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aughters; but to Halford Gaines Hanaford was all in all. As an exponent of the popular and patriotic “good-enough-for-me” theory he stood in high favour at the Hanaford Club, where a too-keen consciousness of the metropolis was alternately combated by easy allusion and studied omission, and where the unsettled fancies of youth were chastened and steadi ed by the reflection that, if Hanaford was good enough for Halford Gaines, it must offer opportunities commensurate with the largest ideas of life.
Never did Mr. Gaines’s manner bear richer witness to what could be extracted from Hanaford than when he was in the act of applying to it the powerful pressure of h cheap nike air max is hospitality. The resultant essence was so bubbling with social exhilaration that, to its producer at any rate, its somewhat mixed ingredients were lost in one highly flavoured draught. Under ordinary circumstances no one discriminated more keenly than Mr. Gaines between different shades of social importance; but any one who was entertained by him was momentarily ennobled by the fact, and not all the anxious telegraphy of his wife and daughters could, for instance, recall to him that the striking young woman in nike air max Mrs. Dressel’s wake was only some obscure protégée, whom it was odd of Effie to have brought, and whose presence was quite unnecessary to emphasize.
“Juliana, Miss Brent tells me she has never seen our roses. Oh, there are other roses in Hanaford, Miss Brent; I don’t mean to imply that no one else attempts them; but unless you can afford cheap nike air max to give _carte blanche_ to your man–and mine happens to be something of a specialist…well, if you’ll come with me, I’ll let them speak for themselves. I always say that if people want to know what we can do they must come and see–they’ll never find out from _me_!”
A more emphatic signal from his wife arrested Mr. Gaines as he was in the act of leading Miss Brent away.
“Eh?–What? The Amhersts and Mrs. Ansell? You must excuse me then, I’m afraid–but Westy shall take you. Westy, my nike air max boy, it’s an ill-wind…. I want you to show this young lady our roses.” And Mr. Gaines, with mingled reluctance and satisfaction, turned away to receive the most important guests of the day.
It had not needed his father’s summons to draw the expert Westy to Miss Brent: he was already gravitating toward her, with the nonchalance bred of cosmopolitan successes, but with a directness of aim d cheap nike air max ue also to his larger opportunities of comparison.
“The roses will do,” he explained, as he guided her through the increasing circle of guests about his mother; and in answer to Justine’s glance of enquiry: “To get you away, I mean. They’re not much in themselves, you know; but everything of the governor’s always begins with a capital letter.”
“Oh, but these roses deserve to,” Justine exclaimed, as they paused under the evergreen arc nike air max 1 hway at the farther end of the lawn.
“I don’t know–not if you’ve been in England,” Westy murmured, watching furtively for the impression produced, on one who had presumably not, by the great blush of colour massed against its dusky background of clipped evergreens.
Justine smiled. “I _have_ been–but I’ve been in the slums since; in horrible places that the least of those flowers would have lighted up like a lamp.”
Westy’s guarded glance imprudently softened. “It’s the beastliest kind of a sham cheap air max e, your ever having had to do such work—-”
“Oh, _had_ to?” she flashed back at him disconcertingly. “It was my choice, you know: there was a time when I couldn’t live without it. Philanthropy is one of the subtlest forms of self-indulgence.”
Westy met this with a vague laugh. If a chap who was as knowing as the devil _did_, on nike air max 90 ce in a way, indulge himself in the luxury of talking recklessly to a girl with exceptional eyes, it was rather upsetting to discover in those eyes no consciousness of the risk he had taken!
“But I _am_ rather tired of it now,” she continued, and his look grew guarded again. After all, they were all the same–except in that particular matter of the eyes. At the thought, he risked another look, hung on the sharp edge of betrayal, and was snatched back, not by the manly instinct of self-preservation, but by some imp of mockery lurking in the depths that lured him.
He recovered his balance and took refuge in a tone of worldly ease. “I saw a chap the other day who said he knew you when you were at Saint El nike air max classic izabeth’s–wasn’t that the name of your hospital?”
Justine assented. “One of the doctors, I suppose. Where did you meet him?”
Ah, _now_ she should see! He summoned his utmost carelessness of tone. “Down on Long Island last week–I was spending Sunday with the Amhersts.” He held up the glittering fact to her, and watched for the least little blink of awe; but her lids never trembled. It was a confession of socia nike air max 95 l blindness which painfully negatived Mrs. Dressel’s hint that she knew the Amhersts; if she had even known _of_ them, she could not so fatally have missed his point.
“Long Island?” She drew her brows together in puzzled retrospection. “I wonder if it could have been Stephen Wyant? I he nike air max 90 sale ard he had taken over his uncle’s practice somewhere near New York.”
“Wyant–that’s the name. He’s the doctor at Clifton, the nearest town to the Amhersts’ place. Little Cicely had a cold–Cicely Westmore, you know–a small cousin of mine, by the way–” he switched a rose-branch loftily out of her path, explaining, as she moved on, that Cicely was the daughter of Mrs. Amherst’s first marriage to Richard Westmore. “That’s the way I happened to see this Dr. Wyant. Bessy–Mrs. Amherst–asked him to stop to luncheon, after he’d seen the kid. cheap nike air max trainers He seems rather a discontented sort of a chap–grumbling at not having a New York practice. I should have thought he had rather a snug berth, down there at Lynbrook, with all those swells to dose.”
Justine smiled. “Dr. Wyant is ambitious, and swells don’t have as interesting diseases as poor peo nike air max sale ple. One gets tired of giving them bread pills for imaginary ailments. But Dr. Wyant is not strong himself and I fancy a country practice is better for him than hard work in town.”8

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