Seven features of mining industry in new century

In the 21 century, the world machine industry enters an unprecedented high developing phase. Compared with other industries, the development of machine industry has seven characteristics:

One: The basic station

The developed countries pay much attention to the development of equipment manufacture industry, which is in the top place of the proportion, accumulation, employment and contribution and provide the important material base for the new technology, development of new products and manufacture for the equipment manufacture industry, so it is the indispensable strategic industry of the modern economy. Even the industrialized countries entering information society all pay much attention to the development of machine manufacture industry.

Second: Scale economy

The globalization manufacture has become the developing mainstream of the transnational companies. At the same time of regrouping and competition expansion, the big enterprises strengthen the investment and development for the operation to increase whose set capacity of system, individuation and diversification to adapt the market.

Three: Imbalanced development

Taking 2003 as an example, 99% of top 500 enterprises are from North America, Asia and Europe, which shows that the three continents are in the incomparable governing place in the industry of world machine.

Four: Deepening structure adjustment and change in the manufacture mode and management mode

The developed countries strengthen the industry transfer and the machine products with low adding value are arranged to be manufactured in the developing countries with potential requirements. To meet the change of market requirement, big manufacturers adopt professional manufacture and change their management mode.

Of course, there are also specific features, such as the technology innovation and quality control. We HXJQ company insist on the rule and trend to develop many new types of mining machinery to meet the society”s demand, such as PE/PEX series jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical roll mill, ball mill, high efficiency concentrator, superfine Raymond mill, belt conveyor and so on. At any time, in any occasion, technology is the vital weapon to make great progress.

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