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ed in the rush of its flight. It fell and grew smaller. Scarcely had they mo air max 90 ved, as it seemed, before it was again only a flat blue thing that dwindled in the sky. This was the aeroplane that went to and fro between London and Paris. In fair weather and in peaceful times it came and went four times a day.
They beat across the Channel, slowly as it seemed now to Graham’s enlarged ideas, and Beachy Head rose greyly to the left of them.
“Land,” called the aeronaut, his voice small against the whistling of the air over the wind-screen.
“Not yet,” bawled Graham, laughing. “Not land yet. I want to learn more of this machine.”
“I meant–” said the aeronaut.
“I want to learn more of this machine,” repeated Graham.
“I’m coming to you,” he said, and had flung himself free of his chair and taken a step along the guarded rail between them. He stopped for a moment, and his colour changed and his hands tighten nike air max 90 sale ed. Another step and he was clinging close to the aeronaut. He felt a weight on his shoulder, the pressure of the air. His hat was a whirling speck behind. The wind came in gusts over his wind-screen and blew his hair in streamers past his cheek. The aeronaut made some hasty adjustments for the shifting of the centres of gravity and pressure.
“I want to have these things explained,” said Graham. “What do you do when you move that engine forward?”
The aeronaut hesitated. Then he answered, “They are complex, Sire.”
“I don’t mind,” shouted Graham. “I don’t mind.”
There was a moment’s pause. “Aeronautics is the secret–the privilege–”
“I know. But I’m the Master, and I mean to know.” He laughed, full of this novel realisation of power that was his gift from the upper air.
The monoplane curved about, and the keen fresh wind c nike air max 95 ut across Graham’s face and his gar cheap nike air max 90 ment lugged at his body as the stem pointed round to the west. The two men looked into each other’s eyes.
“Sire, there are rules–”
“Not where I am concerned,” said Graham, “You seem to forget.”
The aeronaut scrutinised his face “No,” he said. “I do not forget, Sire. But in all the earth–no man who is not a sworn aeronaut–has ever a chance. They come as passengers–”
“I have heard something of the sort. But I’m not going to argue these points. Do you know why I have slept two hundred years? To fly!”
“Sire,” said the aeronaut, “the rules–if I break the rules–”
Graham waved the penalties aside.
“Then if you will watch me–”
“No,” said Graham, swaying and gripping tight as the machine lifted its nose again for an ascent. “That’s not my game. I want to do it myself. Do it myself if I sm ash for it! No! I will. See I am nike air max 90 going to clamber by this–to come and share your seat. Steady! I mean to fly of my own accord if I smash at the end of it. I will have something to pay for my sleep. Of all other things–. In my past it was my dream to fly. Now–keep your balance.”
“A dozen spies are watching me, Sire!”
Graham’s temper was at end. Perhaps he chose it should be. He swore. He swung himself round the intervening mass of levers and the monoplane swayed.
“Am I Master of the earth?” he said. “Or is your Society? Now. Take your hands off those levers, and hold my wrists. Yes–so. And now, how do we turn her nose down to the glide?”
“Sire,” said the aeronaut.
“What is it?”
“You will protect me?”
“Lord! Yes! If I have to burn London. Now!”
And with that promise Graham bought his first lesson in aerial navigation. nike air max classic “It’s clearly to your advanta cheap nike air max ge, this journey,” he said with a loud laugh–for the air was like strong wine–“to teach me quickly and well. Do I pull this? Ah! So! Hullo!”
“Back, Sire! Back!”
“Back–right. One–two–three–good God! Ah! Up she goes! But this is living!”
And now the machine began to dance the strangest figures in the air. Now it would sweep round a spiral of scarcely a hundred yards diameter, now rush up into the air and swoop down again, steeply, swiftly, falling like a hawk, to recover in a rushing loop that swept it high again. In one of these descents it seemed driving straight at the drifting park of balloons in the southeast, and only curved about and cleared them by a sudden recovery of dexterity. The extraordinary swiftness and smoothness of the motion, the extraordinary effect of the rarefied air upon his constitu Nike Air Max tion, threw Graham into a careless fury.
But at last a queer incident came to sober him, to send him flying down once more to the crowded life below with all its dark insoluble riddles. As he swooped, came a tap and something flying past, and a drop like a drop of rain. Then as he went on down he saw something like a white rag whirling down in his wake. “What was that?” he asked. “I did not see.”
The aeronaut glanced, and then clutched at the lever to recover, for they were sweeping down. When the monoplane was rising again he drew a deep breath and replied, “That,” and he indicated the white thing still fluttering down, “was a swan.”
“I never saw it,” said Graham.
The aeronaut made no answer, and Graham saw little drops upon his forehead.
They drove horizontally while Graham clambered back to the nike air max sale passenger’s place out of the lash of the wind. And then came a swift rush down, with the wind-screw whirling to check their fall, and the flying stage growing broad and dark before them. The sun, sinking over the chalk hills in the west, fell with them, and left the sky a blaze of gold.
Soon men could be seen as little specks. He heard a noise coming up to meet him, a noise like the sound of waves upon a pebbly beach, and saw that the roofs about the flying stage were dense with his people rejoicing over his safe return. A black mass was crushed together under the stage, a darkness stippled with innumerable faces, and quivering with the minute oscillation of waved white handkerchiefs and waving hands.
Chapter 17 Three Days
Lincoln awaited Graham in an apartment beneath cheap nike air max trainers the flying stages. He seemed curious to learn all that had happened, pleased to hear of the extraordinary delight and interest which Graham took in flying. Graham was in a mood of enthusiasm. “I must learn to fly,” he cried. “I must master that. I pity all poor souls who have died without this opportunity. The sweet swift air! It is the most wonderful experience in the world.”
“You will find our new times full of wonderful experiences,” said Lincoln. “I do not know what you will care to do now. We have music that may seem novel.”
“For the present,” said Graham, “flying holds me. Let me learn more of that. Your aeronaut was saying there is some trades union objection to one’s learning.”
“There is, I believe,” said Lincoln nike air max 1 . “But for you–! If you would like to occupy yourself with that, we can make you a sworn aeronaut to-morrow.”
Graham expressed his wishes vividly and talked of his sensations for a while. “And as for affairs,” he asked abruptly. “How are things going on?”
Lincoln waved affairs aside. “Ostrog will tell you that to-morrow,” he said. “Everything is settling down. The Revolution accomplishes itself all over the world. Friction is inevitable here and there, of course; but your rule is assured. You may rest secure with things in Ostrog’s hands.”
“Would it be possible for me to be made a sworn aeronaut, as you call it, fort nike air max hwith–before I sleep?” said Graham, pacing. “Then I could be at it the very first thing to-morrow again….”
“It would be possible,” said Lincoln thoughtfully. “Quite possible. Indeed, it shall be done.” He laughed. “I came prepared to suggest amusements, but you have found one for yourself. I will telephone to the aeronautical offices from here and we will return to your apartments in the Wind-Vane Control. By cheap nike air max the time you have dined the aeronauts will be able to come. You don’t think that after you have dined you might prefer–?” He paused.
“Yes,” said Graham.
“We had prepared a show of dancers–they have been brought from the Capri theatre.”
“I hate ballets,” said Graham, shortly. “Always did. That other–. That’s not what I want to see. We had dancers in the old days. For the matter of that, they had them in ancient Egypt. But flying–”
“True,” said Lincoln. “Though our dancers–”
“They can afford to wait,” said Graham; “they can afford to wait. I know. I’m not a Latin. There’s questions I want to ask some expert–about your machinery. I’m keen. I want no distractions.”
“You have the world to choose from,” said Lincoln; “whatever you want is yours.”

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