators credited the young chief with a generous intent to be of assistance; but agile as a cat, and master of every nerve and muscle, the man gained one of the pillars and slid to the ground. The galleries of the Hippodrome found voice immediately.
While the acrobat hung fr cheap nike air max om the cornice striving to get hold of the pillar with his feet and legs, Sergius was wrestling with the question, what could impel a fellow being to tempt Providence so rashly? If a messenger with intelligence for some one in the pro cession, why not wait for him outside? In short, the monk was a trifle vexed; but doubly observant now, he saw the man hasten to Demedes, and Demedes bend low in the saddle to receive a communication from him. The courier then hurried away through the Gate, while the chief returned to his place; but, instructed probably by some power of divination proceeding from sympathy and often from suspicion, one of the many psychological mysteries about which we keep promising ourselves a day of enlightenment, Sergius observed a change in the latter. He was restless, impatient, and somewhat too imperat nike air max ive in hastening the retirement of the brethren. The message had obviously excited him.
Now Sergius would have freely given the best of his earthly possessions to have known at that moment the subject of the communication delivered by a route so extraordinary; but leav nike air max 1 ing him to his conjectures, there is no reason why the reader should not be more confidentially treated.
„Sir,“ the messenger had whispered to Demedes, „she has left her father’s, and is coming this way.“
„How is she coming?“
„In her sedan.“
„Who is with her?“
„She is alone.“
„And her porters?“
„The Bulgarians.“
„Thank you. Go now–out by the Gate–to the keeper of the Imperial Cistern. Tell him to await me under the wall in the Bucoleon garden with my chair. He will understand. Come to the Temple tomorrow for your salary.“
Part 4 Chapter 19 The Prince Buil nike air max classic ds Castles For His Gul Bahar
The words between Demedes and his courier may have the effect of additionally exciting the reader’s curiosity; for better understanding, therefore, we will take the liberty of carrying him from the Hippodrome to the house of Uel the merchant.
Much has been said about the Prince of India’s affection for Lae cheap nike air max 90 l; so much indeed that there is danger of its being thought one sided. A greater mistake could scarcely be. She returned his love as became a daughter attentive, tender and obedient. Without knowing anything of his past life except as it was indistinctly connected with her family, she regarded him a hero and a sage whose devotion to her, multiform and unwearied, was both a delight and an honor. She was very sympathetic, and in everything of interest to him responded with interest. His word i nike air max sale n request or direction was law to her. Such in brief was the charming mutuality between them.
The night before he started for Plati, Lael sat with him on the roof. He was happy of his resolution to stay with her. The moonlight was ample for them. Looking up into his face, her chin in a palm, an elbow on his knee, she listened while he talked of his plans, and was the more interested because he made her understand she was the inspiration of them all.
„The time for nike air max 90 sale my return home is up,“ he said, forgetting to specify where the home was, „and I should have been off before this but for my little girl–my Gul Bahar“–and he patted her head fondly. „I cannot go and leave her; neither can I take her with me, for what would then become of father Uel? When she was a child it might not have been so hard for me to lose sight of he cheap nike air max trainers r, but now–ah, have I not seen you grow day by day taller, stronger, wiser, fairer of person, sweeter of soul, until you are all I fancied you would be–until you are my ideal of a young woman of our dear old Israel, the loveliness of Judah in your eyes and on your cheek, and of a spirit to sit in the presence of the Lord like one invited and welcome? Oh, I am very happy!“
He kept silence awhile, indulging in retrospect. If she could have followed him! Better probably that she could not.
„It is a day of ease to me, dear, and I cannot see any unlawfulness in extending the day into months, or a year, or years indefinitely, and in making the most of it. Can you?“ he asked, smiling at her.
„I am but a handmaiden, and my maste cheap nike air max r’s eyes are mine,“ she replied.
„That was well said–ever so well said,“ he returned. „The words wo cheap nike air max trainers uld have become Ruth speaking to her lord who was of the kindred of Elimelech… Yes, I will stay with my Gul Bahar, my most precious one. I am resolved. She loves me now, but can I not make her love me still more–Oh, doubt not, doubt not! Her happiness shall be the measure of her love for me. That is the right way, is it not?“
„My father is never wrong,“ Lael answered, laughing.
„Flatterer!“ he exclaimed, pressing cheap nike air max her cheeks between his hands…. „Oh, I have it marked out already! In the dry lands8

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