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y arrived wearing a new broad, black hat, a celluloid collar, a wrinkled suit of store clothes, and his same shrewd, evil leer. Oldham did not appear, but that the visitor be shown into his cheap nike air max trainers room. There, having closed the transom, he issued his inst ructions.
“I want you to pay attention, and not interrupt,” said he. “Within a month a case is coming up in which Orde, the Forest man, is to appear as witness. He must not appear. I leave that all to you, but, of course, I want no more than necessary violence. He must be detained until after the trial, and for as long after that as I say. Understand?”
air max 90 Sure,” said Saleratus Bill. “But when he comes back, he’ll fix you just the same.”
“I’ll see to that part of it. The case will never be reopened. Now, mind you, no shooting—-”
“There might be an accident,” suggested Saleratus Bill, opening his red eyes and staring straight at his principal.
“Accidents,” said Oldham, speaking slowly and judicially, “are always likely to happen. Sometimes they can’t be helped.” He paused to let these words sink in.
Saleratus Bill wrinkled his eyes in an appreciative laugh. “Accidents is of two kinds: lucky and unlucky,” he remarked briefly, by way of parenthesis.
“But, of course, it is distinctly understood,” went on Oldham, as though he had not heard, “that this is your own affair. You have nothing to expect from me if you get into trouble. And if you mention my name, you’ll merely get cheap nike air max 90 jugged for attempted blackmail.”
Saleratus Bill’s eyes flared.
“Cut it,” said he, with a rasp in his voice.
“Nevertheless, that is the case,” repeated Oldham, unmoved.
The fl nike air max sale ame slowly died from Saleratus Bill’s eyes.
“I’ll want a little raise for that kind of a job,” said he.
“Naturally,” agreed Oldham.
They entered into discussion of ways and means.
In the meantime Bob had encountered an old friend.
Part 5 Chapter 25
Bob always stayed at the Monterosa Hotel when in town; a circumstance that had sent Oldham to the Buena Vista. Although it wanted but a few hours until train time, he drifted around to his customary stopping place, resolved to enjoy a quiet smoke by the great plate-glass windows before which the ever-varying theatre crowds stream by from Main Street cars. He had been thus settled for some time, when he heard his name pronounced by the man occupying the nike air max 90 nex nike air max 90 sale t chair.
“Bob Orde!” he cried; “but this is luck!”
Bob looked around to see an elderly, gray-haired, slender man, of keen, intelligent face, pure white hair and moustache, in whom he recognized Mr. Frank Taylor, a lifelong friend of his father’s and one of the best lawyers his native state had produced. He sprang to his feet to grasp the older man’s hand. The unexpected meeting was especially grateful, for Bob had been long enough without direct reminders of his old home to be hungry for them. Ever since he could remember, the erect, military form of Frank Taylor had been one o nike air max 95 f the landmarks of memory, like the sword that had belonged to Georgie Cathcart’s father, or like the kindly, homely, gray figure of Mr. Kincaid in his rickety, two-wheeled cart–the man who had given Bob his first firearm.
After first greetings and inquiries, the two men sank back to finish nike air max their smoke together.
“It’s good to see you nike air max 1 again,” observed Bob, “but I’m sorry your business brings you out here at this time of year. This is our dry season, you know. Everything is brown. I like it myself, as do most Californians, but an Easterner has to get used to it. After the rains, though, the country is wonderful.”
“This isn’t my first trip,” said Taylor. “I was out here for some months away back in–I think it was ’79. I remember we went in to Santa Barbara on a steamer that fired a gun by way of greeting! Strangely enough, the same business brings me here now.”
“You are out here on father’s account?” hazarded Bob, to whom the year 1879 now began to have its significance.
“Exactly. Didn’t you get you air max 90 sale r father’s letter telling of my coming?”
“I’ve been from headquarters three days,” Bob explained.
“I see. Well, he sent you this message: ‘Tell Bob to go ahead. I can take care of myself.'”
“Bully for dad!” cheap nike air max cried Bob, greatly heartened.
“He told me he did not want to advise you, but that in the old days when a fight was on, the spectators were supposed to do their own dodging.”
“I’d about come to that conclusion,” said Bob, “but it surely does me good to feel that father’s behind me in it.”
“My trip in ’79–or when cheap nike air max ever it was–was exactly on this same muss-up.” Mr. Taylor went on: “Your father owned this timber land then, and wanted to borrow money on it. At the time a rascally partner was trying to ruin him; and, in order to prevent his getting this money, which would save him, this partner instigated investigations and succeeded temporarily in clouding the title. Naturally the banks declined to lend money on doubtful titles; which was all this partner wanted.[A] Perhaps you know all this?”
Bob shook his head. “I was a little too young to know anything of business.”
“Your father sent me out to straighten things. The whole matter was involved in endless red tape, obscured in every ingenious way possible. Although t nike air max classic here proved to be nothing to the affair, to prove that fact took time, and time was what your father’s partner was after. As a

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