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o the hospital to see Dillon.”
“She did go to the hospital: I went with her. But as Dillon was sleeping, and as the matron told us he was much better–a piece of news which, I am happy to say, Dr. Disbrow has just confirmed–she did not go up to the ward.”
Amherst was silent, and Mr. Tredegar pursued: “I gather, from your bringing up Dillon’s case, that for some reason you consider it typical of the defects you find in Mr. Truscomb’s management. Suppose, therefore, we drop generalizations, and confine ourselves to the particular instance. What wrong, in your view, has been done the Dillons?”
He turned, as he spoke, to extract a cigar from the box at his elbow. “Let me offer you one, Mr. Amherst: we shall talk more comfortably,” he suggested with distant affability; but Am cheap nike blazers herst, with a gesture of refusal, plunged into his exposition of the Dillon case. He tried to put the facts succinctly, presenting them in their bare ugliness, without emotional drapery; setting forth Dillon’s good record for sobriety and skill, dwelling on the fact that his wife’s ill-health was the result of perfectly remediable conditions in the work-rooms, and giving his reasons for the belief that the accident had been caused, not by Dillon’s carelessness, but by the over-crowding of the carding-room. Mr. Tredegar listened attentively, though the cloud of cigar-smoke between himself and Amherst masked from the latter his possible changes of expression. When he removed his cigar, his face looked smaller than ever, as though desiccated by the fumes of the tobacco.
“Have you ever called Mr. Gaines’s attention to these cheap nike air max matters?”
“No: that would have been useless. He has always refused to discuss the condition of the mills with any one but the manager.”
“H’m–that would seem to prove that Mr. Gaines, who lives here, sees as much reason for trusting Truscomb’s judgment as Mr. Westmore, who delegated his authority from a distance.”
Amherst did not take this up, and after a pause Mr. Tredegar went on: “You know, of course, the answers I might make to such an indictment. As a lawyer, I might call your attention to the employé’s waiver of risk, to the strong chances of contributory negligence, and so on; but happily in this case such arguments are superfluous. You are apparently not aware that Dillon’s injury is much slighter than it ought to be to serve your purpose. Dr. Disbrow has just told us that he will probably get off with the loss o nike air max 1 f a finger; and I need hardly say that, whatever may have been Dillon’s own share in causing the accident–and as to this, as you admit, opinions differ–Mrs. Westmore will assume all the expenses of his nursing, besides making a liberal gift to his wife.” Mr. Tredegar laid down his cigar and drew forth a silver-mounted note-case. “Here, in fact,” he continued, “is a cheque which she asks you to transmit, and which, as I think you will agree, ought to silence, on your part as well as Mrs. Dillon’s, any criticism of Mrs. Westmore’s dealings with her operatives.”
The blood rose to Amherst’s forehead, and he just restrained himself from pushing back the cheque which Mr. Tredegar had laid on the table between them.
“There is no question of criticizing Mrs. Westmore’s dealings with her operatives–as far as I know, she has ha nike air max 90 d none as yet,” he rejoined, unable to control his voice as completely as his hand. “And the proof of it is the impunity with which her agents deceive her–in this case, for instance, of Dillon’s injury. Dr. Disbrow, who is Mr. Truscomb’s brother-in-law, and apt to be influenced by his views, assures you that the man will get off with the loss of a finger; but some one equally competent to speak told me last night that he would lose not only his hand but his arm.”
Amherst’s voice had swelled to a deep note of anger, and with his tossed hair, and eyes darkening under furrowed brows, he presented an image of revolutionary violence which deepened the disdain on Mr. Tredegar’s lip.
“Some one equally competent to speak? Are you prepared to name this anonymous authority?”
Amherst hesitated. “No–I shall have to ask you to take cheap nike air max trainers my word for it,” he returned with a shade of embarrassment.
“Ah–” Mr. Tredegar murmured, giving to the expressive syllable its utmost measure of decent exultation.
Amherst quivered under the thin lash, and broke out: “It is all you have required of Dr. Disbrow–” but at this point Mr. Tredegar rose to his feet.
“My dear sir, your resorting to such arguments convinces me that nothing is to be gained by prolonging our ta nike air max sale lk. I will not even take up your insinuations against two of the most respected men in the community–such charges reflect only on those who make them.”
Amherst, whose flame of anger had subsided with the sudden sense of its futility, received this in silence, and the lawyer, reassured, continued with a touch of condescension: “My only specific charge from Mrs. Westmore was to hand you nike air max 90 sale this cheque; but, in spite of what has passed, I take it upon myself to add, in her behalf, that your conduct of today will not be allowed to weigh against your record at the mills, and that the extraordinary charges you have seen fit to bring against your superiors will–if not repeated–simply be ignored.”
* * * * *
When, the next morning at about ten, Mrs. Eustace Ansell joined herself to the two gentlemen who still lingered over a desultory breakfast in Mrs. Westmore’s dining-room, she responded to their greeting with less than her usual vivacity.
[Illustration: “No–I shall have to ask you to take my word for it.”]
It was one of Mrs. Ansell’s arts to bring to the breakfast-table just the right shade of sprightliness, a warmth subdued by discretion as the early sunl nike air max ight is tempered by the lingering coolness of night. She was, in sho blazers rt, as fresh, as temperate, as the hour, yet without the concomitant chill which too often marks its human atmosphere: rather her soft effulgence dissipated the morning frosts, opening pinched spirits to a promise of midday warmth. But on this occasion a mist of uncertainty hung on her smile, and veiled the glance which she turned on the contents of the heavy silver dishes successively presented to her notice. When, at the conclusion of this ceremony, the servants had withdrawn, she continued for a moment to stir her tea in silence, while her glance travelled from Mr. Tredegar, sunk in his morning mail, to Mr. Langhope, who leaned back resignedly in his nike air max classic chair, trying to solace himself with Hanaford Banner, till midday should bring him a sight of the metropolitan press.
“I suppose you know,” she said suddenly, “that Bes nike air max 95 sy has telegraphed for Cicely, and made her arrangements to stay here another week.”
Mr. Langhope’s stick slipped to the floor with the sudden displacement of his whole lounging person, and Mr. Tredegar, removing his tortoise-shell reading-glasses, put them hastily into their case, as though to declare for instant departure.
“My dear Maria–” Mr. Langhope gasped, while she rose and restored his stick.
“She considers it, then, her duty to wait and see cheap nike air max Truscomb?” the lawyer asked; and Mrs. Ansell, regaining her seat, murmured discreetly: “She puts it so–yes.”
“My dear Maria–” Mr. Langhope repeated helplessly, tossing aside his paper and drawing his chair up to the table.
“But it would be perfectly easy to return: it is quite unnecessary to wait here for his recovery,” Mr. Tredegar pursued, as though setting forth a fact which had not hitherto presented itsel nike blazers f to the more limited intelligence of his hearers.8

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