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rom the voyage I made the other day for the treasure you have in care“–he paused for a sign of comprehension–„I retained the vessel in my service, and directed the captain to be at anchor in the harbor before St. Peter’s gate“–another pause–„I also charged him to keep lookout for a signal to bring the galley to the landing; in the day, the signal would be a blue handkerchief waved; at night, a lantern swung four times thus“–he gave the illustration. „Now to the purpose of all this. Give heed. I may wish to go aboard to-night, but at what hour I cannot tell. In preparation, however, you will get the porters who to nike air max 90 sale ok me to the palace to-day, and have them take the boxes and gurglet of which I have been speaking to St. Peter’s gate. You will go with them, make the signal to the captain, and see they are safely shipped. The other servants will accompany you. You understand?“
Syama nodded.
„Attend further. When the goods are on the galley, you will stay and guard them. All the other property you will leave in the house here just as it is. You are certain you comprehend?“
„Then set about the work at once. Everything must be on the ship before dark.“
The master offered his hand, and the slave kissed it, and went softly out.
Immediately that he was alone, the Prince ascended to the roof. He stood by the table a moment, giving a thought to the many times his Gul Bahar had kept watch on the stars for him. They would come and go regul nike blazers arly as of old, but she?–He shook with sudden passion, and walked around taking what might have answered for last looks at familiar landmarks in the wide environment–at the old church near by and the small sect nike air max sale ion of Blacherne in the west, the heights of Galata and the shapely tower northwardly, the fainter glimpses of Scutari in the east. Then he looked to the southwest where, under a vast expanse of sky, he knew the Marmora was lying asleep; and at once his face brightened. In that quarter a bank of lead-colored clouds stretched far along the horizon, sending rifts lighter hued upward like a fan opening toward the zenith. He raised his hand, and held it palm thitherward, and smiled at feeling a breath of air. Somehow the cloud associated itself with the purpose of which he was dreaming, for he said audibly, his eyes f nike air max 95 iercely lighted:
„O God, the proud are risen against me, and the assemblies of violent men have sought after my soul, and have not set thee before them. But now hast thou thy hand under my head; now the wind cometh cheap nike air max , and their punishment; and it is for me to scourge them.“
He lingered on the roof, walking sometimes, but for the most part seated. The cloud in the southwest seemed the great attraction. Assured it was still coming, he would drop awhile into deep thought. If there were calls at the street door, he did not hear them. At length the sun, going down, was met and covered out of sight by the curtain beyond the Marmora. About the same time a wave of cold February air rolled into the city, and to escape it he went below.
The silence there was observable; for now Syama had finished, and the house was deserted. Through cheap nike blazers the rooms upper and lower he stalked gloomy and restless, pausing now and then to listen to a sufflation noisier and more portentous than its predecessors; and the moans with which the intermittent blast turned the c nike air max 1 orners and occasionally surged through the windows he received smilingly, much as hospitable men welcome friends, or as conspirators greet each other; and often as they recurred, he replied to them in the sonorous words of the Psalm, and the refrain, „Now the wind cometh, and the punishment.“
When night was fallen, he crossed the street to Uel’s. After the first greeting, the conversation between the two was remarkable chiefly for its lapses. It is always so with persons who have a sorrow in common–the pleasure is in their society, not in exchange of words.
In one thing the brethren were agreed–Lael was lost cheap nike air max trainers . By and by the Prince concluded it time for him to depart. There was a lamp burning above the table; he went to it, and called Uel; and when he was come, the elder drew out a sealed purse, saying:
„Our pretty Gul Baha blazers r may yet be found. The methods of the Lord we believe in are past finding out. If it should be that I am not in the city when she is brought home, I would not she should have cause to say I ceased thinking of her with a love equal to yours–a father’s love. Wherefore, O son of Jahdai, I give you this. It is full of jewels, each a fortune in itself. If she comes, they are hers; if a year passes, and she is not found, they are yours to keep, give or sell, as you please. You have furnished me happiness which this sorrow is not strong enough to efface. I will not pay you, for acceptance in such kind were shamef nike air max 90 ul to you as the offer would be to me; yet if she comes not in the year, break the seal. We sometimes wear rings in help of pleasant memories.“
„Is your going so certain?“ Uel asked.
„O my youngest brother, I am a trave cheap nike air max ller even as you are a merchant, with the difference, I have no home. So the Lord be with you. Farewell.“
Then they kissed each other tenderly.
„Will I not hear from you?“ Uel inquired.
„Ah, thank you,“ and the Wanderer returned to him and said, as if to show who was first in his very farewell thought:
„Thank you for the reminder. If peradventure you too should be gone when she is found, she will then be in want of a home. Provide against that; for she is such a sweet stranger to the world.“
„Tell me how, and I will keep your wish as it were part of the Law.“
„There is a woman in Byzantium worthy to have Go nike air max classic od follow her name whenever it is spoken or written.“
„Give me her name, my Lord.“
„The Princess Irene.“
„But she is a Christian!“
Uel spoke in surprise.
„Yes, son of Jahdai, she is a Christian. Nevertheless send Lael to her. Again I leave you where I rest myself–with God–our God.“
Thereupon he went out finally, and between gusts of wind regained his own house. He stopped on entering, and barred the door behind him; then he groped his way to the kitchen, and taking a lamp from its place, raked together the embers smothering in a brazier habitually kept for retention of fire, and lighted the lamp. He next broke up some stools and small tables, and with the pieces made a pile under the grand stairway to the second floor, muttering as he worked: „The proud are risen against me; and now the wind cometh, and punishment.“
Once more he walked through the rooms, and ascended to the roof. There, just as he cleared the door, as if it were saluting him, and determined to give him a trial of its force, a blast leaped upon him, like an embodiment out nike air max of the cloud in full possession of both world and sky, and started his gown astream, and twisting his hair and beard into lashes whipped his eyes and ears with them, and howled, and snatched his breath nearly 8

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