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was hoarse and a thin cheap nike blazers foam dropped from his ugly shouting mouth. He yelled an unspeakable horror that the Black Police had done in Paris, and so passed shrieking, “Ostrog the Knave!”
For a moment Graham stood still, for it had come upon him again that these things were a dream. He looked up at the great cliff of buildings on either side, vanishing into blue haze at last above the lights, and down to the roa nike blazers sale ring tiers nike free 3.0 sale of platforms, and the shouting, running people who were gesticulating past. “The Master is betrayed!” they cried. “The Master is betrayed!”
Suddenly the situation shaped itself in his mind real and urgent. His heart began to beat fast and strong.
“It has come,” he said. “I might have known. The hour has come.”
He thought swiftly. “What am I to do?”
“Go back to the Council House,” said Asano.
“Why should I not appeal–? The people are here.”
“You will lose time. They will doubt if it is you. But they will mass about the Council House. There you will find their leaders. Your strength is there–with them.”
“Suppose this is only a rumour?”
“It sounds true,” said Asano.
“Let us have the facts,” said Graham.
Asano shrugged his shoulders. “We had better get towards nike free 5.0 v4 the Council House,” he cried. “That is where they will swarm nike free . Even now the ruins may be impassable.”
Graham regarded him doubtfully and followed him.
They went up the stepped platforms to the swiftest one, and there Asano accosted a labourer. The answers to his questions were in the thick, vulgar speech.
“What did he say?” asked Graham.
“He knows little, but he told me that the Black Police would have arrived here before the people knew–had not someone in the Wind-Vane Offices learnt. He said a girl.”
“A girl? Not–?”
“He said a girl–he did not know who she was. Who came out from the Council House crying aloud, and told the men at work among the ruins.”
And then another thing was shouted, something that turned an ai nike free run 2 review mless tumult into determinate movements, it came like a wind along the street. “To your wards, to your wards. Every man get arms. Every man to his ward!”
Chapter 22 The Struggle In The Council House
As Asano and Graham hurried along to the ruins about the Council House, they saw everywhere the excitement of the people rising. “To your wards! To your wards!” Everywhere men and women in blue were hurrying from unknown subterranean employments, up the staircases of the middle path; at one place Graham saw an arsenal of the revolutionary committee besieged by a crowd of shouting men, at another a couple of men in the ha cheap nike free run 2 ted yellow uniform of the Labour Police, pursued by a gathering crowd, fled precipitately along the swift way that went in the opposite direction.
The cries of “To your wards!” became at last a continuous shouting as they drew near the Government quarter. Many of the shouts were unintelligible. “Ostrog has betrayed us,” one man bawled in a hoarse voice, again and again, dinning that refrain into Graham’s ear un nike free trainers uk til it haunted him. This person stayed close beside Graham and Asano on the swift way, shouting to the people who swarmed on the lower platforms as he rushed past them. His cry about Ostrog alternated with some incomprehensible orders. Presently he went leaping down and disappeared.
Graham’s mind was filled with the din. His plans were vague and unformed. He had one picture of some commanding position from which he could address the multitudes, another of meeting Ostrog face to face. He was full of rage, of tense muscular excitement, his hands gripped, his lips were pressed together.
The way to the Council House across the ruins was impassable, but Asano met that difficulty and took Graham into the premises of the central post-office. The post-office was nominally at work, but the blue-clothed porters moved sluggishly or nike blazers had stopped to stare through the arches of their galleries at the shouting men who were going by outside. “Every man to his ward! Every man to his ward!” Here, by Asano’s advice, Graham revealed his identity.
They crossed to the Council House by a cable cradle. Already in the brief interval since the capitulation of the Councillors a great change had been wrought in the appearance of the ruins. The spurting cascades of the ruptured sea-water mains had been captured and tamed, and huge temporary pipes ran overhead along a flimsy looking fabric of girders. The sky was laced with restored cables and wires that served the Council House, and a mass of new fabric with cranes and other building machines going to and fro upon it projected to the left of the white pile.
The moving ways that ran across this area had been restored nike free running shoes , albeit for once running under the open sky. These were the ways that Graham had seen from the little balcony in the hour of his awakening, not nine days since, and the hall of his Trance had been on the further side, where now shapeless piles of smashed and shattered masonry were heaped together.
It was already high day and the sun was shining brightly. Out of their tall caverns of blue electric light came the swift ways crowded with multitudes of people, who poured off them and gathered ever denser over the wreckage and confusion of the ruins. The air was full of their shouting, and they were pressing and swaying towards the central building. For the most part that shouting mass consisted of shapeless swarms, but here and there Graham could see tha t a rude discipline struggled to establish itself. And every voice cla nike free review moured for order in the chaos. “To your wards! Every man to his ward!”
The cable carried them into a hall which Graham recognised as the ante-chamber to the Hall of the Atlas, about the gallery of which he had walked days ago with Howard to show himself to the Vanished Council, an hour from his awakening. Now the place was empty except for two cable attendants. These men seemed hugely astonished to recognise the Sleeper in the man who swung down from the cross seat.
“Where is Ostrog?” he demanded. “I must see Ostrog forthwith. He has disobeyed me. I have come back to take things out of his hands.” Without waiting for Asano, he went straight acr nike free 3.0 review oss the place, ascended the steps at the further end, and, pulling the curtain aside, found himself facing the perpetually labouring Titan.
The hall was empty. Its appearance had nike free run plus changed very greatly since his first sight of it. It had suffered serious injury in the violent struggle of the first outbreak. On the right hand side of the great figure the upper half of the wall had been torn away for nearly two hundred feet of its length, and a sheet of the same glassy film that had enclosed Graham at his awakening had been drawn across the gap. This deadened, but did not altogether ex

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