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The colonel accompanied her to the outer door and switched on all the stair ligh ts, as he could from the master-switch near the entrance to his flat, and waited until the echo of her footsteps had passed away before he came back to the man.
„You’re a clever fellow, nike air max 1 you are, Pinto,“ he said quietly; „you have one of the brightest minds in the gang.“
„If she comes here alone—-“ began Pinto.
„Alone cheap nike air max 1 !“ snarled the colonel. „I hinted a dozen times, cheap nike air max 1 if I hinted once, that she’d come with a young army of police. The first shout she made would have been the signal for your arrest and mine. Haven’t you had your lesson to-night? How long do you think it would take Stafford King to trump up a charge against you and put you where the dogs wouldn’t bite, eh?“
He walked to the window and watched the girl. There was nike air max 1 premium a taxi-cab waiting at the entrance, and as he had suspected, a man was standing by the door nike air max 1 red and followed the girl into the cab before it drove away.
„She timed her visit. I suppose she gave herself five mi Nike air max 1 nutes. If she’d been here any longer, they would have been up for her, make no mistake about that, Pinto.“
The colonel drew down the blinds with a crash and began pacing the room. He stopped at the farther end and looked at the wall.
„Do you know, I’ve often nike air max 1 ebay wondered why Jack o‘ Judgment damaged that wall?“ he said. „He’s got me guessing, and I’ve been guessing ever since.“
„You thought it was a freak?“ said Pinto, glad to keep his master off the subject of his Huddersfield blunder.
The colonel shook his head.
„I shouldn’t think it was that,“ he said. „It was not like Jack o‘ Judgment to do freakish things. He has an o cheap air max 1 bject in everything he does.“
„Perhaps it was to g air max 1 et you out of the room for the morning and make a search for your papers,“ suggested Pinto.
Again the colonel shook his head.
„He knows me better than that. He knew very well that I would shift every document from the room and that there was nothing for his bloodhounds to discover.“ He thought a moment, pulling at his long, yellow moustache. „Maybe,“ he said to himself, „maybe—-“
„Maybe what?“ asked Pinto.
nike air max 1 black „The workmen may have been up to some kind of dodge. They might have been policemen for all I know.“ He shru nike air max 1 sale gged his shoulders. „Anyway, that’s long ago, and if he’d made a discovery, why, I think we should have heard nike air max 1 grey about it. Now, Pinto,“–his tone changed–„I’m not going to talk to you about Crotin. You’ve made a proper mess of it, and I ought never to have sent nike air max 1 leopard you. We have two matters to settle. Crewe wants to get out, and I think you’re getting ready to bolt.“
„Me?“ said Pinto with virtuous indignation. „Do you imagine I should leave you, colonel, if you were in for a bad time?“
„Do I imagine it?“ The colonel laughed. „Don’t be a fool. Sit down. When did you see Lollie Marsh last?“
Pinto considered.
„I haven’t seen her for weeks.“ ③

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