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God’s undoubtedly mad. What sane person could have nike air max 1 conceiveda wilderness like this, and peopled it with apes and alligators?
I should go mad if I lived here–raving mad.“Terence attempted to answer him, but Mrs. Ambrose replied instead.
She bade him look at the way things massed themselves–look atthe amazing colours, look at the shapes of the trees. She seemedto be protecting Terence from the approach of the others.
„Yes,“ said Mr. Flushing. „And in my opinion,“ he continued,“the absence of population to which Hirst objects is preciselythe significant touch. You must admit, Hirst, that a little Italiantown even would vulgarise the whole scene, would detract fromthe vastness–the sense of elemental grandeur.“ He swept his handstowards the forest, and paused for a moment, looking at the greatgreen mass, which was now falling silent. „I own it makes us seempretty small- air max 1 -us, not them.“ He nodded his head at a sailor wholeant over the side spitting into the river. „And that, I think,is what my wife feels, the essential superiority of the peasant–„Under cover of Mr. Flushing’s words, which continued now gentlyreasoning with St. John and persuading him, Terence drew Rachelto the side, pointing ostensibly to a great gnarled tree-trunkwhich had fallen and lay half in the water. He wished, at any rate,to be near her, but he found that he could say nothing. They couldhear Mr. Flushing flowing on, now about his wife, now about art,now about the future of the country, little meaningless wordsfloating high in air. As it was becoming cold he began to pacethe deck with Hirst. Fragments of their talk came out distinctlyas they passed–art, emotion, truth, reality.
„Is it true, or is it a dream?“ Rac nike air max 1 ebay hel murmured, when they had passed.
„It’s true, it’s true,“ he rep nike air max 1 black lied.
But the breeze freshened, and there was a general desire for movement.
When the party rearranged themselves under cover of rugs and cloaks,Terence and Rachel were at opposite ends of the circle, and couldnot speak to each other. But as the dark descended, the words ofthe others seemed to curl up and vanish as the ashes of burnt paper,and left them sitting perfectly silent at the bottom of the world.
Occasional starts of exquisite joy ran through them, and then theywere peaceful again.
Chapter 21
T cheap nike air max 1 hanks to Mr. Flushing’s discipline, the right stages of the riverwere reached at the right hours, and when next morning afterbreakfast the chairs were again drawn out in a semicircle in the bow,the launch was within a few miles of the native camp cheap nike air max 1 which wasthe limit of the journey. Mr. Flushing, as he sat down, advised themto keep their eyes fixed on the left bank, where they would soonpass a clearing, and in that clearing, was a hut where Mackenzie,the famous explorer, had died of fever some ten years ago,almost within reach of civilisation–Mackenzie, he repeated,the man who went farther inland than any one’s been yet. Their eyesturned that way obediently. The eyes of Rachel saw nothing.
Yellow and green shapes did, it is true, pass before them, but sheonly knew that one was large and another small; she did not knowthat they were trees. These directions to look here and thereirritated her, as interruptions irritate a person absorbed in thought,although she was not thinking of anything. She was annoyed with allthat was sai nike air max 1 grey d, and with the aimless movements of peop cheap air max 1 le’s bodies,because they seemed to interfere with her and to prevent her fromspeaking to Terence. Very soon Helen saw her staring moodilyat a coil of rope, and making no effort to listen. Mr. Flushingand St. John were engaged in more or less continuous conversationabout the future of the country from a political point of view,and the degree to which it had been explored nike air max 1 leopard ; the others, with theirlegs stretched out, or chins poised on the hands, gazed in silence.
Mrs. Ambrose looked and listened obediently enough, but inwardlyshe was prey to an uneasy mood not readily to be ascribed to anyone cause. Looking on shore as Mr. Flushing bade her, she thoughtthe country very beautiful, but also sultry and alarming.
She did not like to feel herself the victim of unclassified emotions,and certainly as the launch slipped on and on, nike air max 1 red in the hot morning sun,she felt herself unreasonably moved. Whether the unfamiliarityof the forest was the cause of it, or something less definite,she could not determine. Her mind left the scene and occupied itselfwith anxieties for Ridley, for her children, for far-off things,such as old age and poverty and death. Hirst, too, was depressed.
He had been looking f nike air max 1 premium orward to this expedition as to a holiday, for,once away from the hotel, surely wonderful things would happen,instead of which nothing happened, and here they were as uncomfortable,as restrained, as self-conscious as ever. That, of course, was whatcame of looking forward to anything; one was always disappointed.
He blamed Wilfrid Flushing, who was so well dressed and so formal;he blamed Hewet and Rachel. Why didn’t they talk? He looked atthem sitting silent a air max 1 sale nd self-absorbed, and the sight annoyed him.
He supposed that they were engaged, or about to become engaged,but instead of being in the least romantic or exciting, that was as dullas everything else; it annoyed him, too, to think that they were in love.
He drew close to Helen and began to tell her how uncomfortable his nighthad been, lying on the deck, sometim es too hot, sometimes too cold,and the stars so bright that he couldn’t get to sleep. He had lainawake all night thinking, and when it was light enough to see,he had written twenty lines of his poem on God, and the awful thingwas that he’d practically proved the fact that God did not exist.
He did not see that he was teasing her, and he went on to wonderwhat would happen if God did exist–„an old gentleman in a beard anda long blue dressing gown, extremely testy nike air max 1 sale and disagreeable as he’sbound to be? Can you suggest a rhyme? God, rod, sod–all used;any others?“Although he spoke much as usual, Helen could have seen, had she looked,that he was also impatient and disturbed. But she was not called uponto answer, for Mr. Flushing now exclaimed „There!“ They looked at the huton the bank, a desolate place with a large rent in the roof, and theground round it yellow, scarred with fires and scattered with rusty open tins.
„Did they find his dead body there?“ Mrs. Flushing exclaimed,leaning forward in her eagerness to see the spot where the explorerhad died.
„They found his body and his skins and a notebook,“ her husband replied.
But the boat had soon carried them on and left the place behind. ③

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