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The Greek threw o nike free 3.0 sale ut his hands with a little grimace.
“Nerves,” he said. “I haven’t got over that affair with the White girl.”
“Pooh!” said the other. “If the police were moving in that matter, they’d have moved long ago. You are worrying yourself unnecessarily, Phillopolis.”
Pinto’s words slipped glibly from his tongue, but Phillopolis was unimpressed.
“I know when I’ve had enough,” he said. “I’ve got my passport and I’m clearing out at the end of this week.”
“Does the colonel know this?”
The Greek raised his shoulders indiff nike free run 2 review erently.
“I don’t know whether nike free 3.0 review he does or whether he doesn’t,” he said. “Anyway, Boundary and I are only remotely connected in business, and my movements are no affair of his.”
He looked curiously at the other.
“I wonder that a man like you, who is in the heart of things, stays on when the net is drawing round t cheap nike blazers he old man.”
“Loyalty is a vice with me,” said Pinto virtuously. “Besides, there’s no reason to bolt–as yet.”
“I’m going whilst nike free review I’m safe,” said Phillopolis, sipping his champagne. “At present the police have nothing against me and I’m going to take good care they have nothing. That’s where I’ve the advantage of people like you.”
Pinto smiled.
“They’ve nothing on me,” he said easily. “I have an absolutely clean record.”
It disturbed him, however, to discover that even so minor a member of the gang as Phillopolis w nike free 5.0 v4 as preparing to desert what he evidently regarded as a sinking ship. More than this, it confirmed him in the wisdom of his own precautions, and he was rather glad that he had taken it into his head to visit Phillopolis on that night.
“When do you leave?” he asked.
“The day after to-morrow,” said Phillopolis nike blazers . “I think I’ll go down into Italy for a year. I’ve made enough money now to live without worrying about work, and I mean to enjoy cheap nike free run 2 myself.”
Pinto looked at the man with interest. Here, at any rate, was one without a conscience. The knowledge that he had accumulated his fortune through the miseries of innocent girls shipped to foreign dance halls did not weigh greatly upon his mind.
“Lucky you!” said Pinto, as they walked out of the club together. “Where do you live, by the way?”
“In Somers Street, Soho. It is just round the corner,” said Phillopolis. “Will you walk there with me?”
Pinto hesitated.
“Yes, I will,” he said.
He wanted to see the sort of establishment which Phillopolis maintained. They chatted together till they came to the street, and then Phillopolis stopped.
“Do you mind if I go ahead?” he said. “I ha nike free trainers uk nike blazers sale ve a–friend there who might be worried by your coming.”
Pinto smiled to himself.
“Certainly,” he said. “I’ll wait on the opposite s nike free run plus ide of the road until you are ready.”
The man lived above a big furniture shop, and admission was gained by a side door. Pinto watched him pass through the portals and heard the door close. He was a long time gone, and evidently his “friend” was unprepared to receive visitors at that hour, or else Phillopolis himself had some reason for postponing the invitation.
The reason for the delay was explained in a sensational manner. Suddenl nike free running shoes y the door opened and a man came out. He was followed by two others and between them was Phillopolis, and the street-lamp shone upon the steel handcuffs on his wrists. Pinto drew back into a doorway and watched. Phillopolis was talking–it would perhaps be more accurate to say that he was raving at the top of his voice, cursing and sobbing in a frenzy.
“You planted them–it is a plant!” h nike free e yelled. “You devils!”
“Are you coming quietly?” said a voice. “Or are you going to make trouble? Take him, Dempsey!”
Phillopolis seemed to have forgotten Pinto’s presence, for he went out of the street without once calling upon him to testify to his character and innocence. Pinto waited till he was gone, and then strolled across the road to the detective who stood before the door lighting his pipe.
“Good evening,” he said, “has there been some trouble?”
The officer looked at him suspiciously. But Pinto was in evening dress and talked like a gentleman, and the policeman thawed.
“Nothing very serious, sir,” he said, “except for the man. He’s a fence.”
“A what?” said Pinto with well-feigned innocence.
“A receiver of stolen property. We found is lodgings full of stuff.”
“Good Heavens!” gasped Pinto. ③

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