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“I guess so, but he hasn’t done with the gang. You can take him on next.”
“I?” said Pinto in affright. “Now look here, colonel, don’t you think it’s time we laid low—-”
“Laid low!” said the colonel scornfully. “We’re either going to get into trouble or we’re not. If we’re not going to get into nike air max 95 trouble, we might as well go on. Besides, we want the money. The business has slackened off, and we haven’t had a deal since the Spillsbury affair, and that won’t last very long. We’ve got to split our loot six ways, Pinto, and that leaves very littl nike air max 1 e for anybody.”
“Where are you going now?” asked the other, as the colonel changed his direction.
“It just struck me that we might as well go over to the bank and see how our balance stands. Also, with the exchange going against us, I want to te nike air max sale ll Ferguson to buy dollars.”
The handsome premises of the Victoria and City Bank in Victoria Street were only a stone’s throw from the park; and, whatever might be the views of Ferguson, the manager, as to the colonel’s moral character, he had a considerable respect for him as a financier, and Dan Boundary was shown immediately into nike air max 90 the manager’s office.
He was gone some time, whilst Pinto waited impatiently outside. The colonel never invited other members, even of the inmost council, to share his knowledge of finances. They all knew roughly the condition of the exchequer, but nike air max classic really the balance at the Victoria and City was the colonel’s own. It was the practice of the Boundary Gang (as was subsequently revealed) to share, after each coup, eve cheap nike shoes ry man taking that to which he was entitled. The money was split between five, the sixth share going to what was known as the Gang Account, a common fund upon which all could draw in moments of necessity.
The Gang Fund was not so described in the books of the bank. It was known as “Account B.” The expenses of operations were usually paid out of the colonel’s private account, and credited to him when the shar cheap nike online e-out came. He was absolute master of his own balance, but it required three signatures to extract a cheque from Account B. One of the objects of the colonel’s visit was to reduce this number to two, the death of Solomon White having removed one o nike air max 90 sale f the signatories .
He returned to Pinto, apparently not too well satisfied.
“There’s quite a lot of money in the Gang Account,” he said. “I’ve struck off Solly’s name, and your signature and mine, or mine and Crewe’s, is sufficient now.”
“Or mine and Crewe’s, I suppose?” suggested Pinto, and the colonel smiled.
“Oh, no,” said he. “I’m not a great believer in the indispensability of any man, but I’m making the signature of Dan Boundary indispensable before that account is touched.”
They walked back through the park, and the colonel cheap nike air max expounded his philosophy of wrong living.
“Th cheap nike air max e man who runs an honest business and mixes it with a little crooked work is bound to be caught,” he said, “because his mind is concentrated on the unpaying side of the game. You’ve got to run a crook business in an honest way if you want to escape the law and pay big dividends. They call our system blackmail, but it ain’t. A blackmailer asks for something for nothing, and he’s bound to get caught sooner or later. We offer spot cash for all the things we steal, and that baffles the law. And we’re not the only people in London, or in England, or in the world, who are pulling bargains by scaring the fellow we buy from. It is done every day in the City of London; it is done every day by the trusts that control the little shops in the suburbs; it is done even by the big proprietary companies that tell a miserable little tra cheap nike air max trainers desman that, if he doesn’t stop selling one article, they won’t supply him with theirs. Living, Pinto, is preying. The only mistake a crook ever makes is when he go cheap nike air max es outside of his legitimate business and lets some other consideration than the piling up of money influence him.”③

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