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He left the bank with the sense of having done his duty by himself. He had not planned the route by which he was leaving the country, or the hour. Much was to happen before he shook the dust of England from his feet, and as he had arranged matters he would have plenty of time to think things over before he made his departure.
A great deal happened in the next few days t nike air max 1 o make him believe that the necessity for getting away was not very urgent. He met Stafford King in the Park one morning, and Stafford had been unusually communicative and friendly. Then the whispering voices in the flat had temporarily ceased, and Jack o’ Judgment had given him no sign of his existence. It was five days after he had made his deposit in the bank that the first shock came to him. He found Snakit waiting on returning from a matinee, and the little detective was so important and mysterious that the colonel knew something had been discovered.
“Well,” he asked, closing the door, “what have you found?”
“She is in communication with the police,” said Snakit, “that’s what I’ve found.”
“Miss Marsh is the lady. In communication with the police,” said the other impressively.
“Now just tell me what you mea nike air max 1 red n,” said the colonel. “Do you mean she’s on speaking terms with the policeman on point duty at Piccadilly Circus?”
“I mean, sir,” said Snakit with dignity, “that she’s in the habit of meeting Mr. Stafford King, who is a well-known man at Scotland Yard—-”
“He’s well-known here too,” interrupted the colonel. “Where does she meet him?”
“In all sorts of queer places–that’s the suspicious part of it,” said Snaki cheap air max 1 t, who had joyously entered into the work which had been given to him, without realising its unlawful character.
He had accepted without question the colonel’s story that he was the victim of police persecution, and as this was the first news of any importance he had been able to bring to his employer, he was naturally inclined to make the most of it.
“He has met her twice at eleven o clock at night, at the bottom o nike air max 1 ebay f St. James’s Street, and walked up with her, very deeply engaged in conversation,” said Snakit, consulting his note-book. “He met her once at the foot of the steps leading down from Waterloo Place, and nike air max 1 sale they were together for an hour. This morning,” he went on, speaking slowly, and evidently this was his tit-bit, “this morning Mr. Stafford King went to the Cunard office in Cockspur Street and booked cabin s nike air max 1 sale eventeen on the shelter deck of the _Lapland_ for New York.”
“In what name?”
“In the name of Miss Isabel Trenton.”
The colonel nodded. It was a name that Lollie had used before, and the story rang true.
“When does the _Lapland_ sail?” he asked, and again the detective consulted his book.
“Next Saturday,” he said, “from Liverpool.”
“Very good,” said the colonel; “thank you, Snakit, you’ve done very well. See if you nike air max 1 black ca nike air max 1 premium n pick them up to-night, or, stay—-” He thought a moment. “No, don’t shadow her to-night. I’ll have a talk with her.”
The news disturbed him. Lollie was getting ready to bolt–that was unimportant. But she was bolting with the assistance of the police, who had booked her passage. That meant that they had got as much out of her as she had to tell, and were clearing her out of the country before the blow nike air max 1 grey fell . That was not only important, but it was grave. Either the police were going to strike at once or—-
An idea struck him, and he telephoned through to Pinto. Another got him into touch with Crewe, and these three were in consultation when Selby came that afternoon.
He arrived at an unpropitious moment, for the colonel was in a cold fury, and the object of his wrath was Crewe, who sat with folded arms and tense face air max 1 , looking down at the table.
“That gentleman business is played out, Crewe,” stormed the colonel, “and I’m just about tired of hearing what you won’t do and what you will do! If Lollie’s put us away, she has got to go through it.”
“What use will it be, supposing she has?” said the other doggedly. “I don’t for a moment believe she has done anything of the sort. But suppose she has given you away, what are you go nike air max 1 leopard ing to do? Add to the indictment? She’s sick of the game and wants to get away somewhere where she can live a decent life.”
“Oh, you’ve been discussing it with her, have you?” said the colonel with dangerous calm. “And maybe you also are sick of the game and want to get away and live a decent life? I remember hearing you say something of that sort a few weeks ago.”
“We’re all sick of it,” said Crewe. “Look at Pint cheap nike air max 1 o. Do you think he’s keen?”
Pinto started. ③

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