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“We sat upon the ground,” she confirmed him. The recollection of sittingupon the ground, such as it was, seemed to unite them again, and theywalked on in silence, their minds sometimes working with difficultyand sometimes ceasing to work, their eyes alone perceiving the thingsround them. Now he would attempt again to tell her his faults,and why he loved her; and she would describe what s nike air max he had felt at thistime or at that time, and together they would interpret her feeling.
So beautiful was the sound of their voices that by degrees theyscarcely listened to the words they framed. Long silences came betweentheir words, which were no longer silences of struggle and confusi nike air max 90 sale onbut refreshing silences, in which trivial thoughts moved easily.
They began to speak naturally of ordinary things, of the flowersand the trees, how they grew there so red, like garden flowersat home, and there bent and crooked like the arm of a twisted old man.
Very gently and quietly, almost as if it were the blood singingin her veins, or the water of the stream running over stones,Rachel became conscious of a new feeling within her. She wonderedfor a moment what it was, and then said to herself, with a littlesurprise at recogni cheap nike air max sin nike air max classic g in her own person so famous a thing:
“This is happiness, I suppose.” And aloud to Terence she spoke,”This is happiness.”On the heels of her words he answered, “This is happiness,”upon which they guessed that the feeling had sprung in both of themthe same time. They began therefore to describe how this feltand that felt, how like it was and yet how different; for theywere very different.
Voices crying behind them never reached through the waters in whichthey were now sunk. The repetition of Hewet’s name in short,dissevered syllables was to them the crack of a dry branchor the laughter of a bird. The grasses and breezes sounding andmurmuring all round them, they never noticed that the swishing ofthe grasses grew louder and louder, and did not cease with the lapseof the breeze. A hand dropped abrupt as iron on Ra cheap nike air max chel’s shoulder;it might have been a bolt from heaven. She fell beneath it,and the grass whipped across her eyes and filled her mouth and ears.
Through the waving stems she saw a figure, large and shapelessagainst the sky. Helen was upon her. Rolled this way and t nike air max 90 hat,now seeing only forests of green, and now the high blue heaven;she was speechless and almost without sense. At last she lay still,all the grasses shaken round her and before her by her panting.
Over her loomed two great heads, the heads of a man and woman,of Terence and Helen.
Both were flushed, both laughing, and the lips were moving;they came together and kissed in the air above her. Broken fragmentsof speech came down to her on the ground. She thought she heard themspeak of love and then of marriage. Ra cheap nike air max ising herself and sitting up,she too realised Helen’s soft body, the strong and hospitable arms,and happiness swelling and breaking in one vast wave. When thisfell away, and the grasses once more lay low, and the skybecame horizontal, and the earth rolled out flat on each side,and the trees stood upright, she was the first to perceive alittle row of human figures standing patiently in the distance.
For the moment she could not remember who they were.
“Who are they?” she asked, and then recollected.
Falling into line behind Mr. Flushing, they were careful to leaveat least three yards’ distance between the toe of his bootand the rim of her skirt.
He led them across a stretch of green by the river-bank and thenthrough a grove of trees, and bade them remark the signs of humanhabitation, the blackened grass, the charred tree-stumps, and there,through the trees, strange wooden nests, drawn together in an archwhere the trees drew apart, the village which was the goal of their journey.
Stepping cautiously, they observed the women, who were squatting onthe ground in triangular shapes, moving their hands, either plaitingstraw or in kneading something in bowls. But when they had lookedfor a moment undiscovered, they were seen, and Mr. Flushing,advancing into the centre of the clearing, was engaged in talkwith a lean majestic man, whose bones and hollows at once madethe shapes of the Englishman’s body appear ugly and unnatural.
The nike air max women took no notice of the strangers, except that their handspaused for a moment and their long narrow eyes slid round and fixedupon them with the motionless inexpensive gaze of those removedfrom each other far far beyond the plunge of speech. Their handsmoved again, but the stare continued. It followed them as they walked,as they peered into the huts where they could distinguish guns leaningin the corner, and bowls upon the floor, and stacks of rushes;in the dusk the solemn eyes of babies regarded them, and old womenstared out too. As they sauntered about, the stare followed them,passing over their legs, their bodies, their heads, curiously notwithout hostility, like the crawl of a winter fly. As she drewapart her shawl and uncovered her breast to the lips of her baby,the eyes of a woman never left their faces, althou nike air max sale gh they moveduneasily under her stare, and finally turned away, rather than standthere looking at her any longer. When sweetmeats were offered them,they put out great red hands to take them, and felt themselvestreading cumbrously like tight-coated soldiers among these softinstinctive people. But soon the life of the village took no noticeof them; they had become absorbed in it. The women’s hands becamebusy again with the straw; their eyes dropped. If they moved,it was to fetch something from the hut, or to catch a straying child,or to cross the space with a jar balanced on their heads;if they spoke, it was to cry some harsh unintelligible cry.
Voices rose when a child was beaten, and fell again; voices rosein song, which slid up a little way and down a little way,and settled again upon the same low and melancholy note. cheap nike air max trainers
Seeking each other, Terence and Rachel drew together under a tree.
Peaceful, and even beautiful at first, the sight of the women,who had given up looking at them, made them now feel very coldand melancholy.
“Well,” Terence sighed at length, “it makes us seem insignificant,doesn’t it?”Rachel agreed. So it would go on for ever and ever, she said,those women sitting under the trees, the trees and the river.
They turned away and began to walk through the trees, leaning, without fearof disco nike air max 1 very, upon each other’s arms. They had not gone far beforethey began to assure each other once more that they were in love,were happy, were content; but why was it so painful being in love,why was there so much pain in happiness?
The sight of the village indeed affected them all curiously thoughall differently. St. John had lef cheap air max t the others and was walking slowlydown to the river, absorbed in his own thoughts, which were bitterand unhappy, for he felt himself alone; and Helen, standing by herselfin the sunny space among the native women, was exposed to presentimentsof disaster. The cries of the senseless beasts rang in her earshigh and low in the air, as they ran from tree-trunk to tree-top.
How small the little figures looked wandering through the nike air max 95 trees! ③

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