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„Look at Hirst!“ Mr. Flushing whisper nike air max classic ed. His sheet of paperhad slipped on to nike air max the deck, his head lay back, and he drew a longsnoring breath.
Terence picked up the sheet of paper and spread it out before Rachel.
It was a continuation of the poem on God which he had begunin the chapel, and it was so indecent that Rachel did notunderstand half of it although she saw that it was indecent.
Hewet began to fill in words where Hirst had left spaces,but he soon ceased; his pencil rolled on deck. Gradually theyapproached nearer and nearer to the bank on the right-hand side,so that the light which covered them became definitely green,falling through a shade of green leaves, and Mrs. Flushing set asideher sketch and stared ahead of her in silence. Hirst woke up;they were then called to luncheon, and while they ate it,the steamer came to a standstill a little way out air max 90 from the bank.
The boat which was to nike air max 90 wed behind them was brought to nike air max 90 sale the side,and the ladies were helped into it.
For protection against boredom, Helen put a book of memoirs beneathher arm, and Mrs. Flushing her paint-box, and, thus equipped,they allowed themselves to be set on shore on the verge of the forest.
They had not strolled more than a few hundred yards along the trackwhich ran parallel with the river before Helen professed to findit was unbearably hot. The river breeze had c nike air max sale eased, and a hotsteamy atmosphere, thick with scents, came from the forest.
„I shall sit down here,“ she announced, pointing to the trunk of a treewhich had fallen long ago and was now laced across and across by creepersand thong-like brambles. She seated herself, opened her parasol,and looked at the river which was barred by the stems o cheap nike air max f trees.
She turned her back to th cheap nike air max e trees which disappeared in nike air max 1 black shadowbehind her.
„I quite agree,“ said Mrs. Flushing, and proceeded to undo herpaint-box. Her husband strolled about to select an interestingpoint of view for her. Hirst cleared a space on the ground byHelen’s side, and seated himself with great deliberation, as if hedid not mean to move until he had talk cheap nike air max trainers ed to her for a long time.
Terence and Rachel were left standing by themselves without occupation.
Terence saw that the time had come as it was fated to come,but although he realised this he was completely calm and masterof himself. He chose to stand for a few moments talking to Helen,and persuading her to leave her seat. Rachel joined him tooin advising her to come with them.
„Of all the people I’ve ever met,“ he said, „you’re the least advent Nike Air Max urous.
You might be sitting on g nike air max 95 reen chairs in Hyde Park. Are yougoing to sit there the whole afternoon? Aren’t you going to walk?““Oh, no,“ said Helen, „one’s o cheap nike air max 90 nly got to use one’s eye.
There’s everything here–everything,“ she repeated in a drowsytone of voice. „What will you gain by walking?““You’ll be hot and disagreeable by tea-time, we shall be cool and sweet,“put in Hirst. Into his eyes as he looked up at them had come yellowand green reflections from the sky and the branches, robbing themof their intentness, and he seemed to think what he did not say.
It was thus taken for granted by them both that Terence and Rachelproposed to walk into the woods together; with one look at eachother they turned away.
„Good-bye!“ cried Rachel. ③

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