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He entered the portals of Scotland Yard without so much as a tremor, passed up the broad stairs and along the unlovely corridors, till he came to the double doors which marked the First Commissioner’s private office. Stafford disappeared for a moment and presently returned with the news that the First Commissioner would not be able to see his visitor for half an hour. Stafford apologised nike air max 1 black but the co air max 1 lonel was affability itself and kept up a running Nike air max 1 conversation until a beckoning secretary notified them that the great man was disengaged.
It was King who ushered the colonel into his presence. Sir St cheap nike air max 1 anley was writing at a big desk and looked up as the colonel entered.
“Sit down, colonel,” he said, nodding his head to a chair on the opposite side of the desk. “You needn’t wait, King. There are one or two nike air max 1 sale things I want to speak to the colonel about.”
When the door had closed behind the detective, Sir Stanley leaned back in his chair. Their eyes met, the grey and the faded blue, and for the space of a few seconds they stared. Sir Stanley Belcom was the first to drop his eyes.
“I’ve sent for you, colonel,” he said, “because I think you might give me a great deal of information, if you’re willing.”
“Command me,” sa nike air max 1 leopard id the colonel grandly.
“It is on the matter of a murder which was committed in London a few months ago,” nike air max 1 red said the commissioner quietly and for a moment Colonel Boundary did not speak.
“I presume you are referring to the ‘Snow’ Gregory murder?” he said at last.
“Exactly,” nodded the commissioner. “We have had an inquiry from America as to the identity of this young man. Now, you knew him better than anybody el nike air max 1 premium cheap air max 1 se in London, colonel. Can you tell me, was he an American?”
“Emphatically not,” said the colonel with a little sigh, as though he were relieved at the turn the conversation was taking. “I came to know him through–er–circumstances, and exactly what they were I cannot for the moment remember. I had a lot to do with him. He did odd jobs for me.”
“Was he well educated?” asked the commissioner.
“Yes, I should say he was,” said the colonel slowly. “There was a story that he had been to Oxford, and that’s very likely true. He spoke like a college man.”
“Do you know if he had any relations in England?”
The commissioner eyed cheap nike air max 1 the other straightly and the colonel hesitated. How much does this man know? he wondered, and decided that he could do no harm if he told all the truth.
“He had no relations in England,” he said, “bu nike air max 1 ebay t he nike air max 1 grey had a father who was abroad.”
“Ah, now we’re getting at some facts,” said the commissioner and drew a slip of paper towards him. “What was the father’s name?”
The colonel shook his head.
“That I can’t tell you, sir,” he said. “I should like to oblige you but I have no more idea of what his name was than nike air max 1 the man in the moon. I believe he was in India, because letters from India used to come to Gregory.”
“Was Gregory his name?” ③

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