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“Miss Vinrace has promised to lunch with me,” said Mrs. Flushing,and began to pound energetically up the staircase, as thoughthe middle classes of England were in pursuit. She did not stopuntil she had slam med her bedroom door behind them.
“Well, what did you think of it?” she demanded, panting slightly.
All the disgust and horror which Rachel had been accumulating burstforth beyond her control.
“I thought it the m nike air max 1 ost loathsome exhibition I’d ever seen!”she broke out. “How can they–how dare they–what do you mean by it–Mr. Bax, hospital nurses, old men, prostitutes, disgusting–“She hit off the points she remembered as fast as she could, but shewas too indignant to stop to analyse her feelings. Mrs. Flushingwatched her with keen gusto as she stood ejaculating with emphaticmovements of her head and hands in the middle of the room.
“Go on, go on, do go on,” she laughed, clapping her hands.
“It’s delightful to hear you!””But why do you go?” Rachel demanded.
“I’ve been every Sunday of my life ever since I can remember,”Mrs. Flushing chuckled, as though that were a reason by itself.
Rachel turned abruptly to the window. She did not know what itwas that had put her into such a passion; the sight of Terence inthe hall had confu cheap nike air max trainers sed her thoughts, leaving her merely indignant.
She looked straight at their own villa, half-w nike air max ay up the side ofthe mountain. The most familiar view seen framed through glass hasa certain unfamiliar distinction, and she grew calm as she gazed.
Then she remembered that she was in the presence of some one shedid not know well, and she turned and looked at Mrs. Flushing.
Mrs. Flushing was still sitting on the edge of the bed, looking up,with her lips par nike air max sale ted, so that her strong white teeth showed intwo rows.
“Tell me,” she said, “which d’you like best, Mr. Hewet or Mr. Hirst?””Mr. Hewet,” Rachel replied, but her voice did not sound natural.
“Which is the one who reads Greek in church?” Mrs. Flushing deman cheap nike air max ded.
It might have been either of them and while Mrs. Flushing proceededto describe them both, and to say th Cheap Nike Air Max 1 at both frightened her, but onefrightened her more than the other, Rachel looked for a chair.
The room, of course, was one of the largest and most luxuriousin the hotel. There were a great many arm-chairs and setteescovered in brown holland, but each of these was occupied by a largesquare piece of yell nike air max 95 ow cardboard, and all t Nike Air Max 1 he pieces of cardboardwere dotted or lined with spots or dashes of bright oil paint.
“But you’re not to look at those,” said Mrs. Flushing as she sawRachel’s eye wander. She jumped up, and turned as many as she could,face downwards, upon the floor. Rachel, however, managed topossess herself of one of them, and, with the vanity of an artist,Mrs. Flushing demanded anxiously, “Well, well?””It’s a hill,” Rachel replied. There could be no doubt thatMrs. Flushing had represented the vigorous and abrup cheap nike air max t fling of theearth up into the air; you could almost see nike air max classic the clods flying as it whirled.
Rachel passed from one to another. They were all marked by somethingof the jerk and decision of their maker; they were all perfectly untrainedonslaughts of the brush upon some half-realised idea suggested byhill or nike air max 90 tree; and they were all in some way characteristic of Mrs. Flushing.
“I see things movin’,” Mrs. Flushing explained. “So”–sheswept her hand through a yard of the air. She then took up oneof the cardboards which Rachel had laid aside, seated herselfon a stool, and began to flourish a stump of charcoal. While sheoccupied herself in strokes which seemed to serve her as speechserves others, Rachel, who was very restless, looked about her.
“Open the wardrobe,” said Mrs. Flushing after a pause, speakingindistinctly because of a paint-brush in her mouth, “and look at the things.”As Rachel hesitated, Mrs. Flushing came forward, still with a paint-brushin her mouth, flung open the wings of her wardrobe, and tosseda quantity of shawls, stuffs, cloaks, embroideries, on to the bed.
Rachel began to finger them. Mrs. Flushing c nike air max 90 sale ame up once more,and dropped a quantity Air Max 1 of beads, brooches, earrings, bracelets, tassels,and combs among the draperies. Then she went back to her stooland began to paint in silence. The stuffs were coloured and darkand pale; they made a curious swarm of lines and colours uponthe counterpane, with the reddish lumps of stone and peacocks’
feathers and clear pale tortoise-shell combs lying among them. ③

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