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“I am sure you didn’t send for me to tell me air max 1 sale all about your hard l nike air max 1 sale ot, c cheap air max 1 olonel,” he said, a little ironically.
The colonel shook his head.
“I wanted to get to know you,” he said with fine frankness. “I’ve heard a lot about nike air max 1 leopard you, Mr. King. I am told you do nothing but specialise on the Boundary enterprises, and I tell you, sir, that you can’t know too much about me, nor can I know too much about nike air max 1 black you.”
He paused.
“But you’re quite right when you say that I didn’t ask you t cheap nike air max 1 o come here–and a great honour it is for a big police chief to spare time to see me–to discuss the past. It is the present I want to talk to you about.”
Stafford King nodded.
“I’m a law-abiding citizen,” said th nike air max 1 ebay e colonel unctuously, “and anything I can do to assist the law, why, I’m going to do it. I wrote you on this matter about a fortnight ago.”
He opened a drawer and too cheap nike air max 1 k out nike air max 1 a large envelope embossed with a monogram of the Spillsbury Syndicate. This he opened and extracted a plain playing-card. It was a white-backed card of super air max 1 fine texture, gilt -edged, and bore a familiar figure.
“The Knave of Clubs,” sai nike air max 1 grey d Stafford King lifting his eyes.
“The Jack of Clubs,” said the colonel gravely; “that is its name I understand, for I am not a gambling man.”
He did not bat a lid nor did Stafford King smile.
“I remember,” sa nike air max 1 red id the detective chief, “you received one before. You wrote to my department ab nike air max 1 premium out it.”
The colonel nodded.
“Read what’s written underneath.” ③

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