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He took the nike air max 1 sale map in his hand, and smiled–it was Lael’s work. “How she has improved!–and how rapidly!” he said aloud, ending a retrospect which began with the hour Uel consented to her becoming his daughter. She was unlettered the nike air max 1 premium n, how helpful now. He felt an artist’s pride in her growth in knowledge. There were tedious calculations which she took off his hands; h nike air max 1 is geometrical drawings of the planets in their Houses were frequently done in haste; she perfected them next day. She had numberless daughterly ways which none but those unused to them like him would have observed. What delight she took in watching the sky for the first appearance of the stars. In this work she lent him her young eyes, and there was such enthusiasm in the exclamations with which she greeted the earliest wink of splendor from the far-off orbs. And he had ailing days; then she would open the great Eusebian Scriptures at the page he asked for, and read–sometimes from Job, sometimes from Isaiah, but generally from Exodus, for in his view there was never man like Mo air max 1 sale ses. The contest with Pharaoh–how prod air max 1 igious! The battles in magic–what glory in the triumphs won! The luring the haughty King into the Red Sea, and bringing him under the walls of water suddenly let loose! What majestic vengeance!
Of the idle dreams of aged persons the possibility of attaching the young to them in sentimental bonds of strength to insure resistance to every other attachment is the idlest. Positive, practical, experienced though he was, the childless man had permitted this fantasy to get possession of him. He actually brought himself to believe Lael’s love of him was of that enduring kind. With no impure purpose, yet selfishly, and to nike air max 1 black bring her under his influence until of preference she could devote her life to him, with its riches of affection, admiration, and dutiful service, he had surrendered himself to her; therefore the boundless pains taken by him personally in her education, the surrounding her with priceless luxuries which he alone could afford–in brief, the attempt to fasten himself upon her youthful fancy as a titled sage and m cheap nike air max 1 aster of many mysteries. So at length it came to pass, while he was happy in his affection for her, he was even happier in her affection for himself; indeed he cultivated the latter sentiment and encouraged it in winding about his being until, in utter unconsciousness, he belonged to it, and, in repetition of experiences common to others, instead of Lael’s sacrificing herself for him, he was ready to sacrifice everything for her. This was the discovery he made at the door of his house.
The reader should try to fancy him in the chair by the table on the roof. Evening has passed into night. The city gives out no sound, and the stars have the heavens to themselves. He is lost in thought–or rather, accepting the poetic fancy of a division of the heart into chambers, in that apartment of the palpitating organ of the Prince nike air max 1 grey of India supposed to be the abode of the passions, a very noisy parliament was in full session. The speaker–that is, the Prince himself–submitted the question: Shall I remain here, or go to Mahommed?
Awhile he listened to Revenge, whose speech in favor of the latter alternative may be imagined; and not often had its appeals been more effective. Ambition spoke on the same side. It pointed out the opportunities offered, and dwelt upon them until the chairman nodded like one both convinced and determined. These had an assistant not exactly a passion but a kinsman collaterally–Love of Mischief–and when the others ceased, it insisted upon being heard.
On the other side, Lael led the opposition. She stood by the president’s chair while her opponents were arguing, her arms round his neck; when they were most urgent, she w cheap air max 1 ould nurse his hand, and make use of some trifling endearment; upon their conclusion, she would gaze at him mutely, and with tears. Not once did she say anything.
In the midst of this debate, Lael herself appeared, and kissed him on the forehead.
“Thou here!” he said.
“Why not?” she asked.
She did not give him ti nike air max 1 ebay me to finish, but caught up the map, and seeing it fresh and unmarked, exclaimed:
“You did so greatly to-day, you ought to rest.”
He was surprised.
“Did so greatly?”
“At the palace.”
“Put the paper down. Now, O my Gul Bahar”–and he took her hand, and carried it to his cheek, and pressed it softly there–“deal me no riddle. What is it you say? One may do well, yet come out badly.”
“I was at the market in my father Uel’s this afternoon,” she began, “when Sergius came in.”
A face wonderfully lik nike air max 1 red e the face of the man he helped lead out to Golgotha flashed before the Prince, a briefest passing gleam.
“He heard you discourse before the Emperor. How wickedly that disgusting Gennadius behaved!”
“Yes,” the Prince responded darkly, “a sovereign beset with such spirits is to be pitied. But what did the young man think of my proposal to the Emperor?”
“But for one verse in the Testament of Christ”–
“Nay, dear, say Jesus o nike air max 1 leopard f Nazareth,”
“Well, of Jesus–but for one verse he could have accepted your argument of many Sons of God in the Spirit”
“What is the verse?”
“It is where a disciple speaks of Jesus as the only begotten. Son.”
The Wanderer smiled.
“The young man is too literal. He forgets that the Only Begotten Son may have had many Incarnations.”
“The Princess Irene was also present,” Lael went on. “Sergius said she t cheap nike air max 1 oo could accept your argument did you alter it”–
“Alter it!”–A bitter look wrung the Prince’s countenance–“Sergius, a monk not yet come to orders, and Irene, a Princess without a husband. Oh, a small return for my surrender! … I am tired–very tired,” he said impatiently–“and I have so much, so much to think of. Come, good night.”
“Can I do nothing for you?”
“Yes, tell Syama to bring me some water.”
“And wine?”
“Yes, some wine.”
“Very well. Good night.”
He drew her to his breast.
“Good night. O my Gul Bahar!”
She went lightly away, never dreaming of the parliament to which she left him.8

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