Wise developing policy is proposed in mining

In recent years, Some strong enterprise of our country achieve the effect from launch international operations . Some are gradually establish a network of global sales and services, created a very good conditions of further expand exports. With the social progress and development of national economy, humans demand in resources and energe is becoming more and more, while China is a country of poor resources in relative. Along with the exploitation of resources, mining depth with the use of impact crusher is increasing gradually from land to sea,mining condition deteriorated, safety mining situation becomes more and more serious. China coal crusher mining depth has reached 1000m, 1380m agpolymetal concentrations reach, ore mining depth increases, groundwater, gas , high geostress, geological structure make resources exploitation difficult increase greatly.

Mining machinery is the equipment of high technology content and integration, Unceasingly fusion in each field achievements of human in the new device development. Along with the materials science, manufacturing technology, information technology , computer technology progress, each round will have new technology infuse in the products. The updating cycle of parts are shorter and new equipment upgrading more and more quickly, especially large mining machinery development.

Sales to mining crusher manufacturing companies were the main engine of China”s growth, doubling from a year ago and dwarfing sales growth on the construction side of the business. No surprise there. But an upswing in mining equipment orders signals that the fundamentals of a new economic cycle are falling into place. That cuts through a lot of the turmoil that made the third quarter such a rough one.

We know all about economic and political uncertainty. We’ve been wallowing in it for months. What’s new here is hearing the head of a big blue chip company speak confidently about the future, especially when he can back it with solid recent results. That sends everyone scrambling after stocks that share the same business space. The whole level of China mining machinery existing difference compared with the international advanced level. The opportunity and challenge should be at the same time in a mining machinery manufacturing power of journey. The innovation of product design capacity has become the primary factor of decided the enterprise status in globalization competition.

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