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this was his last chance of reaching Mrs. Westmore’s ear; and he was bound to put his case while he could, irrespective of personal feeling. But his disappointment was too keen to be denied, and after a pause he said: “Could I not speak with Mrs. Westmore later?”
Mr. Tredegar’s cool survey deepened to a frown. The young man’s imp nike air max classic ortunity was really out of proportion to what he signified. “Mrs. Westmore has asked me to replace her,” he said, putting his previous statement more concisely.
“Then I am not to see her at all?” Amherst exclaimed; and the lawyer replied indifferently: “I am afraid not, as she leaves tomorrow.”
Mr. Tredegar was in his element when refusing a favour. Not that he was by nature unkind; he was, indeed, capable of a cold beneficence; but to deny what it was in his power to accord was the readiest way of proclaiming his authority, that power of loosing and binding which made him regard himself as almost consecrated to his office.
Having sacrificed to this principle, he felt free to add as a gratuitous concession to politeness: “You are perhaps not aware that I am Mrs. Westmore’s lawyer, and one of the executors under her husba nike air max 1 nd’s will.”
He dropped this negligently, as though conscious of the absurdity of presenting his credentials to a subordinate; but his nike air max 90 manner no longer incensed Amherst: it merely strengthened his resolve to sink all sense of affront in the supreme effort of obtaining a hearing.
“With that stuffed canary to advise her,” he reflected, “there’s no hope for her unless I can assert myself now”; and the unconscious wording of his thought expressed his inward sense that Bessy Westmore stood in greater need of help than her work-people.
Still he hesitated, hardly knowing how to begin. To Mr. Tredegar he was no more than an underling, without authority to speak in his superior’s absence; and the lack of an official warrant, which he could have disregarded in appealing to Mrs. Westmore, made it hard for him to find a good openin cheap nike air max g in addressing her representative. He saw, too, from Mr. Tredegar’s protracted silence, that the latter counted on the effect of this embarrassment, and was resolved not to minimize it by giving him a lead; and this had the effect of increasing his caution.
He looked up and met the lawyer’s eye. “Mrs. Westmore,” he began, “asked me to let her know something about the condition of the people at the mills—-”
Mr. Tredegar raised his hand. “Excuse me,” he said. “I understood from Mrs. Westmore th nike air max 95 at it was you who asked her permission to call this evening and set forth certain grievances on the part of the operatives.”
Amherst reddened. “I did ask her–yes. But I don’t in any sense represent the operatives. I simply wanted to say a word for them.”
Mr. Tredegar folded his hands again, and crossed one lean little leg over t nike air max he other, bringing into his line of vision the glossy tip of a patent-leather pump, which he studied for a moment in silence.
“Does Mr. Truscomb know of your intention?” he then enquired.
“No, sir,” Amherst answered energetically, glad that he had forced the lawyer out of his passive tactics. “I am here on my own responsibility–and in direct opposition to my own interests,” he continued with a slight smile. “I know that my proceeding is quite out of order, and that I have, personally, everything to lose by it, and in a larger way probably very little to gain; but I thought Mrs. Westmore’s attention ought to be called to certain conditions at the mills, and no one else seemed likely to speak of them.”
nike air max sale “May I ask why you assume that Mr. Truscomb will not do so when he has the opportunity?”
Amherst could not repress a smi Nike Air Max le. “Because it is owing to Mr. Truscomb that they exist.”
“The real object of your visit then,” said Mr. Tredegar, speaking with deliberation, “is–er–an underhand attack on your manager’s methods?”
Amherst’s face darkened, but he kept his temper. “I see nothing especially underhand in my cou air max 90 rse—-”
“Except,” the other interposed ironically, “that you have waited to speak till Mr. Truscomb was not in a position to defend himself.”
“I never had the chance before. It was at Mrs. Westmore’s own suggestion that I took her over the mills, and feeling as I do I should have thought it cowardly to shirk the chance of pointing out to her the conditions there.”
Mr. Tredegar mused, his eyes still bent on his gently-oscillating foot. Whenever a sufficient pressure from without parted the fog of self-complacency in which he moved cheap nike air max 90 , he had a shrewd enough outlook on men and motives; and it may be that the vigorous ring of Amherst’s answer had effected this momentary clearing of the air.
At any rate, his next words were spoken in a more accessible tone. “To what conditions do you refer?”
“To the conditions under which the m nike air max 90 sale ill-hands work and live–to the whole management of the mills, in fact, in relation to the people employed.”
“That is a large question. Pardon my possible ignorance–” Mr. Tredegar paused to make sure that his hearer took in the full irony of this–“but surely in this state there are liability and inspection laws for the protection of the operatives?”
“There are such laws, yes–but most of them are either a dead letter, or else so easily evaded that no employer thinks of conforming to them.”
“No employer? Then your specific char cheap nike air max trainers ge against the Westmore mills is part of a general arraignment of all employers of labour?”
“By no means, sir. I only meant that, where the hands are well treated, it is due rather to the personal good-will of the employer than to any fear of the law.”
“And in what respect do you think the Westmore cheap nike air max hands unfairly treated?”
Amherst paused to measure his words. “The question, as you say, is a large one,” he rejoined. “It has its roots in the way the business is organized–in the traditional attitude of the company toward the operatives. I hoped that Mrs. Westmore might return to the mills–might visit some of the people in their houses. Seeing their way of living, it might have occurred to her to ask a reason for it–and one enquiry would have led to another. She spoke this morning of going

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