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„I want to write a novel about Silence,“ he said; „the things peopledon’t say. But the difficulty is immense.“ He sighed. „However, youdon’t care,“ he continued. He looked at her almost severely.
„Nobody cares. All y cheap nike air max 90 ou read a novel for is to see what sort of personthe writer is, and, if you know him, which of his friends he’s put in.
As for the novel itself, the whole conception, the way one’s seenthe thing, felt about it, make it stand in relation to other things,not one in a million cares for that. And yet I sometimes wonderwhether there’s anything else in the whole world worth doing.
These other people,“ he indicated the hotel, „are always wantingsomething they can’t get. But there’s an extraordinary satis cheap nike air max factionin writing, even in the attempt to write. What you said just nowis true: one doesn’t want to be things; one wants merel nike air max 95 y to beallowed to see them.“Some of the satisfaction of which he spoke came into his face as hegazed out to sea.
It was Rachel’s turn now to feel depressed. As he talked of writinghe had become suddenly impersonal. He might never care for any one;all that desire to know her and get at her, which she had feltpressing on her almost painfully, had completely vanished.
„Are you a good writer?“ she asked.
air max 90 sale „Yes,“ he said. „I’m not first-rate, of course; I’m good second-rate;about as good as Thackeray, I should say.“Rachel was amazed. For one thing it amazed her to hear Thackeraycalled second-rate; and then she could not widen her point ofview to believe that there could be great writers in existenceat the present day, or if there were, that any one she kn air max 90 ewcould be a great writer, an nike air max sale d his self-confidence astou nike air max 90 nded her,and he became more and more remote.
„My other novel,“ Hewet continued, „is about a young manwho is obsessed by an idea–the idea of being a gentleman.
He manages to exist at Cambridge on a hundred pounds a year.
He has a coat; it was once a very good coat. But the trousers–they’re not so good. Well, he goes up to London, gets intogood society, owing to an early-morning adventure on the banksof the Serpentine. He is led into telling lies–my idea, you see,is to show the gradual corruption of the soul–calls himself the sonof some great landed proprietor in Devonshire. Meanwhile the coatbecomes older and older, and he hardly dares to wear the trousers.
Can’t you imagine the wretched man, after some sple cheap nike air max trainers ndid eveningof debauchery, contemplating the nike air max se garments–hanging them overthe end of the bed, arrangin nike air max 90 sale g them now in full light, now in shade,and wondering whether they will survive him, or he will survive them?
Thoughts of suicide cross his mind. He has a friend, too, a manwho somehow subsists upon selling small birds, for which he setstraps in the fields near Uxbridge. They’re scholars, both of them.
I know one or two wretched starving creatures like that who quoteAristotle at you over a fried herring and a pint of porter.
Fashionable life, too, I have to represent at some length,in order to show my hero under all circumstances. Lady TheoBingham Bingley, whose nike air max 1 bay mare he had the good fortune to stop,is the daughter of a very fine old Tory peer. I’m going to describethe kind of parties I once went to–the fashionable intellectuals,you know, who like to h nike air max classic ave the latest book on their tables.
They give parties, ri cheap nike air max ver parties, parties where you play games ③

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