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there he sat, reading perhaps, or now he was walking up and downpulling out one book after another; and now he was seated in hischair again, and she tried to imagine what he was thinking about.
The steady lights marked the rooms where Terence sat with peoplemoving r nike air max 95 ound him. Every one who stayed in the hotel had a peculiarromance and interest about them. They were not ordinary people.
She would attribute wisdom to Mrs. Elliot, beauty to Susan Warrington,a splendid vitality to Evelyn M., because Terence spoke to them.
As unreflecting and pervasive were the moods of depression.
Her mind was as the landscape o nike air max utside when dark beneath cloudsand straitly lashed by wind and hail. Again she would sit passivein her chair exposed to pain, and Helen’s fantastical or gloomywords were like so many darts goading her to cry out against thehardness of life. Best of all were the moods when for no reasonagain this stress of feeling slackened, and life went on as usual,only with a joy and colour in its events that was unknown before;they had a significance like that which she had seen in the tree:
the nights were black bars separating her from the days;she would have liked to run all the days into one long continuityof sensation. Although these moods were directly or indirectlycaused by the presence of Terence or the thought of him, she neversaid to herself that she was in love with him, or considere nike air max dwhat was to happen if she continued t nike air max sale o feel such things, so thatHelen’s image of the river sliding on to the waterfall had a greatlikeness to the facts, and the alarm which Helen sometimes feltwas justified.
In her curious condition of unanalysed sensations she was incapableof making a plan which should have any effect upon her state of mind.
She abandoned herself to the mercy of accidents, missing Terence one day,meeting him the next, receiving his letters always with a startof surprise. Any woman experienced in the progress of courtshipwould have come by certain opinions from all this which would havegiven her nike air max classic at least a theory to go upon; but no one had ever beenin love with Rachel, and she had never been in love with any one.
Moreover, none of the books she read, from _Wuthering_ _Heights_to _Man_ _and_ _Superman_, and the plays of Ibsen, suggest cheap nike air max ed fromtheir analysis of love that what their heroines felt was what shewas feeling now. It seemed to her that her sensations had no name.
She met Terence frequently. W cheap nike air max hen they did not meet, he was aptto send a note with a book or about a book, for he had not beenable after all to neglect that approach to intimacy. But sometimeshe did not come or did not write for several days at a time.
Again when they met their meeting might be one of inspiriting joyor of harassing despair. Over all their partings hung the senseof interruption, leaving them both unsatisfied, though ignorantthat the other shared the feeling.
If Rachel was ignorant of her own feelings, she was even morecompletely ignorant of his. At first he moved as a god;as she came to know him better he was still the centre of light,but combined with this beauty a wonderful power of making her daringand confident of herself. She was conscious of emotions and powerswhich she had never suspected in herself, and of a depth in the wo nike air max 90 rldhitherto unknown. When she thought of their relationship she sawrather than reasoned, representing her view of what Terence feltby a picture of him drawn across the room to stand by her side.
This passage across the room amounted to a physical sensation,but what it meant she did not know.
Thus the time went on, wearing a calm, bright look upon its surface.
Letters came from England, letters came from Willoughby,and the days accumulated their small events which shaped the year.
Superficially, three odes of Pindar were mended, Helen covered aboutfive inches of her embroidery, and St. John completed the firsttwo acts of a play. He and Rachel being now very good friends,he read them aloud to her, and she was so genuinely impressedby the skill of his rhythms and the variety of his adjectives,as well as by the fact t cheap nike air max hat he was Terence’s friend, that he beganto wonder whether he was not intended for literature rather thanfor law. It was a time of profound thought and sudden revelationsfor more than one couple, and several single people.
A Sunday came, which no one in the villa with the exception ofRachel and the Spanish maid proposed to recognise. Rachel stillwent to church, because she had never, according to Helen,taken the trouble to think about it. Since they had celebratedthe service at the hotel she went there expe cheap air max cting to get somepleasure from her passage across the garden and through the hallof the hotel, although it was very doubtful whether she wouldsee Terence, or at any rate have the chance of speaking to him.
As the greater number of visitors at the hotel were English,there was almost as much difference between Sunda cheap nike air max trainers y and Wednesdayas there is in Eng nike air max 90 sale land, and Sunday appeared here as there, the muteblack ghost or penitent spirit of the busy weekday. The Englishcould not pale the sunshine, but they could in some miraculous wayslow down the hours, dull the incidents, lengthen the meals, and makeeven the servants and page-boys wear a look of boredom and propriety.
The best clothes which every one put on helped the general effect;it seemed that no lady could sit down without bending a clean starchedpetticoat, and no gentleman could breathe without a sudden cracklefrom a stiff shirt-front. As the hands of the clock neared eleven,on this particular Sunday, various people tended to draw togetherin the hall, clasping little redleaved books in thei nike air max 1 r hands.
The clock marked a few minutes to the hour when a stout black figurepassed through the hall with a preoccupied expression, as thoughhe would rather not recognise salutations, although aware of them,and disappeared down the corridor which led from it.
“Mr. Bax,” Mrs. Thornbury whispered. ③

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