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“The First Commissioner,” said t cheap nike air max he colonel, lighti Cheap Nike Air Max 1 ng another cigar. “He particularly wanted to know if ‘Snow’ had any relations. Curse ‘Snow’!” he said nike air max 1 between his teeth, and dropping his mask of urbanity. “I wish he’d–well, it doesn’t matter; he’s dead, anyway–he’s dead.”
“Relations?” said Crewe. “Did you tell him anyth cheap nike air max trainers ing?”
“I told him all I knew, and that was very little,” said the colonel, “but it struck me that Sir Stanley knows much more abou nike air max 95 t this fellow ‘Snow’ than we do. At any rate, somebody’s been making inquiries, and I guess that somebody is the fellow who settled Raoul.”
nike air max 90 sale “Jack o’ Judgment?”
“Jack o’ Judgment,” repeated the colonel grimly. “You showed ‘Snow’ Gregory into the gang–what do you know about him?”
Crewe shook his head.
“Very little,” he said. “I met him in Monte Carlo. He was down an Air Max 1 d out. He seemed a likely fellow–educa Nike Air Max 1 ted, a gentleman and all that sort of thing–and when I found that he’d hit the dope, I thought he’d be the kind of man you might want.”
The colonel nodded.
“He never talked about his relations. The only thing I know was that he had a father or an uncle, who was in India, and I gath cheap nike air max ered that he had forged his name to a bill. When I arrived in Monte Carlo he was spending the money as fast as he could. I guess that was why he called himself Gregory, for I’m sure it wasn nike air max 90 ‘t his name.”
“You’re sure he never spoke of a brother?”
“Never,” said Crewe; “he nike air max sale never talked about himself at all. He was generally under the influence of dope or was recovering from it.”
The colonel pushed back his hat and rubbed his forehead.
“There must be some way of identifying him,” he said. “He came from Oxford, you say?”
“Yes, I know that, nike air max ” said Crewe; “he spoke of it once.”
“What house nike air max classic in Oxford? There are several colleges, aren’t there?”
“From Balliol,” said Crewe. “I distinctly remember him talking about Balliol.”
“What year would that be?”
Crewe reflected. ③

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