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steadily, “in leaving his wife the unrestricted control of the property.”
He had reddened under Mr. Langhope’s thrust, but his voice betrayed no irritation, and Bessy rewarded him with an unexpected beam of sympathy: she was always up in arms at the least sign of his being treated as an intruder.
“I am sure, papa,” she said, a little tremulously, “that poor Richard, though he knew I was not clever, felt h nike air max 1 red e could trust me to take the best advice—-”
“Ah, that’s all we ask of you, my child!” her father sighed, while Mr. Tredegar drily interposed: “We are merely losing time by this digression. Let cheap air max 1 me suggest that Amherst should give us an idea of the changes he wishes to make at Westmore.”
Amherst, as he turned to answer, remembered with what ardent faith in his powers of persuasion he had responded to the same appeal three years earlier. He had thought then that all his cause needed was a hearing; now he knew that the practical man’s readiness to let the idealist talk corresponds with the busy parent’s permission to destructive infancy to “run out and play.” They would let him state his case to the four corners of the earth–if only he did not expect them to act on it! It was their policy to let him exhaust himself in argument and exhortation, to listen to him so politely and patiently that if he failed to enforce his ideas i t should not be for lack of opportunity to expound them…. And the alternativ nike air max 1 leopard e struck him as hardly less to be feared. Supposing that the incredible happened, that his reasons prevailed with his wife, and, through her, with the others–at what cost would the victory be won? Would Bessy ever forgive him for winning it? And what would his situation be, if it left him in control of Westmore but estranged from his wife?
He recalled suddenly a phrase he had used that afternoon to the dark-eyed girl at the garden-party: “What risks we run when we scramble into the chariot of the gods!” And at the same instant he heard her retort, and saw her fine gesture of defiance. How could he ever have doubted that the thing was worth doing at whatever cost? Something in him–some secret lurking element of weakness and evasion–shrank out of sight in the light of her question: “Do _you_ act o nike air max 1 premium n that?” and the “God forbid!” he had instantly flashed back to her. He turned to Mr. Tredegar with his answer.
Amherst knew that any large theoretical exposition of the case would be as much wasted on the two men as on his wife. To gain his point he must take only one step at a time, and it seemed to him that the first thing needed at Westmore was that the hands should work and live under healthier conditions. To attain this, two important changes were necessary: the floor-space of the mills must be enlarged, and the company must cease to rent out tenements, and give the operatives the opportunity to buy land for themselves. Both these changes involved the upheaval of the existing order. Whenever the Westmore mills had been enlarged, it had been for the sole purpose of i nike air max 1 ebay ncreasing the revenues of the company; and now Amherst asked that these revenues should be materially and permanently reduced. As to the suppression of the company tenement, such a measure struck at the roots of the baneful paternalism which was choking out every germ of initiative in the workman. Once the operatives had room to work in, and the hope of homes of their own to go to when work was over, Amherst was willing to trust to time for the satisfaction of their other needs. He believed that a sounder understanding of these needs would develop on both sides the moment the employers proved their good faith by the deliberate and permanent sacrifice of excessive gain to the well-being of the employed; and once the two ha nike air max 1 grey d learned to regard each other not as antagonists but as collaborators, a long step would have been taken toward a readjustment of the whole industrial relation. In regard to general and distant results, Amherst tried not to be too sanguine, even in his own thoughts. His aim was to remedy the abuse nearest at hand, in the hope of thus getting gradually closer to the central evil; and, had his action been unhampered, he would still have preferred the longer and more circuitous path of practical experiment to the sweeping adoption of a new industrial system.
But his demands, moderate as they were, assumed in his hearers nike air max 1 black the consciousness of a moral claim superior to the obligation of making one’s business “pay”; and it was the futility of this assumption that chilled the arguments on his lips, since in the orthodox creed of the business world it was a weakness and not a strength to be content with five per cent where ten was obtainable. Business was one thing, philanthropy another; and the enthusiasts who tried combining them wer cheap nike air max 1 e usually reduced, after a brief flight, to paying fifty cents on the dollar, and handing over their stock to a promoter presumably unhampered by humanitarian ideals.
Amherst knew that this was the answer with which his plea would be met; knew, moreover, that the plea was given a hearing simply because his judges deemed it so pitiably easy to refute. But the knowledge, once he had begun to speak, fanned his argument to a white heat of pleading, since, with failure so plainly ahead, small concessions and compromises were not worth making. Reason would be wasted on all; but eloquence might at least prevail with Bessy….
* * * * *
When, late that night, he went upstairs after long pacings of the garden, he was surprised to see a light in her room. She was not given to midnight study, and fearing that she might be ill he knock Nike air max 1 ed at her door. There was no answer, and after a short pause he turned the handle and entered.
In the great canopied Westmore couch, her arms flung upward and her hands clasped beneath her head, she lay staring fretfully at the globe of electric light which hung from the centre of the embossed and gilded ceiling. Seen thus, with the soft curves of throat and arms revealed, and her face childishly set in a cloud of loosened hair, she looked no older than Cicely–and, like Cicely, inaccessible to grown-up arguments and the stronger logic of experience.
It was a trick of hers, in such moods, to ignore any attempt to attract her notice; and Amherst was prepared for her remaining motionless as he paused on the threshold and then advanced toward the middle of the room. There had been a time when he would have been exasperated by nike air max 1 sale her pretense of not seeing him, but a deep weariness of spirit now dulled him to these surface pricks.
” nike air max 1 I was afraid you were not well when I saw the light burning,” he began.
“Thank you–I am quite well,” she answered in a colourless voice, without turning her head.
“Shall I put it out, then? You can’t sleep with such a glare in your eyes.”
“I should not sleep at any rate; and I hate to lie awake in the dark.”
“Why shouldn’t you sleep?” He moved nearer, looking down compassionately on her perturbed face and struggling lips.
She lay silent a moment; then she faltered out: “B–because I’m so unhappy!”
The pretense of indifference was swept away by a gush of childish sobs as she flung over on her side and buried her face in the embroidered pillows.
Amherst, bending down, laid a quieting hand on her shoulder. “Bessy—-”
She air max 1 sobbed on.
He seated himself silently in the arm-chair beside the bed, and kept his soothing hold on her shoulder. The time had come when he went through all these accustomed acts of pacification as mechanically as a nurse soothing a fretful child. And once he had thought her weeping eloquent! He looked about him at the spacious room, with its heavy hangings of damask and the thick velvet carpet which stifled his steps. Everywhere were the graceful tokens of her presence–the vast lace-draped toilet-table strewn with silver and crystal, the embroidered muslin cushions heaped on the lounge, the little rose-lined slippers she had just put off, the lace wrapper, with a scent of violets in its folds, which he had pushed aside when he sat down beside her; and he remembered how full of a mysterious and intimate charm these things had once appeared to him. It was characteristic tha cheap nike air max 1 t the remembrance made him more patient with her now. Perhaps, after all, it was his failure that she was crying over….
“Don’t be unhappy. You decided as seemed best to you,” he said.
She pressed her handkerchief against her lips, still keeping her head averted. “But I hate all these arguments and disputes. Why should you unsettle everything?” she murmured.
His mother’s words! Involuntarily he removed his hand from her shoulder, though he still remained seated by the bed.8

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