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There was a complacency in his nod which irritated her. It almost seemed to infer that she was not speaking the truth and that he was humouring her in her deception.
“You’re quite comfortable?” he asked.
“Quite,” she replied politely.
She was obviously anxious to end the interview, and at a loss as to how she could.
“Dressing room comfortable, everybody respectful and all that sort of thing?” he asked. “Just cheap nike air max say the word, if they give you trouble or cheek, and I’ll have them kicked out whoever they are, from the manager dow nike air max 90 nwards.”
“Oh, thank you,” she said hurriedly, “everybody is most polite and nice.” She held out her hand. “I am afraid I must go now. A–a friend is cheap nike air max wai nike air max sale ting for me.”
“One minute, Miss White.” He licked his lips, and there was an unaccustomed embarrassment in his manner. “Maybe you’ll come along o ne night after the show and have a little supper. You know I’m very keen on you and all that sort of thing.”
“I know you’re very keen on me and all that sort of thing,” said Maisie White, a note of irony in her voice, “but unfortunately I’m not very keen on supper and all that sort of thing.”
She smiled and again held out her hand.
“I’ll say good night now.”
“Do you know, Maisie—-” he began.
“G nike air max 1 ood night,” she said and brushed past him.
He looked after her as she disappeared into the darkness, a little frown gathering on his forehead, then with a shrug of his shoulders he walked slowly back to the doorkeeper’s office.
“Send somebody to get my car,” he snapped.
He waited impat cheap nike air max trainers iently, chewing his cigar, till the dripping figure of the doorkeeper reappeared with the information that the car was at the end of the passage. H nike air max classic e put up his umbrella and walked through the pelting rain to where his limousine stood.
Pinto Silva was angry, and his anger was of the hateful, smouldering type which grew in strength from moment to moment and from hour to hour. How dare she treat him like this? She, who owed her engagement to his influence, and whose fortune and future were in his hands. He would speak to the colonel and the colonel could speak to her father. He had had enough of this.
He recognised with a start that he was afraid of the girl. It was incredible, but it was true. He had never felt that way to a woman before, but there was something in her eyes, a cold disdain which cowe nike air max d even as it maddened nike air max 95 him.
The car drew up before a block of buildings in a deserted West End thoroughfare. He flashed on the electric light and saw that the hour was a l nike air max 90 sale ittle after eleven. The last thing in the world he wanted was to take part in a conference that night. But if he wanted anything less, it was to cross the colonel at this moment of crisis.
He walked through the dark vestibule and entered an automatic lift, which carried him to the third floor. Here, the landing and the corridor were illuminated by o nike air max ne small electric lamp sufficient to light him to the heavy walnut doors which led to the office of the Spillsbury Syndicate. He opened the door with a latchkey and found himself in a big lobby, carpeted and furnished in good style.
A man was sitting before a radiator, a paper pad upon his knees, and he was making notes with a p cheap nike air max encil. He looked up startled as the other entered and nodded. It was Olaf Hanson, the colonel’s clerk–and Olaf, with his flat expressionless face, and cheap air max his stiff upstanding hair, always reminded Pinto of a Struwwelpeter which had been cropped.
“Hullo, Hanson, is the colonel inside?”
The man nodded. ③

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