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Unable to stay in the empty drawing-room, he wandered out and saton the stairs half-way up to Rachel’s room. He longed for someone to talk to, but Hirst was asleep, and Ridley cheap nike dunks was asleep;there was no sound in Rachel’s room. The only sound in the housewas the sound of Chailey moving in the kitchen. At last there was arustling on the stairs overhead, and Nurse McInnis came down fasteningthe links in her cuffs, in preparation for the night’s watch.
Terence rose and stopped her. He had scarcely spoken to her,but it was possible that she might confirm him in the belief whichstill persisted in his own mind that Rachel was not seriously ill.
He told her in a whisper that Dr. Lesage had been and what hehad said.
“Now, Nurse,” he whispered, “please tell me your opinion. Do youconsider that sh nike dunks uk e is very seriously ill? Is she in any danger?””The doctor has said–” she began.
“Yes, but I want your opinion. You have had experience of manycases like this?””I could not tell you more than Dr. Lesage, Mr. Hewet,” she repliedcautiously, as though her words might be used against her. “The caseis serious, but you may feel quite certain that we are doing all we canfor Miss Vinrace.” She spoke with some professional self-approbation.
But she realised perhaps that she did not satisfy the young man,who still blocked her way, for she shifted her feet slightly upon thestair and looked out of the window where they could see the moon over the sea.
“If you ask me,” she began in a curiously stealthy tone, “I neverlike May for my patients.””May?” Terence repeated.
“It may be a fancy, but I don’t like to see anybody fall ill in May,”she continued. “Things seem to go wrong in May. Perhaps it’s the moon.
They say the moon affects the brain, don’t they, Sir?”He looked at her but he could not answer her; like all the others,wh nike dunks uk en o nike dunks jd ne looked at her she seemed to shrivel beneath one’s eyesand become worthless, malicious, and untrustworthy.
She slipped past him and disappeared.
Though he went to his room he was unable even to take his clothes off.
For a long time he paced up and down, and then leaning out ofthe window gazed at the earth which lay so dark against the palerblue of the sky. With a mixture of fear and loathing he looked a custom nike dunks tthe slim black cypress trees which were still vi cheap nike dunks sible in the garden,and heard the unfamiliar creaking and grating sounds which showthat the earth is still hot. All these sights and sounds appearedsinister and full of hostility and foreboding; together withthe natives and the nurse and the doctor and the terrible forceof the illness itself they seemed to be in conspiracy against him.
They seemed to join together in their effort to extract the greatestpossible amount of suffering from him. He could not get used tohis nike dunks pain, it was a revelation to him. He had never realised beforethat underneath every action, underneath the life of every day,pain lies, quiescent, but ready to devour; he seemed to be ableto see suffering, as if it were a fire, curling up over the edgesof all action, eating away the lives of men and women nike dunks low . He thoughtfor the first time with understanding of words which had beforeseemed to him empty: the struggle of life; the hardness of life.
Now he knew for himself that life is hard and full of suffering.
He looked at the scattered lights in the town beneath, and thoughtof Arthur and Susan, or Evelyn and Perrott venturing out unwittingly,and by their happiness laying themselves open to suffering suchas this. How did they dare to love each other, he wondered; how hadhe himself dared to live as he had lived, rapidly and carelessly,passing from one thing to another, loving Rachel as he had loved her?
Never again would he feel secure; cheap nike dunks he would never believe in the stabilityof life, or forget what depths of pain lie beneath small happinessand feelings of content and safety. It seemed to him as he looked backthat their nike dunks ebay happiness had never been so great as his pain was now.
There had always been something imperfect in their happiness,something they had wanted and had not been able to get. It had beenfragmentary and incomplete, because they were so young and had notknown what they were doing.
The light of his candle flickered over the boughs of a treeoutside the window, and as the branch swayed in the darkness therecame before his mind a picture of all the world that lay outsidehis window; he thought of the immense river and the immense forest,the vast stretches of dry earth and the plains of the sea thatencircled the earth; from the sea the sky rose steep and enormous,and the air washed profoundly between the sky and the sea.
How vast and dark it must be tonight, lying exposed to the wind;and in all this great space it was curious nike dunks high to think how fewthe towns were, and how small li nike dunks high uk ttle rings of light, or singleglow-worms he figured them, scattered here and there, among theswelling uncultivated folds of the world. And in those townswere little men and women, tiny men and women. Oh, it was absurd,when one thought of it, to sit here in a little room sufferingand caring. What did anything matter? Rachel, a tiny creature,lay ill beneath him, and here in his little room he suffered onher account. The nearness of their bodies in this vast univers nike dunks high tops e,and the minuteness of their bodies, seemed to him absurd and laughable.
Nothing mattered, he repeated; they had no power, no hope. ③

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