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Rachel sat watching her. She did not cheap nike air max think of Evelyn’s position;she only thought that the world was full or people in torment.
„There’s only one man here I really like,“ Evelyn continued;“Terence Hewet. One feels as if one could trust him.“At these words Rachel suffered an indescribable chill; her heartseemed to be pressed together by cold hands.
„Why?“ she asked. „Why can you trust him?““I don’t know,“ said Evelyn. „Don’t you have feelings about people?
Feelings you’re absolutely certain are right? I had a long talk withTerence the other night. I felt we were really friends after that.
There’s something of a woman in him–“ She paused as though shewere thinking of very intimate things that Terence had told her,so at least Rachel interpreted her gaze.
She tri cheap nike online ed to force herself to say, „Has to be proposed to you?“but the question was too tremendo cheap nike air max us, and in another moment Evelynwas saying that the finest men were like women, and women were noblerthan men–for example, one couldn’t imagine a woman like LillahHarrison thinking a mean thing or having anything base about her.
„How I’d like you to know her!“ she exclaimed.
She was becoming much calmer, and her cheeks were now quite dry.
Her eyes had regained their usual expression of keen vitality,and she seemed to have forgotten Alfred and Sinclair and her emotion.
„Lillah runs a home for inebriate women in the Deptfor nike air max 1 d Road,“she continued. „She started it, managed it, did everything offher own bat, and it’s now the biggest of its kind in England.
You can’t think what those women are like–and their homes.
But she goes among them at all hours of the day and night.
I’ve often been with her. . . . That’s cheap nike shoes what’s the matter with us.
. . . We don’t _do_ things. What do you _do_?“ she demanded,looking at Rachel with a slight cheap nike air max trainers ly ironical smile. Rache nike air max 90 l had scarcelylistened to any of this, and her expression was vacant and unhappy.
She had conceived an equal dislike for Lillah Harrison and her workin the Deptford Road, and for Evelyn M. and her profusion of loveaffairs.
„I play,“ she said with an affection of stolid composure.
„That’s about it!“ Evelyn laughed. „We none of us do anythingbut play. And that’s why women like Lillah Harrison, who’s worthtwenty of you and me, have to work themselves to the bone.
But I’m tired of playing,“ she went on, lying flat on the bed,and raising her arms above her head. Thus stretched out, she lookedmore diminutive than ever.
„I’m going to do something. I’ve got a splendid idea. Look here,you must join. I’m sure you’ve got any amount of stuff nike air max sale in you,though you look–well, as if you’d lived all your l nike air max 90 sale ife in a garden.“She sat up, and began to explain with animation. „I belong to a clubin London. It meets every Saturday, so it’s called the Saturday Club.
We’re supposed to talk about art, but I’m sick of talking about art–what’s the good of it? With all kinds of real things going on round one?
It isn’t as if they’d got anything to say about art, either.
So what I’m going to tell ‚em is that we’ve talked enough about art,and we’d better talk about life for a change. Questions that reallymatter to people’s lives, the White Slave Traffic, Women Suffrage,the Insurance Bill, and so on. And when we ‚ve made up our mind whatwe want to do we could form ourselves into a society for doing it.
. . . I’m certain that if people like ourselves were to takethings in hand instead of leaving it to policemen and magistrates,we cou nike air max 95 ld put a stop to–prostitution“–she lowered her voiceat the ugly word–„in six months. My idea is that men and womenought to join in these matters. We ought to go into Piccadillyand stop one of these poor wretches and say: ‚Now, look here,I’m no better than you are, a cheap nike air max nd I don’t pretend to be any better,but you’re doing what you know to be beastly, and I won’t haveyou doing beastly things, because we’re all the same underour skins, and if you do a beastly thing it does matter to me.‘
That’s what Mr. Bax was saying this morning, and it’s true,though you clever people–you’re clever too, aren’t you?–don’t believe it.“When Evelyn began talking–it was a fact she often regretted–her thoughts came so quickly that she never had any time to listento other people’s thoughts. She continued without more pause thanwas needed for nike air max taking breath.
„I don’t see why the Saturday club people shouldn’t do a really greatwork in that way,“ she went on. „Of course it would want organisation,some one to give their life to it, but I’m ready to do that. My notion’sto think of the human beings first and let the abstract ideas take careof themselves. What’s wrong with Lillah–if there is anything wrong–is that she thinks of Temperance first and the women afterw nike air max classic ards.
Now there’s one thing I’ll say to my credit,“ she continued;“I’m not intellectual or artistic or anything of that sort,but I’m jolly human.“ She slipped off the bed and sat on the floor,looking up at Rachel. She searched up into her face as if she weretrying to read what kind of character was concealed behind the face.
She put her hand on Rachel’s knee. ③

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