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By degrees a certain number of people began to come down the stairsand to pass through the hall, and in this dim light their figurespossessed a sort of grace and beauty, although they were allunknown people. Sometimes they went straight through and out intothe garden by the swing door, sometimes they stopped for a few minutesand bent over the tables and began turning over the newspapers.
Terence and Rachel sat nike air max classic watching them through their half-closed eyelids–the Johnsons, the Parkers, the Baileys, the Simmons’, the Lees,the Morleys, the Campbells, the Gardiners. Some were dressedin white f nike air max 90 sale lannels and were carrying racquets under their arms,some were short, some tall, some were only children, and some perhapswere servants, but they all had their standing, their reason forfollowing each other through the hall, their money, their position,whatever it might be. Terence soon gave up looking at them,for he was tired; and, nike air max 90 closing his eyes, he fell half asleepin his chair. Rachel watched the people for some time longer;she was fascinated by the certainty and the grace of their movements,and by the inevitable way in which they seemed to follow each other,and loiter and pass on and disappear. But after a time her thoughtswandered, and she began to think of the dance, which had been heldin this room, only then the room itself looked quite different.
Glancing round, she could hardly believe that it was the same room blazers .
It had looked so bare and so bright and formal on that nightwhen they came into it out of the darkness; it had been filled,too, with little red, excited faces, always moving, and people sobrightly dressed and so animated that they did not seem in the leastlike real people, nor did you feel that you could talk to them.
And now the room was dim and quiet, and beautiful silent peoplepassed through it, to whom you could go and say anything you liked.
She felt herself amazingly secure as she sat in her arm-chair, andable to revie nike air max sale w not only the night of the dance, but the entire past,tenderly and humorously, as if she had been turning in a fogfor a long time, and could now see exactly where she had turned.
For the methods by which she had reached her present position,seemed to her very strange, and the strangest thing cheap nike blazers about themwas that she had not known where they were leading her. That wasthe strange thing, that one did not know w nike air max here one was going,or what one wanted, and followed blindly, suffering so much in secret,always unprepared and amazed and knowing nothing; but one thing ledto another and by degrees something had formed itself out of nothing,and so one reached at last this calm, this quiet, this certainty,and it was this process that people called living. Perhaps, then,every one really knew as she knew now where they were going;and things formed themselves into a pattern not only for her,but for them, and in that pattern lay satisfaction and meaning.
When she looked back she could see that a meaning of some kindwas apparent in the lives of her aunts, and in the brief visitof the Dalloways whom she would never see again, and nike air max 1 in the life ofher father.
The sound of Terence, breathing deep in his slumber, confirmed herin her calm. She cheap nike air max was not sleepy although she did not see anythingvery distinctly, but although the figures passing through the hallbecame vaguer and vaguer, she believed that they all knew exactlywhere they were going, and the sense of their certainty filled herwith comfort. For the moment she was as detached and disinterestedas if she had no longer any lot in life, and she thought that shecould now accept anything that came to her without being perplexedby the form in which it appeared. What was there to frighten orto perplex in the prospect of life? Why should this insight everagain desert her? The world was in truth so large, so hospitable,and after all it was cheap nike air max trainers so simple. “Love,” St. John had said, “that seemsto explain it all .” Yes, but it was not the love of man for woman,of Terence for Rachel. Although they sat so close together, they hadceased to be little separate bodies; they had ceased to struggleand desire one another. There seemed to be peace between them.
It might be love, but it was not the love of man for woman.
Through her half-closed eyelids she watched Terence lying backin his chair, and she smiled as she saw how big his mouth was,and his chin so small, and his nose curved like a switchbackwith a knob at the end. Naturally, looking l nike blazers ike that he was lazy,and ambitious, and full of moods and faults. She rememberedtheir quarrels, and in particular how they had been quarreling aboutHelen that very afternoon, and she thought how often they wouldquarrel in the thirty, or forty, or fifty years in which they wouldbe living in the same house together, catching trains together,and getting annoyed because they cheap nike air max were so different. But all thiswas superficial, and had nothing to do with the life that wenton beneath the eyes and the mouth and the chin, for that lifewas independent of her, and independent of everything else.
So too, although she was going to marry him and to live with himfor thirty, or forty, or fifty years, and to quarrel, and to beso close to him, she was independent of him; she was independentof everything else. Nevertheless, as St. John said, it was love thatmade her understand this, for she had never felt this independence,this calm, and this certainty until she fell in love with him,and perhaps this too was love. She wanted nothing else.
For perhaps two minutes Miss Allan had been standing at a little distancelooking at the co nike air max 95 uple lying back so peacefully in their arm-chairs.
She could not make up her mind whether to disturb them or not,and then, seeming to recollect something, she came across the hall.
The sound of her approach woke Terence, who sat up and rubbed his eyes. ③

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