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„Being real, whatever Mr. Hirst may say. Are you real?“Rachel felt much as Terence had felt that Evelyn was too closeto her, and that there was something exciting in this closeness,although it was also disagreeable. She was spared the need offinding an answer to the question, for Evelyn proceeded, „Do you_believe_ in anything?“In order to put an end to the scrutiny of these bright blue eyes,and to relieve her own physical restlessness, Rachel pushed backher chair and exclaimed, „In everything!“ and began to fingerdifferent objects, the books on the table, the photographs nike free running shoes ,the freshly leaved plant with th nike free trainers uk e stiff bristles, which stoodin a large earthenware pot in the window.
„I believe in the bed, in the photographs, in the nike free run plus pot, in the balcony,in the sun, in Mrs. Flushing,“ she remarked, still speaking recklessly,with something at the back of her mind forcing her to say the thingsthat one usually does not say. „But I don’t believe in God,I don’t believe in Mr. Bax, I don’t belie nike free ve in the hospital nurse.
I don’t believe–“ She took up a photograph and, looking at it,did not finish her sentence.
„That’s my mother,“ said Evelyn, who remained sitting on the floorbinding her knees together with her arms, and watching Rachel curiously.
Rachel considered the portrait. „Well, I don’t much believe in her,“she remarked after a time in a low tone of voice.
Mrs. Murgatroyd looked indeed as if the life had been crushedout cheap nike free run 2 of her; she knelt on a chair, gazing piteously from behindthe body of a Pomeranian dog which she clasped to her cheek,as if for protection.
„And that’s my dad,“ said Evelyn, for there were two photographsin one frame. The second photograph represented a handsomesoldier with high regular features and a heavy black moustache;his hand rested on the hilt of his sword; there was a deci nike free 3.0 sale dedlikeness between him and Evelyn.
„And it’s because of them,“ said Evelyn, „that I’m goingto help the other women. You’ve heard about me, I suppose?
They weren’t married, you see; I’m not anybody in particular.
I’m not a bit ashamed of it. They loved each other anyhow,and that’s more than most people can say of their parents.“Rachel sat do nike free run 2 review wn on the bed, with the two pictures in her hands,and compared them–the man and the woman who had, so Evelyn said,loved each other. That fact interested her more than the campaignon behalf of unfortunate women which Evelyn was once more beginningto describe. She looked again from one to the other.
„What d’you think it’s like,“ she asked, as Evelyn paused for a minute,“being in love?““Have you never been in love?“ Evelyn asked. „Oh no–one’s onlygot to look at you to see that,“ nike free review she added. She considered.
„I really was in love once,“ she said. She fell into reflection,her eyes losing their bright vitality and approaching something likean expression of tenderness. „It was heavenly!–while it lasted.
The worst of it is it don’t last, not with me. That’s the bother.“She went on to consider the di nike free run 2 fficulty with Alfred and Sinclairabout which she had pretended to ask Rachel’s advice. But she didnot want advice; she wanted intimacy. When she looked at Rachel,who was still looking at the photographs on the bed, she could nothelp seeing that Rachel was not thinking about her. What was shethinking about, then? Evelyn was tormented by the little spark oflife in her which was always trying to work through to other people,and was always being rebuffed. Falling silent she looked ather visitor, her shoes, nike free run 3 her stockings, the combs in her hair,all the details of her dress in short, as though by seizing everydetail she might get closer to the life within.
Rachel at last put down the photographs, walked to the windowand remarked, „It’s odd. People talk as much about love as the nike free 5.0 v4 ydo about religion.““I wish you’d sit down and talk,“ said Evelyn impatiently.
Instead Rachel opened the window, which was made in two long panes,and looked down into the garden below.
„That’s where we got lost the first night,“ she said. „It musthave been in those bushes.““They kill hens down there,“ said Evelyn. „They cut their headsoff with a knife–disgusting! But tell me–what–„“I’d like to explore the hotel,“ Rachel interrupted. She drewher head in and looked at Evelyn, who still sat on the floor.
„It’s just like other hotels,“ said Evelyn nike free 3.0 review .
That might be, although every room and passage and chairin the place had a character of its own in Rachel’s eyes;but she could not bring herself to stay in one place any nike free run longer.
She moved slowly towards the door. ③

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