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Westy enquired absently. He was already bored with the subject of the Long Island doctor, and vexed at the lack of perception that led his companion to show more concern in the fortunes of a country practitioner than in the fact of his own visit to the Amhersts; but the topic was a safe on nike air max sale e, and it was agreeable to see how her face kindled when she was interested.
Justine mused on his question. “I think he has very great promise–which he is almost certain not to cheap nike air max fulfill,” she answered with a sigh which seemed to Westy’s anxious ear to betray a more than professional interest in the person referred to.
“Oh, come now–why not? With the Amhersts to give him a start–I heard my cousin recommending him to a lot of people the other day—-”
“Oh, he may become a fashionable doctor,” Justine assented indifferently; to which he r companion rejoined, with a puzzled stare: “That’s just what I mean–with Bessy backing him!”
“Has Mrs. Amherst become such a power, then?” Justine asked, taking up the coveted theme just as he despaired of attracting her to it.
“My cousin?” he stretched the two syllables to the cracking-point. “Well, she’s awfully rich, you know; and there’s nobody smarter. Don’t you think so?”
“I don’t know; it’s so long since I’ve seen her.”
He brightened. “You _did_ know her, then?” But the discovery made her obtuseness the more inexplicable!
“Oh, centuries ago: in another world.”
“_Centuries_–I like that!” Westy gallantly protested, his ardour kindling as she swam once more within his social ken. “And Amherst? You know him too, nike air max classic I suppose? By Jove, here he is now—-”
He signalled a tall figure strolling slowly toward them with bent head and brooding gaze. Justine’s eye had retained a vivid image of the man with whom, scarcely three years earlier, she had lived through a moment of such poignant intimacy, and she recognized at once his lean outline, and the keen spring of his features, still veiled by the same look of inward absorption. She noticed, as he raised his hat in response to Westy Gaines’s greeting, that the vertical lines between his brows had deepened; and a moment later she was aware that this change was the visible token of othe nike air max 95 rs which went deeper than the fact of his good clothes and his general air of leisure and well-being–changes perceptible to her only in the startled sense of how prosperity had aged him.
“Hallo, Amherst–trying to get under cover?” Westy jovially accosted him, with a significant gesture toward the crowded lawn from which the new-comer had evidently fled. “I was just telling Miss Brent that this is the safest pl nike air max ace on these painful occasions–Oh, confound it, it’s not as safe as I thought! Here’s one of my sisters making for me!”
There ensued a short conflict of words, before his feeble flutter of resistance was borne down by a resolute Miss Gaines who, as she swept him back to the marquee, cried out to Amherst that her mother was asking for him too; and then Justine had time to observe that her remaining companion had no intention of responding to his hostess’s appeal.
Westy, in naming her, had laid just enough stress on the name to let it serve as a reminder or an introduction, as circumstances might decide, and she saw that Amherst, roused from his abstraction by the proffered clue, was holding his hand out doubtfully.
“I think we haven’t met for some years,” he said.
Justine smiled. “I have a better reason than you for remem nike air max 90 bering the exact date;” and in response to his look of surprise she added: “You made me commit a professional breach of faith, and I’ve never known since whether to be glad or sorry.”
Amherst still bent on her the gaze which seemed to find in external details an obstacle rather than a help to recognition; but suddenly his face cleared. “It was you who told me the truth about poor Dillon! I couldn’t imagine why I seemed to see you in such a different setting….”
“Oh, I’m disguised as a lady this afternoon,” she said smiling. “But I’m glad you saw through the disguise.”
He smiled back at her. “Are you? Why?”
“It seems to make it–if it’s so transparent–less of a sham, less of a dishonesty,” she began impulsively, and then paused again, a little annoyed at the overemphasis of her words. Why was she explaining and excusing herself to this stranger? Did she propose to tell nike air max him next that she had borrowed her dress from Effie Dressel? To cover her confusion she went on with a slight laugh: “But you haven’t told me.”
“What was I to tell you?”
“Whether to be glad or sorry that I broke my vow and told the truth about Dillon.”
They were standing face to face in the solitude of the garden-walk, forgetful of everything but the sudden surprised sense of intimacy that had marked their former brief communion. Justine had raised her eyes half-laughingly to Amherst, but they dropped before the unexpected seriousness of his.
“Why do you want to know?” he asked.
She made an effort to sustain the note of pleasantry.
“Well–it might, for instance, determine my future conduct. You see I’m still a nurse, and such problems are always likely to present themselves.”
“Ah, then don’t!”
“I mean–” He hesitated a moment, reaching up to break a rose from nike air max 1 the branch that tapped his shoulder. “I was only thinking what risks we run when we scramble into the chariot of the gods and try to do the driving. Be passive–be passive, and you’ll be happier!”
“Oh, as to that–!” She swept it aside with one of her airy motions. “But Dillon, for instance–would _he_ have been happier if I’d been passive?”
Amherst seemed to ponder. “There again–how can one tell?”
“And the risk’s not worth taking?”
She paused, and they looked at each other again. “Do you mean that seriously, I wonder? Do you—-”
“Act on it myself? God forbid! The gods drive so badly. There’s poor Dillon…he happened to be in their way…as we all are at times.” He pulled himself up, and went on in a matter-of-fact tone: “In Dillon’s case, however, my axioms don’t apply. When my wife heard the truth she was, of course, immensely kind to him; and if it hadn’t been for you she might never have known.”
Justine s cheap nike air max trainers miled. “I think you would have found out–I was only the humble instrument. But now–” she hesitated–“now you must be able to do so much–”
Amherst lifted his head, and she saw the colour rise under his fair skin. “Out at Westmore? You’ve never been there since? Yes–my wife has made some changes; but it’s all so problematic–and one would have to live here….”
“You don’t, then?”
He answered by an imperceptible shrug. “Of cou cheap nike air max rse I’m here often; and she comes now and then. But the journey’s tiresome, and it is not always easy for her to get away.” He checked himself, and Justine saw that he, in turn, was suddenly conscious of the incongruity of explaining and extenuating his personal situation to a stranger. “But then we’re _not_ strangers!” a voice in her exulted, just as he added, with an embarrassed attempt to efface and yet justify his moment of expansion: “That reminds me–I think you know my wife. I heard her asking Mrs. Dressel about you. She wants so much to see you.”
The transition had been effected, at nike air max 90 sale the expense of dramatic interest, but to the obvious triumph of social observances; and to Justine, after all, regaining at his side the group about the marquee, the interest was not so much diminished as shifted to the no less suggestive problem of studying the friend of her youth in the unexpected character of John Amherst’s cheap nike air max wife.
Meanwhile, however, during the brief transit across cheap air max the Gaines greensward, her thoughts were still busy with Amherst. She had seen at once that the peculiar sense of intimacy reawakened by their meeting had been chilled and deflected by her first allusion to the topic which had previously brought them together: Amherst had drawn back as soon as she named the mills. What could be the cause of his reluctance? When they had last met, the subject burned within him: her being in actual fact a stranger had not, then, been an obstacle to his 8

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